Kiefer Sutherland TCA 2010 video interview

Kiefer was interviewed about the future of 24, whether it would come back for a ninth season and whether he’d like the series to have a definitive ending or not. Watch the video interview or read the transcript below.

What would be the biggest impetus for you to come back for a ninth season?
In all fairness, 24‘s been so great for me, that for me to come back, it would not be a financial decision. I’m in really good shape, they’ve taken care of me really well. And in all fairness, the same for season 8 – I didn’t need to come back, I wanted to. I love making this show. I still think that even this season has gotten quite big with regards to its action. If I were to come back and do a ninth season, it’s something that Howard and I have talked about at length, is about bringing the show back to a much smaller situation like we’ve had in year one. In year one there was no bomb, no real threat, it was literally trying to protect the potential incumbent President of the United States and then protect his family. And it was literally that small, it lent itself more to the thriller drama than maybe an action genre. And that was something that interested both of us. It would be a choice like which would bring us back.

Would you want to have Sopranos moment, like a definite end point? You say you don’t know going in if it’s your last season but personally would you like to see it put a bow on it?
Well I don’t know, we’ve talked about making the films for quite a long time so I think Howard [Gordon] and I are very aware of not wanting to inhibit that. If we’re gonna do it we better do it soon since Jack’s getting older by the minute. But those things are all to be taken into consideration. If I just had my dream, yeah, it would be fantastic to just have a definitive end and have it be something that was really jolting and surprising and not in the place where you’d think it would be. Because that’s ultimately what got us our audience, they’re unbelievably loyal. And you know, the death of my wife in the first season, as much as a lot of fans were really angry about that, they did applaud us. They certainly didn’t see it coming, and it had a dramatic impact on them, which is our job. And so if we were going to have a definitive end, I’d like it to have some weight.

Source The Hollywood Reporter