Meet Tom Brown, ’24’ Tattoo Guy

UK 24 fan Tom Brown just recently got his seventh 24 tattoo. First was the 24 logo on his thumbs. Then came the 24 logo behind his ears for his 24th birthday. Then Jack Bauer, then Tony Almeida. David Palmer was next and Renee Walker after that. Now today he’s added Charles Logan. Check out the gallery below:

He’s not done yet either as he still wants to get a tattoo of Mandy as well! Follow Tom on Twitter.


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Wow!! I have seen this guy here before and those tattoos are amazing. I remember seeing an interview with Carlos Bernard quite awhile ago and he was shown a picture of this guy with the Almeida tat…..his reaction was priceless. I love, love 24…maybe I should get one too!! It would be a toss up of Almeida or Bauer….hmmmm the decisions! I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate either of them .

And I think I’m a little crazy with this show LOL

thats awesome!!

ortalfrom israel
March 26, 2011 at 3:27 pm
hahahaa……love it!:)
you all need to see CARLOS BERNARD’s face when he saw that ….LOL
he was shocked.

Hey guys!

24 tatt update….the sleeve is almost complete now