Necar Zadegan reminisces about working on ’24’

Here’s an interview where Necar Zadegan (24‘s Dalia Hassan) reminisces about working on the series and her Broadway debut in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

“I miss it. It’s a wonderful show, a wonderful show to work on. All the actors are so solid on that show and the writers and the producers… It just makes your job so much easier, you can just show up and work. I love working with Cherry Jones. She’s a New Yorker, we actually just had lunch the other day. It was great to see her again. She’s brilliant to work with. We really got the opportunity to work opposite each other in 24 and she’s just a wonderful actress. She gives a lot, she gives you a lot — and that feels really good because you have a lot to work off of.”

(via Metacafe)

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Hallo, dear Necar!!

I am so proud to see you in this serie 24!

We hope so much to see it in Germany soon!!!

All our love to you

Jo and Uschi Axmann