Gideon’s War

Gideon’s War is a thriller novel written by 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and released January 2011. The audiobook version was narrated by 24‘s Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) with the trailer narrated by Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer) and music by Sean Callery.

Gideon's War by Howard Gordon

Gideon’s War the movie?

Deadline reports that screenwriter Chap Taylor is currently adapting former 24 showrunner Howard Gordon’s debut novel Gideon’s War for film. Apparently the project is for Paramount and Michael Bay. Now the question is, what will hit theaters first: the 24 movie or the Gideon’s War movie? Source: Deadline

Howard Gordon Gregory Mantell Show

Howard Gordon on The Gregory Mantell Show

Gregory Mantell interviewed 24‘s Howard Gordon about the show, the 24 movie, his novel Gideon’s War, working with Jon Voight, Kiefer Sutherland, his upcoming series Homeland, and more.

Howard Gordon at the TCA 2009

Howard Gordon’s “Hard Target” announced

This guy sure likes to keep busy. Despite being the showrunner of not one but two potential series (Showtime’s Homeland and NBC’s REM), Howard Gordon is somehow still finding time to write a sequel to his debut novel Gideon’s War. Simon and Schuster announced Hard Target (formerly known as Allegiance) scheduled for release in January… View Article

Howard Gordon, Jon Cassar, and Kiefer Sutherland

CNN interviews Howard Gordon on Gideon’s War

CNN has interviewed Howard Gordon about his novel Gideon’s War (and the upcoming sequel Allegiance) and even linked to my review/website in the article. Sweet, thanks CNN! :) “Gideon’s War” is not by any means Gordon’s first effort to connect with an audience. As a former executive producer for The “X-Files,” and a consulting producer… View Article

24’s Howard Gordon on Good Day NY

Here’s an interview I recorded this morning on FOX 5’s Good Day New York. It’s almost entirely about his novel Gideon’s War, but he gets asked about the 24 movie at the very end (final 20 seconds) to which he replies it’s not happening right away but is still happening.

Howard Gordon Glenn Beck Interview

Glenn Beck interviews Howard Gordon

This is actually a pretty candid interview where Howard Gordon gets grilled about the “political correctness” of the 24 in recent years with the numerous “Go Green” PSA’s in Season 7 (which he says was a Rupert Murdoch mandate) and the Season 4 pro-Muslim PSA’s with Kiefer Sutherland. Skip to 4:55 if you want to… View Article

Howard Gordon and Gregory Itzin at Gideon's War book signing event in LA

’24’ cast at Gideon’s War book signing – photos

A bunch of former 24 castmates and colleagues came out to support Howard Gordon yesterday at the book signing for his debut novel Gideon’s War (in stores now, read our review). Actors Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer), Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan), Peter Weller (Christopher Henderson), Chris Diamantopoulos (Rob Weiss) and former 24… View Article

Gideon's War by Howard Gordon review

Review: Gideon’s War, a novel from 24’s Howard Gordon

Normally 24 fans have a new season of the show to enjoy in January – unfortunately that’s not the case this year. But Howard Gordon, longtime executive producer and showrunner of 24, is hoping to fill that void with his novel debut Gideon’s War (previously known as “The Obelisk”). Gideon’s War tells the story of… View Article

President David Palmer 24

Howard Gordon on Gideon’s War, 24, and Dennis Haysbert

Howard Gordon is interviewed by Jamie Samuelsen of Mornings on 94.7 WCSX about his novel Gideon’s War. He also speaks about 24 and says the network petitioned them to change the heavily serialized real-time format during the first year of the show. He talks about the low point being 24 Season 6 and says his… View Article

Howard Gordon at 24's 150th episode party

Howard Gordon: 24 movie script was “essentially shelved”

His main character hates guns, searches for peaceful solutions and comes across as a genuine ambassador of good. A little different from Jack Bauer, right? “A little different, yes,” says Howard Gordon, the executive producer who turned “24” into a ratings juggernaut and helped make Jack Bauer a household name. But Gordon, a Long Island… View Article

Read the first ten chapters of Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon

Need to know if Gideon’s War is worth your money? The books publisher, Simon and Schuster, has generously put the first seventy pages (ten chapters) online for you to decide. Check out page 41 in this document (or page 31 in the book) for one of my favorite moments from the book.