24 Scenemakers 8×16: Escaping from CTU

The 14th Scenemakers of 24 Season 8 with director Brad Turner, actors Katee Sackhoff (Dana Walsh) and Freddie Prinze Jr (Cole Ortiz), and stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente.

“Director Brad Turner and crew take us behind the scenes of Dana’s not so quiet escape from CTU.”


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I just have 1 thing to said about the “scape” of Dana Walsh
That in the scene where she crashes the car she is not inside of it? I did not like it…

i think i like her she is so cute and funny (( talking about katee the actress ))

[..YouTube..] i love seeing the real personalities of these actors. however i would still punch her in the face if i saw her in real life :P

[..YouTube..] This is almost exactly the same as jack and nina.

Freddie Prinze Jr *_*