24 Season 3

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne’s most memorable ’24’ moment

On season 3 of “24” you made a big impression with your portrayal of the grim and unapologetic Stephen Saunders. What do you remember best from that time? Running down the dry LA riverbed to my getaway helicopter then seeing it explode as fighter jets fly overhead was quite memorable! And working with Kiefer [Sutherland]… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland and Greg Ellis in The Confession promo pic

Greg Ellis and Kiefer Sutherland in The Confession promo pic

Here’s something cool: Greg Ellis (24 Season 3 villain Michael Amador) will appear in Kiefer Sutherland’s new web series The Confession, premiering in March on Hulu. Here’s a promo still of them together (Kiefer plays a hit man). The Confession was written and directed by Brad Mirman, who Kiefer collaborated with before on the film… View Article

Jack Bauer’s Greatest Lines – winners

Earlier this month FOX asked fans to vote on Jack Bauer’s greatest lines at JackBauersGreatest.com and now the voting period is over and winners have been chosen. Overall Winner (best of all seasons) The very final scene of the series (Jack and Chloe saying their goodbyes) has been chosen by 24 fans as the best… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke reminisces about ’24’

In an interview with Sarah Clarke regarding her role on the Twilight series, she is of course asked about playing Nina Myers on 24. Here’s what she had to say: TVGuide.com: Your 24 character, Nina, is truly and sincerely dead. Does that ever make you sad? Clarke: Yes and no. I remember thinking it was… View Article

Joel Surnow talks 24 Season 3 DVD

UGO scored an exclusive interview with 24 co-creator Joel Surnow which covers the third season, season 3 DVD, repeats on FX, a possible Donald Sutherland guest spot, 24 Conspiracy, and more. UGO: Hey Joel, what are you up to? JOEL SURNOW: Editing, writing, interviewing, a bunch of stuff. You name it. UGO: What is your… View Article

24 Season 3 Artwork

24 Season 3 DVD Audio Commentaries

Here are all six audio commentaries from the 24 Season 3 DVD. 24 Season 3 Episode 3 commentary by Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) and writer Howard Gordon: 24 Season 3 Episode 5 commentary by writer Evan Katz and Riley Smith (Kyle Singer): 24 Season 3 Episode 10 commentary by Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers) and writer… View Article

Boys and Their Toys 24 Season 3 DVD Feature

Boys and Their Toys – 24 Season 3 DVD Special Feature

“Boys and Their Toys” is a special feature found on the 24 Season 3 DVD. It shows how the crew of 24 collaborated with the military in order to film the F18 scene from the 22nd episode of the season. Tim Iacofano, Stan Blackwell, Scott Blackwell, Nicole Burke, Rodney Charters, and more appear in this… View Article