Allison Taylor

President Allison Taylor was a character on 24 played by Cherry Jones. She appeared in 24 Redemption, Season 7, and Season 8.

24 Season 8 Deleted Scene Jack's Message to Kim

24 Season 8 Deleted Scenes

Here are all six of the deleted scenes found on the 24 Season 8 DVD. There aren’t any audio commentaries for the deleted scenes this time around, so there’s no way to know why these scenes were deleted. Typically they are cut for time reasons.

Cherry Jones wins Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Emmy for 24 Season 7

Cherry Jones pulls out of 2010 Emmy race

Ooh, drama. In a surprising move, Cherry Jones (24‘s President Allison Taylor, who won best supporting actress in a drama last year) has pulled out of the Emmy race and is refusing to comment on the matter. Jones didn’t seem all that pleased about the direction her character took in the final episodes, telling Entertainment… View Article

CherryJones Mandisa

Cherry Jones: President Taylor will ‘not go unscathed’

American Idol Season 5 finalist Mandisa Lynn Hundley has tweeted on her official Twitter account the following intriguing spoiler tidbit that she was told by Cherry: 24 SPOILER-When I met Cherry Jones @ LAX she warned me that Pres.Taylor would not go unscathed. This makes me sad. http://twitpic.com/10mm27 Source: Mandisa Twitter

24 Season 8 Episode 19 (10:00AM – 11:00AM) Clips

Three clips this week for 24 Season 8 Episode 19 courtesy of FOX. Cover Up: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_CoverUp.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_CoverUp.jpg 560 340] Open and Candid: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_OpenandCandid.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_OpenandCandid.jpg 560 340] Lies: [flv:http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_Lies.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/8x19_Lies.jpg 560 340] There’s also the Sprint clip from Monday showing Jack being chased by Air Force in his stolen helicopter.

What to expect as ’24’ heads into the home stretch

Some interesting teases from 24 showrunner Howard Gordon himself. “Jack is really pissed off,” says “24” executive producer Howard Gordon. “[Renee’s death] was something we’ve thought about all these years, that we’d give Jack something to live for in reconnecting with Renee, and then he loses her. A dazed Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) plots his next… View Article

Scrubs 24 reference

Scrubs references “lesbian President from 24”

On tonights episode of Scrubs “Our Dear Leaders” Lucy says “So Drew had abandoned us, and that was fine, because I was finding my feet as a leader. I was inspiring the group like my hero, the lesbian President from 24.” This is of course a reference to actress Cherry Jones (Allison Taylor), who is… View Article