Gregory Itzin interviewed on FOX 59

FOX59 interviews Gregory Itzin about playing Charles Logan in the past three seasons of 24 and his return in the sixth season.

YouTube Link: 24: President Logan is back!


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[..YouTube..] logan is the man hopefully season 7 has some sense and tells what happened to him which i doubt

[..YouTube..] He reminded me of Richard Nixon, especially during the kneeling scene with Henry Kis-, er, Mike Novick.

[..YouTube..] He rocks! thanks so much for posting

[..YouTube..] He is good actor.

[..YouTube..] Logan is my favourite president of USA: David Palmer is anybody…
He’s wonderful, he’s fantastic, he’s human. I love his…

[..YouTube..] so sad because he died..

[..YouTube..] He is not dead, in Season 7, Walker said that he is still in prison. She said it in the first episode of Season 7.

[..YouTube..] he didnt die

[..YouTube..] he’s not dead!

[..YouTube..] i hope gregory itzin comes back for season 8. or martha, either or!

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan was my favorit person in 24. Hope that he is coming back!

[..YouTube..] I liked Logan, hated him, then liked him again. In Season 6 I really thought he had an ulterior motive, but by the end I was really convinced that all he wanted was redemption and I was hoping he’d get it. Iziz also did an excellent job in reflecting that change in the character, he didn’t come back and just play the same guy. I really want him to return at some point, he needs to get his redemption. I’m also wondering what happened to Martha…Season 7 hinted, but still left it a tad ambiguous.

[..YouTube..] whatever happened to Logan after he got stabbed!?!?!?

[..YouTube..] He is coming back in season 8

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan is maybe one of the rawest, rarest and most complex characters 24 ever had. My favorite one.

[..YouTube..] So he he was behind the gassing of CTU, the assassination of of a former greatest president, and almost killed his wife and Aaron Pierce in order to cover up his conspiracies. At least he was sorry :D

[..YouTube..] is martha gonna stab him again next monday? lol

[..YouTube..] @thephantomplatypus She should. Along with Taylor.

[..YouTube..] Why would anyone want him to stay alive?

He’s a traitor & bastard with a few good points but is otherwise dispicable

[..YouTube..] Why is he called president? He’s no longer president or vice president….

[..YouTube..] he is such an amazing actor!

[..YouTube..] That’s Jack Bauer !:D
He’s coming for me !:D

[..YouTube..] No one has better facial expressions than Logan.

[..YouTube..] @azzuritea That is just how things work in our government. Its Out of respect to call former Presidents still “Mr. President” that is thier title, weather it be former or present.

[..YouTube..] This guy is one of my favorite actors ever.