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24 tattoo Jack Bauer

Meet Tom Brown, ’24’ Tattoo Guy

UK 24 fan Tom Brown just recently got his seventh 24 tattoo. First was the 24 logo on his thumbs. Then came the 24 logo behind his ears for his 24th birthday. Then Jack Bauer, then Tony Almeida. David Palmer was next and Renee Walker after that. Now today he’s added Charles Logan. Check out… View Article

President David Palmer 24

Howard Gordon on Gideon’s War, 24, and Dennis Haysbert

Howard Gordon is interviewed by Jamie Samuelsen of Mornings on 94.7 WCSX about his novel Gideon’s War. He also speaks about 24 and says the network petitioned them to change the heavily serialized real-time format during the first year of the show. He talks about the low point being 24 Season 6 and says his… View Article

24 Season 8 Deleted Scene Jack's Message to Kim

24 Season 8 Deleted Scenes

Here are all six of the deleted scenes found on the 24 Season 8 DVD. There aren’t any audio commentaries for the deleted scenes this time around, so there’s no way to know why these scenes were deleted. Typically they are cut for time reasons.

Gregory Itzin as President Charles Logan

Charles Logan one of “Television’s Top Supporting Players”

Los Angeles Times made a list of “television’s top supporting players of 2010” and Gregory Itzin’s character Charles Logan was among the ten chosen. 7. Gregory Itzin (President Logan on ’24’) When he showed up in “24’s” last season, he reminded us why we loved this show so much. Probably our favorite Jack Bauer antagonist… View Article

Emmy Awards key art

24 Season 8 Nominated for Five Emmys

24 has received five Emmy nominations for its final season, bringing it’s total nominations to 68 across the entire series run. Unfortunately no nominations were given to Kiefer Sutherland or Annie Wersching (both gave incredible performances), nor was 24 nominated for best drama. Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series 24 • 1:00 PM –… View Article

24 Series Finale Promo Photos

Several promo pics from the series finale were just released by FOX including an interesting Chloe one. 24: Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is faced with a difficult decision in the climactic two-hour 24 series finale episode “2:00-4:00 PM” airing Monday, May 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Gregory Itzin Good Day NY 2010

Gregory Itzin Good Day NY video interview

The first couple of minutes are about his new Broadway show “Enron” but the 24 stuff starts at the 3:40 mark. No real spoilers or anything, but it’s always interesting to watch Itzin.

24 Season 8 Episode 19 (10:00AM – 11:00AM) Clips

Three clips this week for 24 Season 8 Episode 19 courtesy of FOX. Cover Up: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_CoverUp.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_CoverUp.jpg 560 340] Open and Candid: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_OpenandCandid.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_OpenandCandid.jpg 560 340] Lies: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_Lies.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_Lies.jpg 560 340] There’s also the Sprint clip from Monday showing Jack being chased by Air Force in his stolen helicopter.