Jeffrey Nordling and Carlos Bernard interviewed

What would you do if you saw your killer at a golf match? Jeffrey Nordling had some ideas about what he’d do when he saw Carlos Bernard in the course. Both actors comment on Larry Moss’ murder, Carlos Bernard then tells us how he feels about Tony Almeida’s actions.

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[..YouTube..] 5/5 GOOD VIDEO welldone.Larry better character than some who been there from start)In my opinion.NOT TOO FAR AWAY)

[..YouTube..] Hilarious

[..YouTube..] he has such a fun personality *swoon* haha

[..YouTube..] Except for strapping C4 to jacks stomach,,, i wanted to see Tony kill that fuck,,, “YOU KILLED MY SONNN” i was like WOW,,, Fuckem up

[..YouTube..] his laugh makes me smile GOD LOVE YA CARLOS!

[..YouTube..] I really want to see Tony in Season 8 :)

[..YouTube..] I want to see Tony in Season 8, too.
He so cute :-)<3

[..YouTube..] bahahahahahah I love you, Carlos! 1:05 made my day. The laugh… yes.

[..YouTube..] i love Tony!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] i love this maaaaaaaan :)

[..YouTube..] Tony~i love you!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Fav Fox show= 24
fav show=24

[..YouTube..] OMG carlos’ laugh is HILARIOUS

[..YouTube..] dude. idk who i love more, tony almeida, or carlos bernard. he’s such a great actor, and he seems like a funny/cool/amazing person.

Carlos, if you ever read this, just know that you are AMAZING. eres de lo mejor, y en poco tiempo te convertiste en uno de mis actores favoritos. daria todo por conocerte y tal vez, trabajar contigo. i just watched 7 seasons of 24 in like a month, mainly, because of you. i would love to see more of your work.

tony almeida totally captured my heart…forever.

[..YouTube..] dude this guy is a fag, that laugh was a shame o_o

[..YouTube..] this guy its nice