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24 Season 4 Prequel

Here’s the prequel to 24 Season 4 which was found on the 24 Season 3 DVD. We see terrorist Tomas Sherek crossing the Mexico border into the United States, Jack Bauer cursing for the first (and only) time in 24 history with the great “I can find my own fucking job, Erin. Thank you,” line, and then we meet Audrey Raines and get a nice love scene between Jack and her.

“He lost his job…
But found a woman who loves him…
It took a long time for Jack Bauer to feel good again…
Then Day 4 began”


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LOVED the clip! Thanks for posting it… eight years ago, lol.

I do dispute your comment about Jack Bauer never cursing though. He said “DAMMIT!” about once an episode…About as often as he said “We’re running out of time, Chloe!”