Gregory Itzin interviewed by 24 UK Podcast

Excellent interview with Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan) from the 24 UK Podcast – great work guys. I’m so excited for Itzin’s return in episode 17, he’s simply a fantastic actor.

I remember doing a poll last summer after Comic-Con asking what character should return and the overwhelming response was in favor of Charles Logan. I’d like to think that helped somewhat.

YouTube Link: Gregory Itzin (President Charles Logan) Interview Part 1

YouTube Link: Gregory Itzin (President Charles Logan) Interview Part 2

YouTube Link: Gregory Itzin (President Charles Logan) Interview Part 3


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[..YouTube..] for those who want to stay up late

[..YouTube..] Where is Part 4?

[..YouTube..] Part 4 will be available sometime tomorrow! All in good time! Follow us on twitter or head to our forum for all the latest updates!

Wonderful interview! What an engaging guy he is and I just love-to-hate him as Logan. If it weren’t for some other worries, I would be “out of my mind” excited for tonight!

[..YouTube..] I love him!!

I really hope someone makes a film or a show about President Logan as a leading character.

[..YouTube..] @soleil970 I dunno that!!!

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan was one of the best 24 characters ever. I loved the way Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart played off each other.

[..YouTube..] I love 24 and Itzin, but he is a total dick bag in the show, LOL

[..YouTube..] great character, great actor

[..YouTube..] he was great logan, no more so than in that last season,

[..YouTube..] Hate Charles Logan. Love Gregory Itzen. Gregory made Logan such a delightful little slimeball to watch, I was never disappointed when Charles Logan was onscreen (Day 6 aside).

[..YouTube..] season 7 was the BALLS!!!!

[..YouTube..] The best 24-Villian ever!

[..YouTube..] I apologize in advance for all who will read this…


[..YouTube..] President Logan…lives up to the name…Tricky Dick N Playa Playa!

[..YouTube..] Gregory Itzin is one of of the best actor in 24 . His character Charles Logan is probably the most evil/vicious politician that ever existed ( in the real or fiction world of TV series ).

[..YouTube..] Since when does Gregory Itzin look like Jabba the Hut

[..YouTube..] The amount of pure hate I feel towards President Logan is a testament to this guys acting skill.

[..YouTube..] Really great character :) awesome how he’s conspiring with the russians to cover up the same information he at the same time is blackmailing them for :D