Howard Gordon on 24 movie: “I think everyone’s on the same page now”

While promoting his novel Hard Target, Howard Gordon was asked about the 24 movie. “I think there will be. We were going to be shooting it right about now, and the timing just didn’t work out. Kiefer’s doing Touch for Fox. We have a script we like, we’re working on it still, and right now we’re just working on doing it in the next window.”

When host Rosanna Scotto said “We’re hearing that Kiefer could be a little bit of a problem. I’m hearing that he wants too much money and other things,” Gordon responded with “People have expectations, but I think everyone’s on the same page now and I think we’re all moving forward”.

Thanks to Cat from 24heureschrono for the heads up.


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Well that’s good news at least

Good news from HoGo, but that presenter is an airhead, “I’m hearing he (the Kief’) wants too much money” indeed! Kiefer Sutherland worked hard to make ’24’ what it was, he created one of the most iconic fictional characters of recent years, and made FOX a fortune in the process, I think around $5m is pretty reasonable for the movie, with a $45m-$50m budget a pretty decent chunk of change to do it right…

Howard Gordon sounds optimistic but his “I think there will be” quote doesn’t sound reassuring in my opinion, but I hope I’m wrong. But I won’t break out the champagne until FOX officially greenlight the movie, with the proper budget of course.

Well be careful not to nit pick at every little quote he makes. The fact that there all on the same page with story ect & I’m sure other things. is a good thing. Now I guess gives them time to look for a directer. Howard & Kiefer seem to be eager in keeping this project alive. Really the only thing aside from a directer that’s derailing this from happening is there schedules to be cleared up.