Scoop on former President Charles Logan return to 24

William Keck from TV Guide Magazine has the scoop on former President Charles Logan’s return to 24 and it sounds like it’ll be great (be warned, the last paragraph has a pretty big spoiler):

Madame President, meet your disgraced White House predecessor. Released from house arrest after being pardoned for his hand in the assassination of President Palmer, President Charles Logan will be summoned to the United Nations in 24’s tense 17th hour on April 12. The ex head of state, played by Emmy nominee Gregory Itzin, will advise President Allison Taylor (Emmy winner Cherry Jones) on her crumbling peace-treaty negotiations.

While no mention is made of his former First Lady, Gregory was assured by producers that nutso Martha Logan (Jean Smart) is still very much alive. “I asked, ‘Martha’s dead, right?,’ and they all said, ‘No, she’s still in rehab.’ I’m going to assume she and I no longer have a relationship.” (Stabbing your hubby in an artery can be a real deal breaker.) So with two swinging single presidents confabbing behind closed doors, might there be the chance of a presidential summit of a more carnal nature? “I would have loved that, but no,” Gregory says. “I have an old relationship with the Russians, so [her chief of staff] Ethan brings me in against her better judgment. She’s not pleased to have to deal with this character.”

Gregory reconnected with star Kiefer Sutherland, only in passing, while out on location “in the boonies” for a late-in-the-season scene that Gregory says will keep him around for “a good long time” interacting with a Russian baddie. (And perhaps with “Reservoir Dogs” vet Michael Madsen, who I’ve learned will be popping up as an ex-military guy from Jack’s past.)

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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