24 Season 2 Press Releases

24 Season 2 Episode 23 Press Release (6:00AM-7:00AM)

JACK ATTEMPTS TO BRING IN THE COMPUTER HACKER, PALMER WANTS TO FIND OUT ALL HE CAN ABOUT PETER KINGSLEY ON ’24’ MAY 13 ON FOX Jack attempts to deliver the one person who can help to prevent the military attack now close at hand. Meanwhile, Palmer continues the push to prove the country is going… View Article

Tony Almeida drugs Ryan Chapelle in 24 Season 2 Episode 22

24 Season 2 Episode 22 Press Release (5:00AM-6:00AM)

JACK FINDS THE MAN WHO FORGED CYPRUS RECORDING, TONY PUTS HIS CAREER ON THE LINE TO HELP JACK, PALMER WINS OVER A CRITICAL ALLY ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, MAY 6, ON FOX Jack finds the man who forged the Cyprus Recording, but encounters resistance to bringing him in. Meanwhile, after Chappelle makes a major… View Article

24 Season 2 Episode 21 Press Release (4:00AM-5:00AM)

JACK FINALLY TAKES POSSESSION OF THE COMPUTER CHIP AND PALMER SQUARES OFF AGAINST CABINET MEMBERS ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ APRIL 29 ON FOX When Jack finally takes possession of the computer chip, Tony and Michelle struggle to access the chips audiofiles in time to prevent a war. Meanwhile, Palmer must face off with cabinet members… View Article

Jack Bauer convinces Dr. Spire to help him escape his torturers in 24 Season 2 Episode 20

24 Season 2 Episode 20 Press Release (3:00AM-4:00AM)

JACK STRUGGLES TO SURVIVE HIS TORTURE, TONY IS ORDERED TO PROCESS INTEL FOR A MILITARY ATTACK ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ APRIL 22 ON FOX Jack’s life hangs in the balance as he’s tortured by Kingsley’s men. They want the computer chip that will prove the Cyprus recording is a fake. Meanwhile, Chappelle orders Tony to… View Article

Nina Myers is taken into CTU for questioning

24 Season 2 Episode 5 Press Release (12:00PM-1:00PM)

CTU SCRAMBLES TO RECOVER VITAL INFORMATION, JACK WANTS TO BE REASSIGNED, PALMER BRINGS A NEW MAN ONTO HIS TEAM ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ NOV. 26 ON FOX While CTU scrambles to recover vital information, Jack forces Mason to assign him to another case. Meanwhile Palmer brings a new man, Roger Stanton, onto his team; Kim… View Article

Jack Bauer with a shotgun in 24 Season 2 Episode 4

24 Season 2 Episode 4 Press Release (11:00AM-12:00PM)

JACK FINDS A KEY TO THE NUCLEAR THREAT, PALMER UNCOVERS DECEPTION ON HIS STAFF ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, NOV. 19, ON FOX Jack turns the tables and finds a key to the nuclear threat while CTU suffers a critical setback; President Palmer uncovers deception on his team and must make hard choices about who… View Article

Sara Gilbert as Paula Schaeffer in 24 Season 2 Episode 3

24 Season 2 Episode 3 Press Release (10:00AM-11:00AM)

JACK JOINS A DEADLY MISSION, KATE AND HER FAMILY MAY BE IN DANGER ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, NOV. 12, ON FOX Jack’s undercover work pays off when he joins a deadly mission. Kim risks everything to save Megan from her violent father. Kate Warner learns that she and her family may be in danger,… View Article