Howard Gordon on Gideon’s War and his favorite ’24’ episode

Howard Gordon at FOX Winter TCA 2010

Here’s a lengthy (24 minute) live radio interview I recorded where TV Confidential interviews Howard Gordon, showrunner of 24 and the author of Gideon’s War.

Comparisons of the Gideon Davis and Jack Bauer characters come up, Howard shares his writing past, reveals what other writers and stories he was inspired by, they talk about Gregory Itzin (who was recognized by LA Times as one of TV’s top supporting characters in 2010) and Dennis Haysbert, Howard’s favorite episode of 24, his two television pilots, and briefly about the 24 movie.

Gordon revealed that his favorite episode of 24 was in Season 3 when Jack Bauer was forced by Stephen Saunders to execute Ryan Chapelle, saying it was very challenging to write and iconic for the character. This is the episode that is going to be screened at his Gideon’s War book signing.

He also mentions the two television pilots he has in the works, Homeland for Showtime (with 24 writer Alex Gansa) and Legends for NBC. He says that Legends is just a pilot script and doesn’t know if it’ll actually get filmed so it’s probably too early for him to talk about.

When asked if the recent snag with the 24 movie is the end of the line for Jack Bauer, Gordon said “I think that’s something only FOX knows, but I think, and I think Kiefer thinks and believes strongly, that there’s definitely life in Jack yet. And I think there’s more story to tell, so I hope we get that chance one day.”

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I can’t wait for the sequel of “Gideon’s War”! I have already read this book 3 times, and I intend on reading it again just before the release of “Hard Target”. I’ve already preordered the new book and I can’t wait! I love the character of Gideon Davis-he’s a man that women would want to be with (as readers found out) and men would want to be like him. I am waiting for when the ‘green light’ is given for the movie script to “Gideon’s War”. I haven’t been to a movie theatre in over 20 years, but if the movie closely follows the book, I will be the first in a movie theatre line to buy a ticket. It will also all depend on the actor chosen to portray Gideon Davis. It will not be easy to find someone to play such a great character!
Gideon Davis is the new Jack Bauer! The two characters are the same in some ways, but in a lot of ways they aren’t and that is what makes Gideon Davis such a great character. I know that Mr. Gordon probably doesn’t want his new (and loyal) readers to compare characters Gideon and Jack, but I believe that Gideon will stand on his own and the comparisons will stop after the next book. I hope a third (and more) Gideon Davis character book will follow! I am definitely a loyal Gideon Davis fan!