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Gregory Itzin interviewed by 24 UK Podcast

Excellent interview with Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan) from the 24 UK Podcast – great work guys. I’m so excited for Itzin’s return in episode 17, he’s simply a fantastic actor. I remember doing a poll last summer after Comic-Con asking what character should return and the overwhelming response was in favor of Charles Logan. I’d… View Article

Gregory Itzin back on ’24’ as disgraced president

But no one on “24” can overshadow Charles Logan, the former chief executive who commanded the fifth season as scoundrel, boob and treasonous schemer. Deliciously played by Gregory Itzin, President Logan stayed busy at his waffling, cover-ups, secret deals with terrorists, even an implicit role in Palmer’s assassination — all of it done (as Logan… View Article

Celebrity Scoop: Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan)

“24” is resetting its clock again for Gregory Itzin. Having returned once before as seemingly weak-willed but actually scheming — and ultimately born-again — former President Charles Logan on the Fox suspense series, the veteran stage and screen actor rejoins the show Monday, April 12. “It did rather take me by surprise,” Itzin admits of… View Article

24's Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin interviewed by Zap2it

Gregory Itzin is returning to “24” again, but he knows it could be his final round as ex-President Charles Logan. The scheming former chief executive shows more spine as Itzin begins another stint Monday, Apr. 12, on the FOX suspense series — which is awash in speculation about cancelation as its clock keeps ticking toward… View Article

Scoop on former President Charles Logan return to 24

William Keck from TV Guide Magazine has the scoop on former President Charles Logan’s return to 24 and it sounds like it’ll be great (be warned, the last paragraph has a pretty big spoiler): Madame President, meet your disgraced White House predecessor. Released from house arrest after being pardoned for his hand in the assassination… View Article

24’s Final Countdown Begins

Very interesting stuff in this report, including quotes from 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and Gregory Itzin. Howard mentions a pretty specific timetable they’re aiming to finish the feature film by – 12 to 18 months. The news that Fox’s 24 will most likely conclude at the end of this eighth season comes as no shock… View Article

Official FOX press release on Gregory Itzin’s return

GREGORY ITZIN RETURNS AS FAN-FAVORITE VILLAIN CHARLES LOGAN IN SEASON EIGHT OF “24” Emmy Award Nominee Joins Season Eight In Multiple-Episode Arc Series Returns with Two-Night, Four-Hour Premiere Event Beginning Sunday, January 17, on FOX The anticipation for Season Eight of 24 continues to surge with Gregory Itzin reprising his acclaimed role as CHARLES LOGAN…. View Article

Gregory Itzin at the 24 Season 5 DVD Party

Gregory Itzin returns for 24 Season 8

David Fury said in an interview at Comic-Con 2009 in July that Logan was among the characters that could return, and Howard Gordon echoed that statement a few days later simply saying “He’s out there somewhere.” Well now we know exactly where Logan is, and he’ll be returning for a multiple-episode arc in season 8!… View Article

Gregory Itzin not returning in 24 Season 8?

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly flatly denied a return of the Emmy-nominated Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan) for 24 Season 8. Question: Is it true that Gregory Itzin will be back on 24 next season? –Arleen Ausiello: That’s false. Ausiello said the same thing just before the start of the seventh season which turned out to… View Article