Allison Taylor

President Allison Taylor was a character on 24 played by Cherry Jones. She appeared in 24 Redemption, Season 7, and Season 8.

Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor in 24 Season 7

Cherry Jones interviewed by Crave Online

Crave Online: How does it feel to play the president on 24? Cherry Jones: Well, it is one of the nicer offices I’ve ever walked into and they make it really easy here at 24 to play the president. I think there’s something about being absolutely at the height of intensity at almost every moment… View Article

Cherry Jones at the Booth Theatre in New York, 2006

’24’ Picks Cherry Jones for Season 7 President

“24” PICKS CHERRY JONES FOR SEASON SEVEN PRESIDENT Six months before its highly anticipated midseason return, 24 has already elected Tony Award-winning actress Cherry Jones (“The Heiress,” “Doubt”) to serve as “President Allison Taylor” for Season Seven. The Emmy Award-winning series will reset the clock for “Day 7” in January, Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on… View Article