“24” Tops List of Best Fictional TV Presidents

Extra has created a list of Best Fictional TV Presidents and “24” has a strong presence, nabbing four of the ten spots.

President David Palmer 24

President David Palmer

Show: “24”
Who: Dennis Haysbert
Best quote: “Listen to me. All of you. I know you’re not in the same room with me but you can see and hear me plainly enough. Take a good look. Do I seem scared? Am I breaking into a nervous sweat? Am I babbling? At a loss for words? Is my voice shaking? Can any one of you look me in the eye and tell me I’m disabled?”

President Charles Logan

Show: “24”
Who: Gregory Itzin
Best quote: “And I tell you something else, Martha. If you blow up like this again I’ll fill you so full of drugs you won’t even remember your own name. And then I will have you shipped off to an asylum where you can spend the rest of your life there if you like. Are we clear?”

President Allison Taylor

Show: “24”
Who: Cherry Jones
Best quote: President Allison Taylor: “You resigned from government service and the Senate regards you as having been a renegade agent. How am I supposed to know where your loyalties really lie?” Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland): “With all due respect Madame President, ask around.”

President Wayne Palmer

Show: “24”
Who: D.B. Woodside
Best quote: Jack Bauer: “Audrey Raines was willing to give her own life to save mine. I cannot and will not do anything less for her.” President Wayne Palmer: “You’re asking me to sign off on a probable suicide mission!” Jack Bauer: “With all due respect, Mr. President, sixteen hours ago your people were willing to hand me over for dead, and I did not hesitate.” Jack Bauer: “Mr. President, you owe me.”


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Damn straight!

David Palmer all the way! All good choices though. I think David was the best at being the president you would actually Want to see in office. Charles Logan was the guy you love so much because you hate him so much!