NBC’s Superstore references Jack Bauer, CTU

Hit NBC comedy series “Superstore” just did something that not even the latest season of “24” did – mention Jack Bauer. Awkward.

In tonight’s episode “Spring Cleaning,” new Cloud 9 hire Bo sees assistant store manager Dina browsing security camera footage and compares her “real badass” multi-monitor setup to CTU headquarters. He then issues the ultimate compliment by comparing her to Jack Bauer. Watch the clip below.

Thanks to all for the heads up. We have a collection of many 24 and Jack Bauer references that you can watch here.


Nicholas Galvante
April 21, 2017 at 4:02 am
FOX had a series called COOPER BARRETT… there’s a scene where the roommates were watching a 24 marathon juxtaposing with the plot of the episode… done quite well, i should have it.

Funnily enough, ‘Barrett’ was originally meant to be Jack’s last name.

Saw the episode last night. Superstore is one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen on NBC. Reminds me of like Community.

I’ve been watching taken on there’s it’s pretty cool hoping it gets a renewal. 24’s pretty much dead now anyhow.& blindspots pretty good also.

So apparently our culture still sees “Jack Bauer is 24.” No mention of Carter. You’ll never be able to divorce Jack and 24. Just saying

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