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24's Gregory Itzin
24’s Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin is returning to “24” again, but he knows it could be his final round as ex-President Charles Logan.

The scheming former chief executive shows more spine as Itzin begins another stint Monday, Apr. 12, on the FOX suspense series — which is awash in speculation about cancelation as its clock keeps ticking toward the end of its eighth season, and possibly its entire run.

“I wasn’t anticipating [being summoned back] in what may be perceived as the middle of its last year,” Itzin tells Zap2it. “There are the rumors floating around, but I don’t think anybody is willing to hammer the final nail into the coffin. If the end is nigh, there have been guys with the show from the beginning, so there’s a lot of strong feeling there. I mean, they vacation together; they’re a family.

“While it is the norm in our business to go through ‘breakups’ on a regular basis, if this comes to pass, I think it’ll be a very special sadness for most of the people,” Itzin adds. “Aside from the fact that it’s nice to be employed, it’s nice to be employed on a show that everybody considers important. Everybody considers the result to be worthy of the work they do. Nobody phones it in on ’24.'”

One of Itzin’s biggest treats in coming back to the series is in pairing one of its past presidents with the current one, since many of his scenes are with Emmy-winner Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor.

“I’m a very lucky guy,” Itzin beams. “She called me and said, ‘Oh, good. I’m gonna get Loganized!’ That’s a person you throw the ball to and she throws it right back. And with a little spin on it.”

Itzin is glad to put his own spin on Logan this time, since the character has a more noble purpose in assisting President Taylor.

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