24 Season 5

Jon Cassar at the 24: Live Another Day Premiere Party in NYC

Jon Cassar Reddit AMA

Jon Cassar does a Reddit AMA answering many fan questions regarding the 24 series and offers his thoughts on 24: Legacy.

Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn speaks about consulting gig on 24

Was wondering, in regards to your consulting work on Season 5 of 24, what storylines were you involved in developing, how involved was your consulting work, did you submit storyline ideas or did they bounce their ideas off you? I sat in a room for a week with the writers and creators and we all… View Article

Jack Bauer UN Steps 24 season 8

Japanese broadcasters ban 24 Season 8

Japanese broadcasters won’t show the final season of Fox’s “24,” as planned — because its storyline involves radiation poisoning. Executives at TV Tokyo say they’re sensitive to the storyline in light of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami in Northern Japan on March 11 — which severely damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, unleashing… View Article

Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn explains involvement in 24 Season 5

How did you get involved with “24” and how extensively were you involved? One of the creators called my agent in New York and asked if I would be interested in writing for the show. Writing the novels comes first, so while I was very flattered, there was no way I was going to move… View Article

24 Season 5 Greece Promo (Skai TV)

Here’s a fun little Olympics-themed promo that Greece television station Skai TV ran for 24 Season 5, showing off Jack Bauer’s versatile skill set. YouTube Link

David Palmer's death scene

Dennis Haysbert refused to film death scene

Is it true that you argued with 24‘s producers about the way they decided to kill off President Palmer? “We didn’t really have an argument about it; I just refused to do it for a great many months. Then they sent one of my friends, who’s now the show’s runner, and he convinced me to… View Article

Jon Cassar, Kim Raver, and Kiefer Sutherland at the 24 Season 5 DVD Launch Party

24 cast show up to season 5 DVD launch party

LOS ANGELES — At a 24 party, the dead are among the living. At Monday’s launch of the Fox thriller’s Season 5 DVD (Fox Home Entertainment, $59.98), held at Hollywood nightspot Les Deux, more than a few of the actors present represented characters who have succumbed during the five-year run of the high-octane, high-casualty series…. View Article

24 Season 5 Deleted Scene Jack Abducts Derek and Calls Diane

24 Season 5 Deleted Scenes

The 24 Season 5 DVD set contains 23 deleted and extended scenes from twelve different episodes. Worker Invites Jack on Fishing Trip (Episode 1 “7:00am-8:00am”) Jack Abducts Derek and Calls Diane (Episode 1 “7:00am-8:00am”) Chloe Kicks Cab Driver In Nuts (Episode 1 “7:00am-8:00am”) Villains Fool Officer (Episode 6 “12:00pm-1:00pm”) Jack and Audrey Discuss Their Future… View Article

Unsung Heroes 24 Camera Department

Unsung Heroes: 24 Camera Department

Unsung Heroes: 24 Camera Department is a special feature found on the 24 Season 5 DVD. It includes interviews from Rodney Charters, Guy Skinner, Jay Herron, Jon Sharpe, Bruce DeAragon, Eric Dyson, Eric Guerin, Carlos Boilers, Zoli Hajou, Jon Cassar, Randy Chanofsky, Richard Rosser, and Stan Blackwell.

Supporting Players

Supporting Players – 24 Season 5 DVD Special Feature

Supporting Players is a special feature found on the 24 Season 5 DVD. It includes interviews with Carlos Bernard, Debi Manwiller, Glenn Morshower, Gregory Itzin, James Morrison, Jean Smart, Jude Ciccolella, Kim Raver, Louis Lombardi, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Peggy Kennedy, Roger Cross, Sean Astin, and William Devane.