Howard Gordon on Gideon’s War, 24, and Dennis Haysbert

President David Palmer 24

Howard Gordon is interviewed by Jamie Samuelsen of Mornings on 94.7 WCSX about his novel Gideon’s War. He also speaks about 24 and says the network petitioned them to change the heavily serialized real-time format during the first year of the show.

He talks about the low point being 24 Season 6 and says his favorite character aside from Jack Bauer was Charles Logan (the other being Dennis Haysbert’s David Palmer).

When the interviewer asked about any bad blood with Dennis Haysbert, Howard responded “He disagreed and continues to disagree publicly with what happened to his character. But as I told him, [Palmer’s] conscience and his leadership was really the spine of the show, even until the very end. He wasn’t very happy and he didn’t want to participate [in filming the death scene] but he did it as a favor and I think that’s just a testament to the guy.”

Listen to the interview:

Then of course comes the brief update about the 24 movie: “The movie is, as far as I know, is just on hold at the moment. But we’re still talking about it.”

Source 94.7 WCSX