24 Season 8 Episode 22 Promo (1:00PM-2:00PM)

“With only three hours left, how far will Jack Bauer go to get the truth? Farther than justice. Farther than vengeance. Farther than ever.”

Jack Bauer vs Charles Logan – YES!

YouTube Link: 24 Season Episode 22 (1:00PM – 2:00PM) 8×22 Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] Jack is going out for blood! I can’t wait for next week! It’s like Army of two except it’s just Jack!

[..YouTube..] i just shit my pants this is going to be amazing i cant wait

[..YouTube..] a fully armored jack, totally bad ass.

[..YouTube..] JACK BACK!

[..YouTube..] OMG!! Can’t wait!! Today’s episode was great, but I get the feeling next Mon. will be soo much better, go Jack!!!

[..YouTube..] I AM IRON MAN LOL!!

[..YouTube..] holy shit! logans face at the end=priceless!

[..YouTube..] Its a shame 24 has to come to an end..best show on TVby farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[..YouTube..] swat team armor WINS, nice heat (1995) reference

[..YouTube..] Jack vs Logan ROUND TWO

[..YouTube..] JACK BAUER =
a) EPIC!
b) WIN!
c) FTW!

[..YouTube..] @MetalxMusicxChannel the army of jack

[..YouTube..] @joncop182 all the following answer are correct

[..YouTube..] “if jack makes any move other then complete surrender i’m taking him down” who the hell does cole think he his jack would whoop cole’s ass like he did to the russian

[..YouTube..] Logan = Screwed.

Especially considering how far gone Jack is by this point, I have a huge suspicion the former president is going to get his by the end of the hour…..

[..YouTube..] jack bauer would beat the shit out of the faggot ass characters in call of duty

[..YouTube..] Jack is badddd asss

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 he would torture them first to get names, oh yeah blow torch WINS

[..YouTube..] @atstevens24 in soviet russia, russia owns cole

[..YouTube..] @Linkv101 iron man jack

[..YouTube..] omg omg!!!!!!!!!! Darkbauer

[..YouTube..] Jack vs Logan: Round Two

This time, Charles is going to talk.

[..YouTube..] @atstevens24 cole wont do shit

[..YouTube..] @Rvbcaboose08 cole thinks he’s all bad ass jack bauer set his ass straight real fast

[..YouTube..] Oh yes this is going to be an excellent final 3 episodes.

[..YouTube..] @ReijiThePhantom He might get a bit roughed up, but Logan is in the final 2 episodes so he will be around till the end.

[..YouTube..] Just a fill episode to move into the season finale.

Damn, it

[..YouTube..] **** just got real

[..YouTube..] next week, Jack will break out the dark Jason Mask!!!!!

On Friday the 13th, Jack Voorhees will slice you!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer, my hero

[..YouTube..] Logan is next.

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 That’s funny since he played the voice of Sgt. Roebuck in World of War.

[..YouTube..] awsome! (y)

[..YouTube..] I hope Jack reloads this time and not just go Rambo with his new Colt Model 933 assault rifle.

[..YouTube..] Something tells me the New York citizens would laugh if they see a former president kidnapped by a former patriot on an Amber Alert.

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 HAHAHAHAH he would eat all the COD people

[..YouTube..] Bauer is too smart for everyone. You simply can’t stop him! Cant wait for next weeks episode!

[..YouTube..] I laughed so hard when fox showed another viewer discretion is advised right before the interrogation.

[..YouTube..] Got to love the irony, that Logan is at the mercy of Jack AGAIN (reminiscence season 5 around the same hour) Only this time, hes not the president! Love the scene where Charles is trying to pick which color tie to wear for his coming out party; shouldnt have called the sniper.

[..YouTube..] Kill the Cockroach !!!! Kill the Cockroach !!!!

[..YouTube..] jack vs logan round 2

[..YouTube..] This is escalating into something bigger than what anyone could think of. There’s going to be one more silent clock in this next stretch.

[..YouTube..] Just finished watching the last episode, omfg, I can’t wait for the next. It’s going to be EPIC.


[..YouTube..] @maplejet ain’t gonna be jack cuz they need him to do the movies afterwards

[..YouTube..] Whoa, Jack Bauer’s got the nanosuit from Crysis video games! Holy shit… fucking EPIC.

CHARLES LOGAN IS DEAD. At this point jack is a human and charles is just an ant.

I love it. Can’t believe we are only 3 hours away. Jack has no mercy left. I love the way he got his revenge for Renee’s killer…go Jack go

The preview is unusually focused on 1 theme, and I am loving it! I cannot wait till Logan and Jack re-unite!

[..YouTube..] Shut up Cole, I hope Jack kills you. Seriously I’m sick of your character, you’re bloody worse than the cougar from Season 2.

The ending of that preview, the face on Logan, is priceless. I cannot wait for next Monday, it looks incredible!

I wasn’t a fan of Renee and how she took the edge of Jack, but I now love how the writers have made him this ruthless machine.

All you guys…there is no round two…that would indicate that there is some sort of fight. This ain’t going to be a fight, Logan’s gonna squawk like a parrot.

Jack will make him talk, or disembowel him to get what he wants if he has to. That scene has got to be an instant classic Jack torture, sorry coercive interrogation, and kill scene.

[..YouTube..] Holy crap I just watched episode 21, got goosebumps in the last 10 minutes when Jack was torturing Pavel…

[..YouTube..] Does any one know what that mask is?

[..YouTube..] damn i can’t wait! xD & OMG Jack looks in the clothes so hot :D

[..YouTube..] jack is always right, ALWAYS

[..YouTube..] “he just kidnapped charles logan”
hahahaha perfect

[..YouTube..] I just jizzed in my pants….yup….i did…

jack bauer + full body armor + assault rifle = god

[..YouTube..] what is that mask ??????????????????

[..YouTube..] jack putting on that mask last night scared me in a good way. last night’s episode was amazing!


[..YouTube..] Finally Logan is getting what is coming to him. I cnt wait to see where this season ends! Though makes me sad it wont be happy ending=/ But 24 is a kick ass show! If I was jack and I went through all the shit he went through today and season 5 (Because of Logan did) I would so do what hes doing.

[..YouTube..] Good bye logan!

[..YouTube..] lol that looks so cool full swat armor and the mask is a nice touch he look like a Metel Gear Solid character.

[..YouTube..] @maplejet

i hope it’s Cole I’m sick of his whinning

[..YouTube..] this episode is gonna be great

[..YouTube..] omg i cant wait!


[..YouTube..] what did Cole said to Chloe on 0:19 ?

[..YouTube..] Kidnapping Charles Logan for a second time is hardly farther than vengeance. What’s with all the ‘farther’ quotes!?

[..YouTube..] The russian dude being interorgated was nice what will Jack do to logan….?

[..YouTube..] Awesome ep … I hope he finally kills him 4 good….

[..YouTube..] I AM IRON JACK!!!!

[..YouTube..] He’s gonna kill him Go Jack !!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack kidnapped Charles Logan – Yeaah! I waiting for this for LONG time. :D Go Jack! :]

[..YouTube..] Cole Ortiz= naive beyond belief.
Even god couldn’t put Jack down. XD

[..YouTube..] Looks like Taylor finally kicked Logan out of the UN and gave Jack an opportunity.

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 Yeah, not even Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, or even Makarov combined could touch Jack Bauer!

[..YouTube..] @gcnguyen Come to think of it. Why is it that I had this feeling that Cole might also be one of Charles Logan’s men? Or probably some wannabe who thinks what is right for himself.

[..YouTube..] what did President Taylor and Cole say?

[..YouTube..] Dam Jack torture logan now that he aint president anymore,
fuken Jack eres mi idolo wey

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment yeah ghost would become a real ghost if he tried to even mess with Mr. Bauer

[..YouTube..] @xReadOrDiex Markrov would be the first go because he’s russian lol

[..YouTube..] @haRT3r because jack is god lol, he got resurrected in season 2 and then again towards the end of season 4

[..YouTube..] @aspasie1979 logan was about to shit his pants, i think new wardrobe is in order

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB that wasnt jack bauer that was kiefer sutherland

[..YouTube..] @WWEGFORCE …force feed him his suit :) and he’ll shit out bullets hahaha

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 aren’t they same person lol

[..YouTube..] How far will Jack Bauer go to get the Truth? Farther than Justice, Farther than Vengeance, Farther than Ever!! I LOVE THIS SHOW DAMN I’M GOING TO MISS IT!!!!!!! WE NEED A SPIN OFF !!
24! 24!! 24!!! 24!!!! 24!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment who cares all kiefer probably wanted was a few extra bucks and call of duty is a pussy shooter game halo and battlefield are alot better not to mention gears of war call of duty is meant for kids in my opinion

[..YouTube..] holy shit!!!!! jack is goin crazy, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
watchin him gut that piece of shit bolshevik was fuckin awesome!!!!

[..YouTube..] im startin to worry that the happy ending for jack might mean he dies……

[..YouTube..] hasan’s reporter bitch gets wet for jack at 0:12
hopefully he finds time to bang her in the next few hours…..

[..YouTube..] @poops1 trust me, he’s safe, and will get a automatic bid to the movie :)

[..YouTube..] GO GET HIM JACK =D

[..YouTube..] Let’s hope he dose to Logan what he did to the Russian …..
This season just gets better…


Unbelievable that after this hour the series finale is coming.
The last hours was great but there is something missing the old flair of the earlier seasons.
Maybe there are missing old characters or something else.
But it look’s still really, Unglaublich can’t wait

[..YouTube..] Something tells me the New York citizens would laugh if they see a former president kidnapped by a former patriot on an Amber Alert.

[..YouTube..] ele é foda

[..YouTube..] Awesome seeing Bauer get Logan; I hope his character gets prison…after Jack has some fun getting info out of him. :-)

[..YouTube..] @astrobodingo i hope Jack uses “maximum speed”, “maximum armor” & “cloak engaged” to hijack Logan, and then “maximum strength” to beat the crap out of him. XD

[..YouTube..] holy crap jack just went army of two armor on them!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Common Jack finish him!! ok new oldspice commercial Jack in that suit with mask off papapa power!! ROFL Jack Bauer 4President!!!!! Will definitly write it on the ballot!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @astrobodingo
yehh Jack Bauer with Nanosuit 3.0 !!!!

[..YouTube..] Who’s the narrator of this trailer?

[..YouTube..] @sleepiexme Youre right
I hope that action will be the greatest one! I hope he KILLS Charles Logan

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB Ashton Smith


[..YouTube..] putain ca va déchirer je sens

meilleure fin de toutes les saisons à prévoir !!!!!!!!!!

vivement la semaine prochaine looool

[..YouTube..] this is why i love mondays

[..YouTube..] i want jack to break tony out of jail and the 2 of them to kill logan


[..YouTube..] I do wonder if the mask was for facial protection or just to cover up who kidnapped Logan

[..YouTube..] i want Jack to interrogate Logan, just the same way Pavel or better :-)

[..YouTube..] I * AM * IRON * JACK!!!

[..YouTube..] The promo would have been cooler, if the promo started like this: “A long time ago, Charles Logan was one of the men who were responsible for David Palmers assasination. Later that hour, Michelle Dessler was killed, and Charles Logan was again involved. 5 hours ago, Renee Walker was killed. Ordered by Charles Logan. All of them were close to Jack Bauer. And now, Charles Logan is playing his old game. Now, Jack Bauer is pissed!” Imagine this, it would actually have been cool :D


He was responsible for the hit on David Palmer he killed Michelle Dessler and almost killed Tony Almeida but because of Logan, Jack’s only friend Tony turned evil and went against him. He tried to have Jack killed numorous times. He is working with the same people who killed Renee Walker and President Hassan to have Jack killed AGAIN and let the Russiand get away with murder. As long as logan is alive Jack will never be safe.

[..YouTube..] Logan wasn’t responsible for Walkers death and he had nothing to do with day 8 terrorists.

[..YouTube..] lol they look like Black OP Commandos, 24 is a sick show why are they canceling it? i swear alll the stupid shows last forever and the good shows last only a couple of seasons like The Border probably the best canadian Action Drama


[..YouTube..] @CAPITAN24 DING!!!

[..YouTube..] What you gonna do when the Bauer (in full body armor) comes for you?….Run Bitches!!!!

[..YouTube..] He’s going ninja :U

[..YouTube..] logan is so screwed now. uhashuas

[..YouTube..] Bauer has gone just like Almeida Season 7

[..YouTube..] He’s gonna put on god mode right now and kick everyone’s ass!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack’s solution to capture a former President with non lethal force is to shoot out car tires to make a roadblock with a Colt Model 933 rifle and bulletproof clothing. Seems hard to believe but If it works “he won’t be out for blood.”

[..YouTube..] DO IT NOW DAMM IT!!!!

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov

You do realize this show is 8 seasons long. With that said… it would fit in your “stupid shows last forever” category.

Go Jack Go!

[..YouTube..] I think Bauer is off his kilter a little bit……But I don’t blame him…….He’s been handed a big pile of shit for the last 8 years and now its time to KICK SOME ASS!!…….I should have dropped logan in season 5……..lol……..

[..YouTube..] @ttaa12 They said…

Pres. Taylor (to Logan): “I never should have let you do this.”

Cole (to Chloe): “If Jack makes any move other than complete surrender, I’m putting him down.”

[..YouTube..] Who would win in this fight: Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?

[..YouTube..] @maysonmalley thanks! :)

[..YouTube..] The faces of Logan has in the car gotta be the face of the season! :D Love it.

[..YouTube..] insane!! cannot wait this is just getting better and bettter!!

[..YouTube..] Ok so at 0:26, look! Ok you have to pause right on target. It is during that flash of white, before the scene when Jack pushes Logan against the wall. IS THAT TONY ALMEIDA??!!

[..YouTube..] @fujarro6492 I dont believe it is.

[..YouTube..] This show is so awesome!

[..YouTube..] you don’t want to know what jack bauer would do for a klondike bar

[..YouTube..] maaan, I’ll love this episode

hope that fuckin logan suffer a lot on jack’s hands

[..YouTube..] @fujarro6492 No, it’s just Jack lol

[..YouTube..] @sleepiexme hahaha I just loooove your comment

[..YouTube..] @maysonmalley jack bauer without a frikin doubt! haha

[..YouTube..] Did you all see the look on Logans face (in the Limo) when he said, thats Bauer, he’s comming after me!! That and Jack in full body armor was worth the whole episode!!!

[..YouTube..] @fujarro6492 yes

[..YouTube..] We have to do something to stop this from happening. Lets protest, lets stage a sit-in, a sit-out, lets do something. I need this every 6 months to break up the same ol ho – hum every year. Any one have any ideas, lets hear them now.

[..YouTube..] Most awesome shit I’ve in TV for 16 years! Jack Bauer coming in as Darth Vader with some Shredder crap was crazy! I was jumping out of my seat like a little child! How could this end! More people have to watch this! (even if it’s not the reason why it is ending). Best stuff ever done on TV!

[..YouTube..] Logan’s jowls jigglin’, the best.

[..YouTube..] looks like the army of 2 gear.

[..YouTube..] @sleepiexme correction…Jack Bauer IS GOD! :) lol

[..YouTube..] That body armor is super cool looking … the mask is amazing.

Where can I get one like it?

[..YouTube..] That mask is from Army of T.W.O., I did some research and I want to see some more of it in the next episode tomorrow or the movie lol.

[..YouTube..] hell yeah, you don’t fuck with Jack bauer, James Bond got nothing on king kong AKA JACK BAUER….

[..YouTube..] 24 Season 8 Episode 22 Promo (8x22) HD
Awesome movie, wtach it for free aNd HD here:
w w w . Buggy Movies . co m

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer = Iron man + Jason Voorhees + Darth Vader + Snake Eyes = SUPER BADASS & AWESOME !!!

[..YouTube..] @fujarro6492 Initially I also thought it looked a lot like Tony Almeida. After trying for about 10 minutes, I succeeded to pause it at that exact scene and it turns out it’s not Tony. It’s Jim Ricker.

[..YouTube..] Can someone get me the complete season 8

[..YouTube..] sou fã dessa serie, muito boa mesmo, the best.

[..YouTube..] ggbgfbg

[..YouTube..] @justjoeromeo just download it

[..YouTube..] When that guy said ‘Jack Bauer just kidnapped Charles logan’, I got deja vu :p lol