What to expect as ’24’ heads into the home stretch

Some interesting teases from 24 showrunner Howard Gordon himself.

“Jack is really pissed off,” says “24” executive producer Howard Gordon. “[Renee’s death] was something we’ve thought about all these years, that we’d give Jack something to live for in reconnecting with Renee, and then he loses her.

A dazed Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) plots his next move after Renee’s murder — which puts him in conflict with interim CTU chief Chloe, on Monday’s episode of “24.”

“And that will power us into the last chapter of the story.”

With “24” wrapping its eight-season run May 24, Gordon is reticent about giving away too much.

But, he says, Renee’s murder will set in motion a chain of events that will impact not only Jack, but everyone around him.

“[Renee’s death] takes Jack to a place he’s never been to before, and puts him in a position with people who’ve been his support system like Chloe and President Taylor,” he says. “And we’ll find that Jack’s really in conflict with himself and these people who’ve been pillars to him for so long.

“It’s a really combustible combination which is pretty dark and complex.”

Further heightening the interpersonal suspense will be Jack’s relationship with loyal Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who, over the years, has gone from a quirky, antisocial systems analyst to interim head of CTU (in last Monday’s episode).

“She’s gone from an idiosyncratic ‘Arrested Development’-type character to become a woman, a mother and a wife,” Gordon says. “Her character has evolved.

“Chloe isn’t just a robot — she’s a real person, and we’ll see her make some very hard decisions and, frankly, grow up,” he says. “She loves Jack and . . . whether by default or reflexively, has always sided with Jack.

“Now she finds herself suddenly the one in charge –and she’s going to make some choices that aren’t in sync with Jack.”

I may be in the minority here, but I’ll be honest – after Renee’s death in episode 17 and the more I hear about these upcoming final episodes, the less excited I get. I’m looking forward to a pissed off rogue Jack Bauer, but it sounds like the writers are going to completely destroy the (few) friendships Jack has left in the process.

They took away his romantic interest, his daughter/family won’t be appearing, and I get the feeling they’re going to ruin his friendship with Chloe which has been the one constant these past few years. I hope the writers are treading very carefully here, especially if they want to retain an audience for the feature film(s).

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Dammit! I really hope they don’t go too far with the Chloe/Jack relationship. Her loyalty to Jack and his trust in Chloe has been one of the shows few constants in a storm of changes per season. I would HATE to see that be destroyed for the sake of drama without the chance to rectify it. Now I’m sad.

i don’t know if i can feel anything anymore..after the death of renee i lost a little bit interest 4 this show..but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to finish it until the end..i mean i just look forward for the next episode..so whatever rumors about upcoming episodes really doesn’t bother me..it took me a week to accept that she’s really gone..


I think you’re compltely over-reacting about the ending really, he’s teasing it but what he wants to think, but they WON’T destroy the Jack-Chloe relationship

Now I do not know what to think about this show anymore.I still so upset!!!!I am sure the writers can put someone in Jack’s life.As a fan, I will not watch a movie if nothing happens in Jack’s private life.Please give us something romantic for Jack.

@Berger, I think romance is out of the cards now for Jack. He’s lost too much and just when he was starting to trust in love again, it was taken away from him. Time to unleash the Power of Bauer. ;)

I wouldn’t mind if they do take different sides and break their relationship but I just hope they can make it believable. I mean… she has done a lot to help Jack over the years.. and she’s seen that he’s right most of the (every) time. So to go against him seems totally out of character for her.. but we’ll see…