24 Scenemakers 8×18: Loganized

The 16th Scenemakers of 24 Season 8 with actors Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan) and Cherry Jones (Allison Taylor). “Actors Cherry Jones and Gregory Itzin take us behind the scenes of Charles Logan’s return.”


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I love Charles Logan, and by that I mean I love to hate him, which means Greg Itzin did his job.

[..YouTube..] Now I hate president taylor

[..YouTube..] The ‘scenemaker’ was better than the actual show. Notice at the beginning of this clip the deviousness of Ethan Kanin. Ethan was obviously one of the ‘conspirators’ from Season 7! Season 8 should have picked up from there. But no…they did something else entirely. (Dana/Jenny…”Kevin”….Cole Ortiz….????.) Not to mention Agent Renee Walkers’ turn to the darkside. They really need to remake season 8 before they think about a movie for ’24.’