24 Series Finale Promo: 8×23 & 8×24 (2:00PM-4:00PM)

“Be there for the end of an era. The final twists, the final turns, and the biggest surprise ending of them all. The 24 series finale.”

I’m going to miss this show so much. Don’t forget to tune in at the special time of 8PM!

YouTube Link: 24 Season Episode 23/24 (2:00PM – 4:00PM) 8×23/24 Promo HD (Series Finale)


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[..YouTube..] Nooo!!!!! I <3 24

[..YouTube..] i cant believe i have to wait a week to see this…. i cant beleive 24 is ending,,,, ITS NOT FAIR!!!!

[..YouTube..] ‘i’m going to finish what i’ve started’

this has gotta be a excellent ending

[..YouTube..] Jack shot at 0:18, uh oh.

[..YouTube..] NOOOO!!!! After 8 seasons…I WANT MY 24 BACK!!!

[..YouTube..] This is rather sad what is happening to Jack. This show is truly amazing though.

[..YouTube..] Jack shot Pillar at 0:14,


[..YouTube..] I’m going to miss 24 so much! I love this show! It’s cool that this show is going out with a bang!

[..YouTube..] I hope they don’t kill jack :18 looks like he gets shot.

[..YouTube..] @romosucks9 what part?

[..YouTube..] @BasikShaft I know!!! And it looked pretty bloody also…

[..YouTube..] What does jack say to chloe?? i cant understand him

[..YouTube..] @toohoty301 they wont kill him since they’re plannin on making a movie

[..YouTube..] @romosucks9 i see it too but im not sure!! if it is this finale is gonna be insane!

[..YouTube..] @wake43st He said “You shouldn’t have come after me”

[..YouTube..] @wake43st I think he say’s “you shouldn’t have come after me”

[..YouTube..] I hope Kiefer Sutherland, Gregory Itzin, Anil Kapoor, or Cherry Jones get a Emmy nomination for their outstanding performances in Season 8.

[..YouTube..] It looks like a glimpse of Tony in the flash of multiple faces around :17 or :18 but it could just be my imagination!

[..YouTube..] I wonder what the surprise ending will be. Maybe the Chinese are going to kidnap him again. Or maybe Renee is not dead and she was behind the whole thing. No that would be a surprise.

[..YouTube..] Did you all catch the look on Logan’s face (in the Limo) when he said, thats Bauer, he’s comming after me!!

[..YouTube..] Greatest show of all time, going out with a bang. Tonight’s episode was amazing as usual. Looking forward to next week but obviously really sad that it will be the last week to ever look forward to. =\

[..YouTube..] @LocutusOfBorg2010 k thx

[..YouTube..] @toohoty301

[..YouTube..] I think when he says hes going to finish what he started, hes going to kill The president of the united states, and wehn he says PULL THE TRIGGER, hes talking to chloe,…..I mightb e wrong but might not be.

[..YouTube..] 0:14 what is chloe doing??? her hands shaking and stuff..

[..YouTube..] That Smirk at 0:26 is one way to end the series and the beginning of what’s gonna be one hell of a movie starring Jack Bauer AKA Kiefer Sutherland.

[..YouTube..] hey just wondering who was the guy who punches jack in the promo?

[..YouTube..] @xJewl

you could be right. Now do you mean he is going to kill Logan or Taylor?

[..YouTube..] @wake43st most likely she shoots jack.

[..YouTube..] @demonsayion i was wondering the same thing, from my 1 minute analysis, its the guy who provided arms for Jack, and i dont think he actually punched him, just that editing made it seem so…i think he punched Cole instead..prolly when he shows up to his place

[..YouTube..] noo!!! why does it have to be a series finale??

[..YouTube..] The way Jack is going on a rampage, I am thinking the movie could be all about Jack and his gang kicking ass.

It could be Jack, Tony, Chase, Cole and Michael Madsen.

[..YouTube..] i am going to finish what i started he is a double agent and has always been one

[..YouTube..] Wow!!!! Bauer is on fauer!!!! Can’t wait for next monday; Finale is going to be spectacular. SUVARUV…YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I think the movie story is just to cover up for what is really going to happen. thre is no movie cause jack dies at the end of this season

[..YouTube..] @manguy2000 I think the movie story is just to cover up for what is really going to happen. thre is no movie cause jack dies at the end of this season

[..YouTube..] Jack gets the president of Russia in a room. He puts a gun to his head, Chloe shoots Jack in the shoulder. They take him away in an ambulance. Someone rams the ambulance wearing masks and breaks him free. Possibly Cole, Ricker and Pierce -who knows. They drag him away, he gets up on his feet and goes to finish what he started. President of Russia is beging tended to – jack climbs the stairs to the rooftop of a building – lines the President up in his scope, zooms in, smiles —Beep beep beep –

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 that’s how i’m guessing the show ends purely from watching this trailer

[..YouTube..] Where do you guys see Tony??

[..YouTube..] is that Tony at 0:21 ????????????

[..YouTube..] Are you talking about the guy on the floor or the guy punching someone?? Looks like Jack to me

[..YouTube..] Rasss that is Tony im sure of it lol OMFG IT AGO MADDDDDDDDDDDD I CANT WAIT

[..YouTube..] That smile….that smile is honestly the most awesome and creepy thing I’ve ever seen from Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] ok everyone, WHERE IS TONY???AHHHHHH

[..YouTube..] @hal7869 No, I don’t think that’s him at 0:21, but it might be him around 0:16.

[..YouTube..] so sad this show is ending. i love you jack.

[..YouTube..] Going to miss 24. I had a feeling Suvarov was going to be involved in this. Nice shocker by FOX after he’s been such a good guy before.

[..YouTube..] ht tp tinyurl com 29v9o9k

Nope, sorry guys :(

[..YouTube..] @assassin129 *Its not tony

[..YouTube..] i’ve waited a long time to see a scared look on that pos jason pilar all season

[..YouTube..] @toohoty301 He will kill taylor and logan, and the russian president, then finally chloe will kill him in the end.

[..YouTube..] They are so focused these last few episodes, this is truly great television! I have watched every episode since season one in 2001 and I really am going to miss it alot. Can’t wait for next week!

[..YouTube..] If look, it appears there are 3 scenes in the staircase with Jack and Chloe, I think he says you shouldn’t have come after me, her shaking and jack saying pull the trigger.

I think Chloe shoots Jack, not a kill shot, but she does it because she knows if she doesn’t he will shoot her!… OR maybe it is a kill shot and the movie rumors are fake!


[..YouTube..] Really want spoilers? See this:
tinyurl com 25fxfbo

0:16 is the scene with Jack and Chloe, and the first picture on the page with Jack smiling. He is getting rigged to be shot. Chloe WILL shoot Jack, but will it be deadly?

Cole will infiltrate Jack’s friend’s arms warehouse – or whatever you’d like to call it. (See article, picture with Cole in it).

That’s about all I can pick up from the article; however, note that Chloe’s last scene looks like it may take place at the newspaper.

[..YouTube..] wait a minute…wait a minute…if jack gets killed, what happens to the movie that is supposed to come out after this season ends??? if there is one

[..YouTube..] @TheMichaelStenberg
i also thought that it looks like logan gets taken out at 0:13

[..YouTube..] Yeah, at :18 it looks like Chloe shoots Jack.

[..YouTube..] @seejaz I have to disagree. Watching it again, it looks like he is just getting up and taking a breath.

[..YouTube..] at 0:20 is that cole hitting jack??

[..YouTube..] @sadeyed1ady
no i froze it on tivo, the brown haired dude actually looks more like the guy at the diner that told the reporter her editor was calling on todays episode.
but its definitely not tony

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17
dude, i gotta say, that’s a damn good theory of how the episode may play out
that ending would be awesome, a smile from jack

[..YouTube..] @jjfr000 The movie could just take place before this season, during a happier time.

[..YouTube..] Nooooo Make More 24 The Last Episode Folks :(

[..YouTube..] How does Jack get a AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM – .338 sniper rifle? They do not make and air-soft version and the rifle is not available to military or civilians.

[..YouTube..] is no1 watching wats going on here? if u pause u see ppl wearing gas masks wich means tha threat with those nuclear rods from erlier in the season is bak wich makes sence this is 24 n theres no terrrorist atack for half a season? and how r they gonna level out jacks good and bad.jack is getting shot by chloe but im sorry if u want suspense ppl but find it elsewhere jack aint dying! 24 is mmy favorite show of all time tho i cant say its the best made..anjoy the finale

[..YouTube..] @jjfr000 there’s supposed to be a movie………I’m just hoping Jack doesn’t die……I heard the movie isn’t supposed to be in real time either, which is dumb cuz that’s what makes the show!

[..YouTube..] @Addster87

[..YouTube..] @yehuda8925 I seriously don’t think that any normal human being can completely comprehend what you just said.

[..YouTube..] @yehuda8925 That smoke that’s coming out from Jacks car crash isn’t debris I think Jack is going to be captured by Russian terrorists using tear gas to flush him out. That explains the gas masks.

[..YouTube..] @MonsterTard06 Cherry Jones’ performance was masterful.

[..YouTube..] @comichiuser Based on who Jack Bauer is, Greorgy Itzen Should get a grammy just for that scene.

[..YouTube..] @xJewl Thats what I thought too. But remeber, he let Logan live and he only part of the cover up. Alison was also part of the cover-up so he might let her live. However, the order to kill Rene came from Suburov. Chole told Jack he could provoke a war. I think he is going to kill Suburov.

[..YouTube..] @bauer024 I highly doubt it.

[..YouTube..] @vanguy82 Good people can become twisted due to the circumstances. This does not make them bad.

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB I think you answered your own question. (Third word in your comment)

[..YouTube..] I can see it now, Jack takes out Suvarov and Charles Logan with ONE BULLET! :)

[..YouTube..] @Addster87 Pillar looks like suprise kitty.

[..YouTube..] @xJewl Doubt it, Chole loves Jack, as a friend. Taylor and Logan were both part of only the cover up, he will not kill them.

[..YouTube..] @tubinal07 Real time is not the essence of the show. You are looking deep enough.

[..YouTube..] who is that in 17th second?

[..YouTube..] lol, in tonights episode, the crime scene of the russian sniper jack killed was like a jigsaw killer crime scene lol

[..YouTube..] Chloe V Jack? :O

[..YouTube..] @check445446 oh? What is all the clock stuff then? I also read on Twitter that Jack will not have a happy ending, and they plan on making more than 1 movie, But rest assured, real time is part of the essence of this show. Trust me.

[..YouTube..] @jjfr000 I’m actually starting to think the movie may be a prequel

[..YouTube..] @check445446 I didn’t know “Greorgy Itzen” was a musician.

[..YouTube..] The “biggest surprise ending of them all” meaaans Jack mustn’t die!!!! >[

[..YouTube..] i cant WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT im going to freeze my self so that next week gets here faster!! someone unfreeze till then!!!

[..YouTube..] I really doubt Jack dies, I was just reading an interview with Kiefer Sutherland and it says that they have already received a screenplay for the movie. There is no way they would do a movie without Jack. It was only from a couple of weeks ago.

[..YouTube..] It’s so sad. I know it’s run it’s course, but damn it… since they announced it was the last season, the show got really good.

DAMN !!!

[..YouTube..] so this is the 2nd time that pres. logan got royally screwed for having a listening device implanted on him (the first time being season 5)…. lol

I miss Aniie Wershings rack most of all! Just kidding. It’s so sad that this show is goinh away. I hope the movie enjoys success and several sequels.

Alright who seriously thinks that Jacks going to live through this season.

I am crying, i can believe the best tv show that i have ever seen is coming to its end, it is hard to think that this is the last promo that i am going to see of 24 :( Why? I will never forget 24 never. I promise myself. I love Jack Bauer going to miss him. And i know that there is going to be a movie but there is not going to be another 24 season. After i watch this episodes i am going to cry a lot. LOVE 24, 24 FOREVER, JACK BAUER & RENEE WALKER FOREVER

[..YouTube..] Folks Be There For the Two Hours of the last 24 On Fox On Monday Be there Or Be Square

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB who gives a fuck?

Jack will not die, movie coming out…Also Howard Gordon: “The ending fits somewhere between Jack dying and a happily ever after.”

[..YouTube..] uw. chloe damn it. can’t damn wait

[..YouTube..] Morris O’Brian will take part on the last episode :)

[..YouTube..] @jasssonpet , hey how do u knw that Morris will be in the last epi??

[..YouTube..] 24 – the very best of the serials. I look forward to completion. sorry that 9 of the season will not be. =((

[..YouTube..] mmmm… when those gas mask guys are beating him, he’s covered in blood etc, whereas in the chloe scenes he’s not – me thinks the order of the preview may be a little off???

Me thinks, chloe stops him shooting and when he runs away they catch him – and the conspiracy remains covered up for the good of the nation, although Taylor resigns…

[..YouTube..] who’s the guy who beat him at 0:20?

[..YouTube..] 18 second…looks like jack is shot up. There is blood all over the wall as he falls over.

[..YouTube..] @juliangsinger
my god !!
shocking !!

[..YouTube..] Whatever ending’s coming it better not be a cliffhanger otherwise I’m going to be pissed lol

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 that’s a pretty good guess I reckon, you may well be right!

[..YouTube..] @bauer024 wow lool I was thinking that, who knows
can’t wait for next week

[..YouTube..] 0:21 Fatality Scream lol

[..YouTube..] Please somebody explain these photos (from the final episode) :
oops, i can’t copy it :-(
find: splash news – Kiefer Sutherland gets bloodied and bruised

[..YouTube..] I managed to pause the video at exactly 20 seconds, the man punching Jack in the face doesn’t look like Tony, but maybe that’s just motion blur. The best I can describe him is a Caucasian male, around 30-40, brownish short hair and wide-ish face.

[..YouTube..] has everyone missed something here! When Jack says “I’m going to finish what I started” …. what did he start!? Think about that…he didn’t start anything! UNLESS he’s been part of the cover-up himself!!! Now that may well be the biggest surprise ending of them all!

[..YouTube..] bring in Aaron!

[..YouTube..] @bertyblue its not just finish what i started. its that smile! WOW i wonder what is he up 2… he cant be part of cover up because he killed everyone to find out who was really behind. thats gunna be a TWIST!

[..YouTube..] @cv1per4 LOL clearly he didnt learn anything from 1st time!

Jason Pillar’s gonna end up like Terry Crowley!

[..YouTube..] Knowing the end was coming I have planned my finale out I haven’t watched the show for a month I bought the season through iTunes over Memorial Day break I will order a pizza have some junk food and watch hours of my favorite show undisturbed.

[..YouTube..] What does Jack says to Chloe in the first scene ? My english could be better ;-)

[..YouTube..] Really people, yall really think Jack is part of the whole thing, yall are dumb. he either shoots the president or he kills the Russian president. Remember he was killing everyone involved with the cover up, that’s what he started.

[..YouTube..] This has got to be the most pornaghrapic final few episodes of any series, EVER. i have never been more excited about any show/film.

I reckon, killing the russian president is just pure genious (apart from the fact that the show is not around anymore for us to see the consequences of that) and I do think jack is going to end up dead (might not be real dead).

Either way, I cant wait till next week.

[..YouTube..] I think one scene indicates that Pillar is going down.

[..YouTube..] That smile by Jack is so chilling. Hes gone all the way round to just pure insane

[..YouTube..] @Th0masR0 You shouldn’t have come after me.

[..YouTube..] Russian president is gonna get murked!!!

[..YouTube..] Ahh, this season is actually good. Can’t wait to see how it all ends. Gonna watch the office series finale this thurs (office is dead without michael) the Lost EPIC SERIES FINALE on sun (holy crap i can not wait) and then this on mon. Only thing is, it probably won’t even get close to comparing to the lost finale, so i will be bummed out.

[..YouTube..] Jack kills pilalr 95% comfirmed
Check 0:13, You can see jack having pillar at gun point for less than a second and pillar going down scared to death


[..YouTube..] If u look close and pause at around 0:18 for a split second jack looks like he gets shot and dies

[..YouTube..] what does jack say at 0:05??

[..YouTube..] sorry at 0:04

[..YouTube..] @Gangster914
Indeed it does, the bloodstains are there aswell.

[..YouTube..] One thing occurs to me, it may be irrelevant or wrong, but it seems that President Taylor is not in the room when Dalia Hassan screams “You betrayed me!”.
Assuming for a minute President Taylor is not in the room, who else could she be yelling at?

[..YouTube..] @Gangster914
you’re absolutely right! but maybe he’s just fighting with someone (piller?) and gets beaten down. and the blood splatter in the background… well, he’s bleeding already. i guess there’d be blood all over the place if he fought with someone in that condition.

[..YouTube..] @BangBang1000
You shouldnt have come after me.

[..YouTube..] Folks this is the last episode of 24 I guess I have to Jack off to kim bauer on the dvds now because 24 is the last episode :)

[..YouTube..] Can’t believe Jack Bauer is ending in 7 days. It’s been the focus entertainment of my life for so many years!

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 I’ll have to agree with you on that. From the preview it seems Dahlia finds out about the conspiracy, in which case it’s unlikely she’ll be signing any treaty with Taylor or Suvarov. The simplest solution – Jack and his gun.

[..YouTube..] @Gangster914

It looks like he’s escaping form an emergency vehicle injured. They can’t kill him off yet since FOX has a 24 movie in the works

[..YouTube..] Be there for the the last episode of 24 epidose folks

[..YouTube..] Chloe hold a pistol just gave me a hard on.. even though I’m gay. LOL!

[..YouTube..] At 0:13 it looks like Chloe is backing out on shooting Jack Bauer lol

[..YouTube..] Is that tony @00:21

[..YouTube..] @vip4241 wanna bet?

[..YouTube..] @BangBang1000 “You shouldn’t have come after me”

[..YouTube..] siggghhh.. i can’t get enough of Jack!!

[..YouTube..] I dont know, but since he’s been beated to death, he’s bleeding and so… the ending seems like a… future time.

Like he can’t kill suvarov there, and he kills it in russia or the airport… look @ his happy face :P

[..YouTube..] @alandjinn no, looks like the dick in charge of CTU

[..YouTube..] greatest show of all time.

you will be missed jack bauer. hope you live

[..YouTube..] @bertyblue your fucking retarded

[..YouTube..] @JackBauerAlwayRules I choose to be square. Ill just wait and watch the final 2 episodes on hulu or foxdotcom.

[..YouTube..] @TheKing2494 they only say that shit to make you think he wont die. you got played bitch. by kiefer sutherland himself. Kiefer knows his career will fade away massively after this show ends. he has tried and failed at having a movie career before, and during 24. he wont even try after. unless he wants to be laughed at by the world. lol

[..YouTube..] @tubinal07 ya how the fuck are they gonna make a movie? it wont even be in real time and shit.

[..YouTube..] @check445446 no clhoe loves jack coz she wants to suck his cock

[..YouTube..] @check445446 no it wasnt. shes old and fat. and a stiff actress.

[..YouTube..] @alandjinn no, not tony.

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 no this wont happen, COZ THIS WOULD BE TOO GOOD OF AN ENDING!

[..YouTube..] @Chiteculo24 I disagree nigger

[..YouTube..] @bauer024 LMAO NO FUCKING WAY. the fact that he took out that bald guy proves hes not. a russian never kills one of they own.

[..YouTube..] @manguy2000 chase only has one arm, remember nigger?

[..YouTube..] @comichiuser ya he looked like a poop filled baby

[..YouTube..] @ncecil07 you all want tony to come back so bad it makes your pussy hurt. fuckers

[..YouTube..] @MonsterTard06 you just named off a bunch of stiffs. that nigga that plays charles logan should win

[..YouTube..] im gonna miss this and law & order.

[..YouTube..] @alandjinn

No, it’s Pillar

[..YouTube..] 24 Movie: PENDING production-there’s actually a script and everything & Kiefer has agreed to do it-BUT, this project has NOT been green lit. So as of now there is no 24 movie until Fox says OK.

Ending: They say there will be a 24 movie but that doesn’t mean Jack will live. It could easily be a prequel. But that doesn’t mean he’ll die. Also, Tony will NOT be coming back. If you knew anything about how acting works, you’d know that it wouldve been announced if he was in this season.

[..YouTube..] DEmais, go go go Jack,melhor serie de todos os tempo! OOOOOOOO JACK…

[..YouTube..] Looks epic

[..YouTube..] 0:18-0:19 Jack’s getting shot by Chloe, but survives.

At 0:20 you see Cole (I think so) hitting jack in the head, and you can see the wound and the hole in Jack’s shirt

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait for this! It’s going to be awesome! I don’t see how all this can end with only two hours left, though. Just as long as it doesn’t end with Jack dying!

[..YouTube..] OMG !! I’m gonna miss that so much !

[..YouTube..] can’t wait for next week!

[..YouTube..] @check445446 Grammy? Does his whining qualify as singing?

What does Jack says to Chloe in the first scene ? My english could be better … ;-)

[..YouTube..] its a shame that Tony won’t be in the last season

[..YouTube..] Who is that screaming I wonder?

[..YouTube..] I wish someone could make a slow mo version of this cause I think after jack says “pull the trigger” when it shows the flashes really quick, that is either Tony or Hassan. Yeah, Hassan. Maybe a shocking reveal is he wasn’t dead. That was actually my theory because his body just looked fake and during the video he seemed like just stiff when he was staring at the camera so maybe it was a body dummy or something like that. That would be sooo shockig.

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters I watch it on Fox And I download it on the Torrent :)

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters

Do I look black to you? Oh wait, you don’t know me from a splatter of shit on the wall…
Ever hear of prosthetics? Or, he can be procured as cannon fodder, still a value-added

[..YouTube..] There was an interview with Cherry Jones, the woman who plays Taylor. They ask if she would do the movie and she said “I cant imagine that would be the case.” In the recent episode was like drinking water and I wasn’t watching but did she take a pill? That was the only scene I was paying attention during. My guess is in the finale she has a heart attack from the stress of the cover up. That would be a surprising twist.

[..YouTube..] @ipodnano4334 Jack would of known if Hassan wasn’t really dead. And when it shows the flashes real quick, that’s been used for every promo. Feel free to check yourself. It has no significent meaning.

[..YouTube..] @intimidationcaptain I understand why you would think that, but if you look at the scene right after, you’ll see Daliah crying while President Taylor is behind her.

[..YouTube..] cool

[..YouTube..] @JPatrelli I don’t think steve carell has officially quit…he said he might after his contract expires, which would be in 2011. he will be around for next season.

[..YouTube..] does anyone have any ideas on who is punching jack at about 19-20 seconds (depending on when you pause it)? I can’t figure it out.

[..YouTube..] @bloodhoundgangjon na i dont see thatt

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 Oh yeah, I forget he examined his body.

[..YouTube..] That screaming gives me chills. I hope that isn’t edited for the promo and they added the emphesise on it because if that’s how the person really screams cause that sounds just horrifiying\epic\bone chilling\amazing and it would be so awesome if they kept it in.

[..YouTube..] I think Jack’s gone a little to crazy since Renee died XD … do you think it’s possible he will ‘finish what he started’ by possibly taking out President Taylor as well as Suvarhov? Technically, she was part of the cover up …

[..YouTube..] guys OMG i was watching the trailer by pausing every second and in the flashback jack was pushing tony i think there going 2 make a movie that would be so awesome and pause the trailer at 15 to 16 seconds and you will see jack pushing tony awesome vid dude i cant wait until monday and good job on 14006 views

[..YouTube..] So sad to see it end, lets hope the ending lives up to what it truly deserves. 24 – the greatest tv series ever bar none. Goodbye & thank you for some of the best tv ever seen

[..YouTube..] 24 was the best tv show especially for a monday

[..YouTube..] That smile at 0:25 is excellent :)

[..YouTube..] 0:23 smile is sick….

[..YouTube..] he gets shot, put in an ambulance, then the ambulance is ambushed

Awesome Awesome So Geiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil
but i don’t think that piller’s going die and chloe will shoot jack to save him or something else but where is jack aiming on
Why is jack crashing his car is president taylor going to prison and what is logan and suvarov
are doing we’ll find it out soon enough.

[..YouTube..] 24 was the only show that makes me want to skip the weekend and go to monday directley

[..YouTube..] who punches jack on the face at 00:18

[..YouTube..] @Youmna11 i kept pausing it. I think its some random Russian guy.

[..YouTube..] chloe is the key of everything….she’s THE traitor….

[..YouTube..] i love that smile

[..YouTube..] @Youmna11 A person with a death wish.

[..YouTube..] i dont think he will goes as far to go and kill taylor but ask her to step down

[..YouTube..] I’m fucking pumped for the next episode, who the hell knows what will happen, and how is Jack getting punched and fucked up

[..YouTube..] I am going to miss watching this series, and I swear, this had better be one of the best finales of all time, it feels like watching Cowboy Bebop, and it was bittersweet for the fact it’s almost over, and it had one hell of a finale, I am hoping “24” has that same effect, and yes, Jack Bauer is going Badass till the end, GO JACK!!!

[..YouTube..] What an end to Episode 22 eh? I’m soooooooo peeved that it’s all coming to an end next week :(. One of the most surprising endings eh? I know for sure that definitely does NOT involve Jack Bauer dying, however I feel it may end up in Chloe getting killed. Or, maybe even the President herself, Allison Taylor. All I know is, a part of me can wait, the other can’t. One thing I do know, I’ve been privileged enough to watch one of the best drama programmes EVER! Long liver 24!!!!

[..YouTube..] JACK FUCKING BAUER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] go jack! I need sleeping pills, so that when i go to bed, i dont stay awake staring at the cealing for hours. However when i see the show, specially when you are at your best, not even the most powerful drug can match the relaxing sensation. Its so fucking peaceful. Im so happy the bad guys are so stupid, that they just keep trying. Dont they know you well enough?

[..YouTube..] 24 the best tv show ever—-its an awesome tv show…PLEASE DONT STOP 24….24 SEASON NINE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, 9, 10 , 100 TILL I DIE=)

[..YouTube..] @jj8998j No offense, but they are trying to end the show at the peak. They are working on movies, so don’t worry Jack is not gonna die.

[..YouTube..] @kingdomheartsloverrl killing president taylor is the right thing to do because she fucked over jack

[..YouTube..] If you pause at :21 you can see Jack, sawyer , Hugo

[..YouTube..] 24 was, is, and will always be the greatest action series EVER! I’ve watched every season and it seems to get better over time like fine wine. Viva 24 siempre!

[..YouTube..] @junhotak nah it looks like he dies….in one of the interview he said series have nothing to do with movies. Also one of the shots…it looks like chloe shoots jack. She says…she cant do it…she is his friend …and then she is showing crying against the wall…

[..YouTube..] Guys You Better Watch this 24 it is the last episode of 24 :( Be There or Be Square :)

[..YouTube..] Recap: Pres. Taylor sold her soul to the devil and she will pay the price. Pres. Logan will either be killed by Jack or executed for treason. Cole is a fucking Boy Scout and will try to stop Jack no matter what. Chloe will never be the same after this and will go on to run CTU. Jack, well, who knows?

[..YouTube..] How does Jack get a AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM – .338 sniper rifle? They do not make and air-soft version and the rifle is not available to military or civilians.

[..YouTube..] shitt can’t belive its over :( but i m happy it lasted so long till season 8

[..YouTube..] You Heard Him Be There For the Final Era :) the last episode of 24 And you will Watch it on fox 2 hours :) If not I will Hunt you down and Kick your butt :)

[..YouTube..] fuck yeah! this is how justice is served! when will these people learn, never fuck with JACK BAUER!!!

[..YouTube..] His smile at the end really creeps me out.

[..YouTube..] JACK GETS SHOT< you can see if you pause on :17 and :18!!!

[..YouTube..] @tjoceasde Me too.

[..YouTube..] thats not tony is pillar

[..YouTube..] I can’t WAIT for next Monday.

24 is the best series EVER!!

[..YouTube..] i think jack is going to die to expose the truth…i mean he clearly gets shot and completely fucked up 0:19 ……. if he only kept that awesome darthbauer suit…. such a nice treat at the end of the semester too :)))))

[..YouTube..] Like, Oh My Fucking God, he’s going to do it (whatever it is, it’s going to be horrendous, brave, totally insane, and MF’ing Out-There!)

[..YouTube..] And he ain’t gonna die because the studio and Sutherland have agreed to do a Movie version of ’24’ – it’s been all over the press for many months – so get over it that’s he’s going to die! Morons.

[..YouTube..] Who said anything about the movie being a continuation? For all we know, the movie could be a prequel or shoved somewhere inbetween seasons…

[..YouTube..] JACK = GOD

[..YouTube..] No, it’s not Tony at 0:17!!! He looks like as young Jim Ricker. :-)

[..YouTube..] Jack has been kidnapped by the guys with gas-masks (who are they??? ) and his face is covered by a black hood. Wow…

[..YouTube..] @u4icsmith Mary Lynn said. :-)

Samuelson also asked the actress about the final two-hour episode of “24.”

“I was really put off at first because I was shocked at the ending,” she said.

“But then when I went back and re-read the scripts, it’s pretty cool…it does kind of lead into a movie, but it’s a cool ending.”

[..YouTube..] @u4icsmith
Mary Lynn said :-)

Samuelson also asked the actress about the final two-hour episode of “24.”

“I was really put off at first because I was shocked at the ending,” she said.

“But then when I went back and re-read the scripts, it’s pretty cool…it does kind of lead into a movie, but it’s a cool ending.”

[..YouTube..] 7 clips from the #24 series finale on Fox

[..YouTube..] @gazmendbabiii

Put on some glasses then, cause you’re obviously blind.

[..YouTube..] Pillar sutures Jack up. :-)

[..YouTube..] pull the trigger. by the way to whom is jack taking to when he say, “let me finish wat i started. and wat did he say to chloe


[..YouTube..] @suzandhenhere , he said “you shouldn’t have come after to me to chloe” and I assume that he was also talking to either her or Jim Rick when he said “im gonna finish wht i started”

[..YouTube..] I have a feeling that the russian president will die and so is logan…

[..YouTube..] Surprise Ending? Wonder if it will set up the Movie?

[..YouTube..] jack não vai morrer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 Yep, you’re absolutely right. Thanks for clarifying!

i dont think jack dies because he crawls out of the ambulance with a wound that has an exit on the opposite side (where chloe shot him), so i believe chloe merely incapacitates him and gets him treatment before anyone else found him and potentially killed him.

[..YouTube..] The end of an era. ;(

[..YouTube..] @mygoddesserin agreed

[..YouTube..] R.I.P Jack Bauer <333

[..YouTube..] how the hell are they gonna sum this one up? if he doesnt die its just gonna be shit!

[..YouTube..] y did he smile? I hope its not too much of a surprise – I hope he’s a good guy.

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer did once eat a whole bottle of sleeping pills……. they made him blink…

[..YouTube..] It’s Time For Revenege…
nakedex . cz . cc
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[..YouTube..] oh man im pumped

[..YouTube..] @Atheyy

No way.

[..YouTube..] damn it’s going to be messy :)

[..YouTube..] I’m sad to see it end….. PLEASE reconsider FOX!!!! But the last two hours are gonna be good!!!!!

[..YouTube..] jack bauer survived a tactical nuke

[..YouTube..] @hen527 no he can survive nukes

[..YouTube..] where is tony in all this did anyone see him

[..YouTube..] gay show. Just one out of tousands of shitty shows not worth watching

[..YouTube..] @1TtidnaB you love this show or else you wouldnt have looked for and found and commented on it on youtube

[..YouTube..] @jsgoalie12 hes not even on the show anymore you fuckin retard

[..YouTube..] @diaz887 its already gotten messy. didnt you see the last episode? geez

[..YouTube..] @poopchestxyz I’ll pump some cum into your wife nigger

[..YouTube..] @1TtidnaB question for you… if you think 24 is a gay show, then why watch the preview and then waste your time posting a comment on a “gay” show … get a life buddy!!!

[..YouTube..] @bloodhoundgangjon ya then he shit his pants like a dirty nigger

[..YouTube..] @legolasgarett10 if he wanted to kill the president he would of done it at ctu when it was just him and her alone in the office. DHUR

[..YouTube..] @ipodnano4334
No, it’s not either Tony nor Hassan. I’m 90% sure that he is the man from the cafe’ who told to Meredith that her boss wants to speak with her.

[..YouTube..] @MrJackisjack Why would Jack being punching\shoving him? He was a minor and unimportant character.

[..YouTube..] Be there for the end of an era!!!

[..YouTube..] before the boogie man goes to bed he checks his closet for Jack Baur

[..YouTube..] Once you go jack….you never go back!

[..YouTube..] siiiick hip hop dancer -> watch?v=rb8b1YCtRAA

seriously.. he’s sooooo fast!

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters

Alot of assumptions there, I clicked a link in a skype chatroom and this vid popped up.

The worst thing about youtube is that pretty much only fanboys scream “best shit ever” on every vid.

[..YouTube..] @1TtidnaB what the fuck are you talkin about

[..YouTube..] he gets shot…by chole i unfortunatly pause and it showed jack getting shot at around 12 seconds but doesnt die

[..YouTube..] if you want to get a paid membership you can get one for free over at onlinetreasure [ d0tt ] org

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters geez, I saw last episode. Can’t one just comment something these days without any troll bothering you ?

[..YouTube..] @450jordan Thanks Jordan!

[..YouTube..] I think we will have an open end. Perhaps Kidnapping …

[..YouTube..] I just realized something!!! This season has not shown good twists. WTF! This show was all about having shocking twists. Seriously. WTH!!!

[..YouTube..] they guy at 0:17 is not Tony, its not anyone i recognise from the show but it looks like jack is surrendering is weapon with his hands in the air?

cant wait!

[..YouTube..] i dont think jack dies because he crawls out of the ambulance with a wound that has an exit on the opposite side (where chloe shot him), so i believe chloe merely incapacitates him and gets him treatment before anyone else found him and potentially killed him.

[..YouTube..] Here’s my list of the people I wanna see dead by the end of the two-hour finale!
President Taylor,
Charles Logan,
Jason Pillar and all his cohorts, (including his “Watchdog” at CTU,)
and everyone else involved in this coverup! Cole was a good guy until he started aiding and abetting Dana Walsh, even after finding out she was dirty!

[..YouTube..] @russell10
please check the guy from episode 22, the guy from cafe (Alex-Angelo Vacco) who told Meredith that Gary Clauser on the phone for her.
yes, it looks like Jack is surrending weapon or recognizing the guy. a few seconds later there is another guy who is punching Jack.

[..YouTube..] @cooldude2410 Duh chole Wood never Kill Jack Because chole IS Jack Bauer Friend

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters

Look at the damn video, idiot! at 0:17 he gets shot…. later you can see the wound and the hole in his t-shirt

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show in the universe

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters

I’m talking about how good it was to shoot your mother in the head with a .45 and fuck the bullethole.

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart Yea But Cole didn’t know she was a Terrorist. He thought she was just a dirty thief using CTU to rob with for her X. After he found out she was a terrorist he wanted nothing to do with her. Besides I thought they brought him in to relieve Jack in Season 9. This show can’t be over its too good there must be a spinoff. Common I liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they had a Spin off with Angel. I Loved both but nothing makes me feel as Good as 24.
24!, 24!!, 24!!! 24!!!! 24!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @filmaddict24 Its all going to be bundled into one Super Twist in the Series Final!!

[..YouTube..] Has anyone managed to stop exactly at that point where we se the person who hits Jack? I can’t stop exactly at that point without the video gets blurry. It could be nice to know if it was Tony. :-)

[..YouTube..] @asx9393 No it’s not Tony who is knocking him down, it is Jack.

[..YouTube..] the guy at 0:17 is pillar right?

[..YouTube..] @JackBauerAlwayRules if you look…chlole holds a gun to jack….you can tell because they are in the same room when jack gets shot

[..YouTube..] @zikosiss no. thats jack off’s mom

[..YouTube..] @DarkCode the only thing thats gonna get sper twisted is your moms titties nigger

[..YouTube..] @bloodhoundgangjon how many fucking times has jack been shot and stabbed and blown up infected with deadly poisen gases and lived? do the math queer. there WILL be a movie even if JACK GETS UTT RAPED!

[..YouTube..] @JackBauerAlwayRules you think chole gives a fuck about jack off baur? chole will use his butt hole for the pleasure of butt sex and then throw him in yesterdays trash like a nigger does to they own babies

[..YouTube..] @MrJackisjack your a fuckin RETARD if you think that is the guy from the diner. you are FUCKING GAY YOU BLACK FAGGOT!



[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters You Heard Right You Stupid Fuck FUCK YOU BITCH YOU STUPID FUCK chole DOES NOT HAVE A GUN YOU STUPID FUCK!!!!



[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters FUCK YOU BITCH ASSHOLE DIP SHIT!!!




[..YouTube..] Is the biggest twist of them all that Jack Bauer actually smiles? lol. Seriously though…this better not end in a cliffhanger!

[..YouTube..] Man I wish I was Jack Bauer :) Right Now That Puts A Smile On my Face

[..YouTube..] No it’s not Tony.

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters Haters gonna hate guys. He’s just a troll.

[..YouTube..] @iBlah6666 what the fuck are you talking about haters? man suck my cock you stupid nigger lover

[..YouTube..] After 24 end let’s twist to Brazil be champion copa kkkkkkkkkkkk

This is the modern day Dirty Harry or James Bond with balls outstanding I will miss it.

[..YouTube..] I think Jack is gonna try and snipe Suvarov. Perhaps he is overlooking the signing of the peace treaty. And he’s talking to Chloe at CTU.

And with the 3 guys in the gas masks, maybe they have something to do with the pathogen the Jack got exposed to in season 7.

Just my assumptions.

[..YouTube..] I’m watching this trailer about 5 times a day and I even dreamt about it last night. I literally can’t wait.

[..YouTube..] i KNOW 24 RULES

[..YouTube..] HOLY SHIT



(I just watched episode 22 if you didn’t notice)

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters No I just talked to her she lives peacefully somewhere in and I’m pretty sure they are not. But I know what will get twisted though, your face after I get done smashing it in every direction : ) LOL See you soon ;)

[..YouTube..] Awe prankmaster is nothing but a jerkoff master lol no account anymore prankmaster? looks like you are a master of nothing but stupidity LOL
And yes im still going to find you and bash your face in every direction for talking smalk about my MAMA BOY!! Can you say HELP ME IM IN SO MUCH PAIN!!! LOL You little Bitch LOL

[..YouTube..] @Renoexplainsitall lol that’s funny reno lol you make a perfect marketing subject for the 24 paraphenilia advertisers in marketing. If I make a 24 toy will you buy it for an exuberent amount of money on ebay from me? Let the frenzy begin!! lol
Don’t worry I too am a 24 addict lol Actually I already do its an unopened 24 game box still in the brand new plastic wrapping. Hm.. i might auction that off this weekend. Good Idea : ) Anyone interested just Email me ;) Brand New can’t beat that!!

[..YouTube..] I have an unopened 24 game box still in the brand new plastic wrapping. Hm.. i might auction that off this weekend on Ebay. Good Idea : ) Anyone interested just Email me ;) Brand New can’t beat that!!

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters

That’s actually my point! He doesn’t get killed, cause he is later hit in the head (after being shot) by cole. I’m not saying Jack is getting killed, I’m saying the opposite!


[..YouTube..] I say Jack does the old fake-your-own death routine (this time with Chloe’s help) and flees to Europe, setting the stage for the ’24’ movie.

[..YouTube..] I have already checked into a hospital with my 24 withdrawal symptoms starting early…..

[..YouTube..] Folks You Better Watch 24 on Monday Or I am Going To Your House And Fucking Rip Your Balls Off :)

[..YouTube..] That Will Put A Smile On My Face :)

[..YouTube..] What was that toar left out by someone at 0:21?

[..YouTube..] The declaration of Independence says

“If something is wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action”

Jack Bauer should use this quote for the end of 24 to keep from going to prison. The president is covering up a terrorist plot, so he has the responsibility to take action and go against the president.

[..YouTube..] Jack bauer aint telling someone to pull the trigger… Listen to his tone. he is saying “…pull the trigger”

so, he might be saying “Put your weapons down or I’ll, PULL THE TRIGGER”

[..YouTube..] @jsgoalie12 Tony is from CTU LA, in season 8, Jack is working at CTU NY

[..YouTube..] @24luva Tony is at the division from los Angleous, in season 8, jack is working at the division from New York.

Do you even pay attention to the movie? Thats like asking “Why is cole or Chloe is season 1?”

[..YouTube..] im curious to why jack would be using a SCAR-H with a sniper scope? I bet he’s gonna mow Suvarov’s ass down haha!

[..YouTube..] Are you stupid? First off, Tony was in Washington, D.C. last time we saw him. He was probably sent to prison which means he could be anywhere now. If he broke out or something. Jack and Tony both worked at CTU LA but somehow Jack got from LA to DC to NYC, so your argument makes no sense. It’s called transportation, they can get anywhere. And remember, this is 24.

[..YouTube..] @TraceguyRune The writers brought Tony back from the dead in Season 7 (and he was in Washington, imagine that.) and they explained that pretty well. You don’t think they could explain Tony being in New York City?? Let me ask you, do YOU pay attention?? Also the last part of whatever you said doesn’t make sense and this is a television series not a movie. Idiot.

[..YouTube..] Looking At the Preview Kim Bauer Is not Coming Back for the last episode of 24 On Monday :(

[..YouTube..] She Should Be Here Because She Started this When Jack And Kim Were Playing Chess

[..YouTube..] I think Logan is getting shot. Was that Chloe finishing him off?

[..YouTube..] i think renee walker will be part of the conspiracy and jack will go even more mental. that would be a pretty unexpected twist

[..YouTube..] After all the spoilers, it is pretty clear that Chloe goes after Jack to warn him that CTU is on him after Richter has given him up. Good old Chloe, loyal until the end!!

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show ever made :)

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters racist cracker prick

[..YouTube..] @cyberlarry7 thats the only reason i know Jack’s not gonna die…unless the movie’s a prequel…or something to that effect

[..YouTube..] Yeah, Jack! Kick their ass. I hope you will survive.

P.S. i’m a russian

[..YouTube..] Looks awesome, so annoyed that they announced the movie already.. would be generally suspecting jack not to make it but now we all know he will. which is good but still, a little suspense would of been nice

[..YouTube..] @ed432 just because jack dies doesn’t mean kiefer dies… They can make a movie as long as kiefer is alive.

The movie doesnt haft to be sequel. It can be a prequel. It can have no time line what so ever.

[..YouTube..] @TraceguyRune

it could also be an alternate timeline to a “what if” story

but im pretty sure he lives.

[..YouTube..] took them long enough to take this pieces of trash show out!

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 Shut the fuck up. You don’t like the show, don’t watch it you dumb fuck.

[..YouTube..] @PrankCallsMasters Right. Because there weren’t a bunch of Taylor’s bodyguards at the door. Killing Taylor in that room is an immediate death sentence for Jack.

[..YouTube..] @bertyblue What did he start? He made it his mission to make the Russians accountable for everything that happened. He’s clearly not part of the cover up.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 jack already said he doesnt care if he dies or not and he “doesn’t plan on coming back” so he doesnt care about dying. by the way that prankcallsmasters account was mine but i shut it down and am using this one now.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 wow, just look how much of a dumb fuck the show turned you into. At least you admit that this is a piece of shit that should have never been made.
wow 8 seasons full of shitty tv chliche

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 Well considering all the subplots and detail it isn’t always cliche’. I don’t know if you ever took the time to watch it, but it is a pretty popular show. Your opinion is your opinion though. No one cares if you think it is shitty. Anyway condiering all the ratings and awards this show has gotten argues against your view. Like ramyk7 said if you dont like it don’t watch or pester the fans who do like it. Anyone can downtalk anything

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 fcuk u

[..YouTube..] there is no other show better than 24


[..YouTube..] :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 What the fuck’s your problem? I’m enjoying it, and so are other people. You don’t like it, don’t watch it.

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show in the world and the universe … 24 one of it’s kind they should never ever end it .. 24 must still on tv for 100 year or more …. and every body say bad stuff about 24 I tell him shut up fuck up ….
Good bye jack bauer for ever

[..YouTube..] Tomorrow! Can’t wait, even though it will be bittersweet. This was a great show and will be missed. That’s ok though, I guess you don’t want to drag a show on forever. They did pretty much everything they could do with this. Oh well, at least we still have Burn Notice starting a new season this June!


[..YouTube..] @MetalxMusicxChannel Jack Bauers been playing Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 and hes been getting tactical nukes with SCAR-H

[..YouTube..] 24 is one of the best show ever made in television…and even better than any action movie ever can produce


[..YouTube..] “biggest surprise ending ever” and “be there for the end of an era” makes me think that President Taylor or Suvarov will die, probably Suvarov, but that wouldn’t be too big of a surprise would it. I think that the twist is Jack doesn’t get his revenge and Suvarov will be put on trial in some UN court. And “be there for the end of an era” just means that the era of 24 is over. Let’s hope the feature film is a good one, if Jack can even live long enough for that one.

[..YouTube..] @CP3isboss film? there was only one at like season 7 prelude ?….

[..YouTube..] Who is the coward disliking this video? Hang yourself

[..YouTube..] We find out everything tonight

[..YouTube..] @LuongoTHEmachine True. I’d say Jack Bauer is cooler then Jason Bourn

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov Jack Bauer plays the voice of Srg RoeBuck on Call of Duty: World at war.
Look it up :D

[..YouTube..] Why do people think that Tony would be in the last 2 episodes of 24 to help jack?

A little flashback, Tony was a second away from killing the man who killed his wife, Alan Wilson. Jack stopped Tony from doing that. Jack is now killing the people who killed Renee Walker, why in the world would Tony Almeida help Jack, the person who stopped him from killing Alan Wilson.

[..YouTube..] i think the twist of the show is that jack bauer is a double agent! lmao

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 So, you don’t like 24, yet you are on youtube watching videos for it? Do you have a life, a hobby, anything? Do you have any better way of spending your time than by watching videos for shows you hate? Or are you doing it just so you can mock the fans to give yourself a smug sence of superiority becouse you have absolutally nothing else going for you? Am I in the ball park?

[..YouTube..] ill be watching on my projector outside on 200 glorius inches. gonna film some, put it on youtube. this show will be sorely missed……really is the end of an era.

[..YouTube..] 24 The best show ever… I’ll miss you Jack.

[..YouTube..] 24 The best show ever… I’ll miss you Jack.

[..YouTube..] 4 HOURS, FOLKS!!

[..YouTube..] god dam it im gonna miss this show…..best action show ive ever seen, if u dont like it your a moron….

[..YouTube..] some ones going to shoot jack before he can shoot the russian predient.

[..YouTube..] This sucks its gonna be gone 24 is Awesome JACK BAUER IS THE BEST

[..YouTube..] Will Jack Bauer track down the writers of Lost and beat the shit out of them for the final episode? I hope so.

[..YouTube..] @IMDARKFIRE007 I agree homie. Ill sub to you so I can watch that footage of your projector 24 shit/.

[..YouTube..] @xJewl coz people on youtube re dumb ass niggers that dont put two an two together.

[..YouTube..] @TraceguyRune jason bourn is a faggot

[..YouTube..] The end of an Era…tonight!!
can’t wait


[..YouTube..] :) :) :) :) :) :)

[..YouTube..] what idiot disliked this?

[..YouTube..] hope they end it good, cos I’m not really into how they’ve turned Jack into a murdering psycho on a rampage…Even rambo had less malice…

[..YouTube..] WOW that was a fcked up ending for 24……

[..YouTube..] 24 NEVER HAPPENED watch the ending

[..YouTube..] woooooow omg… that pissed me off.. the last epi was wasteeeeeee

[..YouTube..] @TamannaahLover n0 they’re just saying that the members will f0rget it 0n purp0se

[..YouTube..] @TamannaahLover n0 it was epic!

[..YouTube..] @TamannaahLover and u d0nt understang deep

[..YouTube..] @joeywhitesox00 NOOOOO THAT WAS THE WORST ENDING EVER…..

[..YouTube..] Omg…WHAT THE HELL?!
Thats its…thats how it ends?
Very very lame, and im disappointed as a 24 fan.
But from what i see, theyre gonna make a movie out of this.

[..YouTube..] @GojiJuicePower t0 the beginning 0f y0ur c0mment n0 they’re just saying that the members will f0rget it 0n purp0se he will maybe flee

[..YouTube..] @GojiJuicePower n0 they’re just saying that the members will f0rget it 0n purp0se

[..YouTube..] You guys have to realize…that this is actually how it should have ended.
Did you guys really think that Jack would just assassiate Suvarov, kill everyone else in the conspiracy, and everything would be happy?

[..YouTube..] @GojiJuicePower n0 they’re just saying that the members will f0rget it 0n purp0se me0w

[..YouTube..] @Xx0wn15xX see me and this pers0n like the ending

[..YouTube..] Gentlemen, let us all now take a moment of silence respecting the end of an era

[..YouTube..] you guys are seriously not real 24 fans if u didnt enjoy the ending. true fans appreciate it. true fans watched since 2001. true fans like the ending.

[..YouTube..] i appreciate the show and everything but i just expected way more …

[..YouTube..] That was so good. I’m glad I didn’t watch this promo until now. Everything was a surprise to me.
24, in conjunction w/ LOST, this is the end of an era.

[..YouTube..] I was rooting for Jack to kill Suverov at first, but in all honesty, I found myself hoping and praying that he didn’t do it when it got to that point! Obviously he didn’t, and I’m betting that’s to give us some idea of what the movie might include! At least Logan and Pillar are dead, though! Ug! I hated them with a passion! As for President Taylor? All I can say on that are these four words; Took you long enough!

They should’ve ended it with a silent clock!

[..YouTube..] Now I won’t have any reason to look forward to Mondays :(

[..YouTube..] Wow 24 Was So Awsome No More 24 :(

[..YouTube..] I agree, watching the show since the first season i knew it was going to be the best farwell Jack you will be missed. 24 in my opinion has always been better then prison break, 90210, and the O.C. Looks like house will be the new flag ship show for fox which is sad because i think they could have pushed for one more season for 24.

[..YouTube..] i really loved this show, jack better kill those russians

[..YouTube..] @cooooooool1357986420

[..YouTube..] @cooooooool1357986420 lol

[..YouTube..] chloe is a biatch, jack should of killed the russian pres… and logan should of killed the usa president before killing himself

[..YouTube..] NOOOOOOOO POR FAVORRRR!!! no terminen con la serie!!!… es el primer programa de tv que me atrapa… Jack Bauer never dies!

[..YouTube..] @ImBetterThenYou666 After Hell’s Kitchen, I’m done with Fox on Mondays.

[..YouTube..] Is it certain that there will be no season 9? I have read many articles on it being cancelled but would like to know for sure. Surely will miss this show!!!

[..YouTube..] on wikipedia I think they are making a movie of 24

[..YouTube..] I feel so sorry that Jack, once again, has to leave his family and stay away from them. I really thought that things would work out in the very end. But I think Jack will return to his family sometime, maybe during the movie. Hopefully, he will take care of those damn russians, and return to the US like a free mann.
Now I fell that the movies are so far away and I can’t wait for them. :(
Good luck Jack!


[..YouTube..] On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production.

[..YouTube..] The ending of the 23rd episode where Jack smiled.. cold blooded.

[..YouTube..] Has anyone made a 24 8 day summary of any kind? I know there’s one for Sopranos that’s like 8 minutes, that’s all you need. The reason I ask is, I got my Mom hooked before Day 7 so there’s 6 days she has never seen.

[..YouTube..] were could we watch this episode on high quality??

[..YouTube..] just before chloe says shut it down
bauer is running and then he pauses and stares at someone
in the ally, maybe someone is there to pick him up after that he looks up and then thats it he’s gone.please watch the end bit and response if anyone else notices.good but could be better, at least there will be a movie.

[..YouTube..] @TomAraya23

Maybe Jim Ricker?

[..YouTube..] Was this the last episode of 24 forever?…is the’re going to be a season 9??

[..YouTube..] I cried during the finale and it takes a lot to make me cry, but this finale was beautiful! I haven’t seen a finale so compelling since Metal Gear Solid 4’s ending.

[..YouTube..] @asx9393
yes could be.

[..YouTube..] man logan is a crazy motherfucker…hes still live to you know hell come back in the movie somehow

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph it says On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph it says On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph it says On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production!!

[..YouTube..] They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph it says On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph… It says On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production

[..YouTube..] They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page

[..YouTube..] Bring the drone back to the base. Whatever happened, it didn’t happen – Understand?! … Shut it down! – tick-tack, tick-tack, tick…

[..YouTube..] @rondotwoKG I love he was so retarded he couldn’t even shoot himself in the head right! HA HA

[..YouTube..] @villafootball94 Hollah to that friend!

[..YouTube..] I already saw the Final 2 Episodes and it was very great!

[..YouTube..] They Are Going To be A make a movie if you look at wikipedia on the Kiefer Sutherland page just look for 24 it says after the end of the paragraph On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production.

[..YouTube..] @JackBauerAlwayRules ohhhh ok thanks

[..YouTube..] awesome episodes but the ending should have been better

[..YouTube..] @SportsChick9678

You can watch it online.

[..YouTube..] @millmanturtle No Problem We Like 24 24 Rules :)

[..YouTube..] @ossie19 Da same thing 4 me

[..YouTube..] Who would’ve known that the “fatality scream” was Pillar screaming at the fact that Jack bit part of his neck off?

[..YouTube..] I love the final !

[..YouTube..] The film will be when?
Let’s wait to see if the movie has a happier ending for Jack

[..YouTube..] the ending was so bittersweet… In the end, it was Chloe who stood by Jack the most… and he’s on the run (again)… the Russians are definitely gonna give him hell.

[..YouTube..] Since they’re planning on making a film the final episode was kinda expected, I wasn’t expecting Jack to die but I was wondering if they were going to go as far as killing the russian president. Personally I liked the final episode, it leaves everything set for the movie. As for the peace treaty, it was good to see that the person who ended it was the one that had to do it in the first place, all the time it was her call and good to see she did it.

[..YouTube..] It was a great serie, I enjoyed all 8 seasons. Good job by all the staff.

[..YouTube..] I just don´t understand why I have not watched 24 from the beginning, I just started watching season 8 and I loved it, I am going to buy the box with every seasons ;) can´t wait to watch from season 1 :D:D:D

[..YouTube..] @alexmateev dude ,, me TOo.. i just started watching it on the sEason 8 only.. Damn..

[..YouTube..] i thought JAck would die but yeah.. Thanks TO Everyone including PRes. Taylor with her Plot and BLackmailing those men about the missile.. lol

[..YouTube..] @banan14kab I watched the series finale…..what a loaded piece of shit that was? I still cont get it why fox produced this trash. Seriously every daily soap has better written dialogues than this trash…..no wonder you enjoyed this crap based on your endless stupidity.

[..YouTube..] @kleinmein86 its written “fuck you” you illiterate moron!

[..YouTube..] too be honest… there was nothing in this finale that really shocked me like I excpected but I’m ok with that it was a very satisfying end and now I cannot wait for the movie..

Oh and when Jack smirks while having the sniper aimed at logan has to be the best part lol

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 thanks for your opinion asswipe. You seem like a troll based on your comments to other people. People like different things, its common sense. No one gives a shit how crappy you think 24 is. Enough people like it and it has gotten awards. I enjoy other things also. Next time you attack someone maybe you shouldnt assume things about them. I also like how you said I have endless stupidity but your the one showing prejudice just bc someone likes something. Are you four? Loser

[..YouTube..] @Youmna11
A movie has been announced so obv he doesn’t die.

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 You’re too idiot to even try to correct me. Go fuck yourself.

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 There are plenty of shows I hate. I do not care about them. I dont watch them, and I don’t hang out online bashing them. I simply have better things to do. If you do this, you are probably an extremally boring and shallow person. Also, calling people stupid because they like a tv series? I cant help but see the irony.

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 You are an immature piece of shit, you know that? I don’t have the time, or the desire to spend time watching shows I dont like, and than hanging out online bashing them, to the point of outright hostility toward the show, and its fans.

[..YouTube..] I can’t believe that it’s over. I actually cried, very emotional tears. This fkn sucks so bad.

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 I call troll. Nobody could be unintentionally THIS stupid. FFS man I sure as hell hope you’re trolling. Go back to watching all the daily soaps you apparently watch.

[..YouTube..] @RealSkyDiver2 One word to describe you: Idiot. No point arguing.

[..YouTube..] Wow this show and the ending to it was incredible. The ending was perfect and emotional and they couldn’t have ended it better. 24 is one of my favorite shows and always will be, also I can’t wait until the movie. I don’t know if there will be a show like 24 again as it was simply phenominal.

[..YouTube..] @psp785 i guess they are just setting it up for the feature film involving the russians

[..YouTube..] On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production. Production is anticipated to begin at the beginning of 2011

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best series…

So cool Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer, We Salute You!

[..YouTube..] ooh! what a nice ending.i am really satisfied. can’t wait for the next season.

[..YouTube..] @yosef8101 It will be no next season xD

[..YouTube..] @yosef8101 I don’t know how to say this….but uh…damn this is hard..there will…be no ‘next season’. Sorry to break the news pap :'(

[..YouTube..] @AurynThePaladin it was sad,,,, i love this show with such a passion,, i have only one other time been that connected,,, with the SHIELD,,,, but 24 takes the cake as my fav of all time

[..YouTube..] OOHHH THAT’S JACK BAUER!!! IT’s GOTTA BE!!! DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID!!!!!, THAT’S JACK BAUER!!!!! KILL HIM!!! lmfaooooooooooooo Logan rocks


[..YouTube..] To all American 24 lovers.. Is there going to be a next season? I heard some unverified stories that this was the last season, beacause of bad attendance figures.
Please tell me it isn’t the truth..!!!
Greets from Germany!!

[..YouTube..] @MSUSI24
okay i read it… Fuck it.. I need 24..
Or how Jack would say:

[..YouTube..] @futbolturk7 Yes this ending was incredible and very emotional. The scene where Chloe cry is so infectious T_T. And Taylor’s eye really described how sorry she feels. Simply amazing …

[..YouTube..] i agree dont shut 24 down ether jack bauer keep the character alive please!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @christere94 lol ur funny no but really WE CANT LIVE WITH OUT 24!!

[..YouTube..] I looked all this serial
Very sad was at the end.
24 great serial,and always be a great

[..YouTube..] I recently got into 24 and am sad to see it go. DAMN IT JACK. I MISS YOU ALREADY.

[..YouTube..] it can’t end like this? Cant see why not to make more!

[..YouTube..] i’m gonna miss this show.
i really love it!
I hope the movie is coming out soon coz i can’t wait for it.
the final episode wasn’t that good,they could have done better.
but good thing though JACK Is alive!!!

[..YouTube..] waw what is it gonna be????????? this smile on jack’s face????
well i’ll wait and see.

[..YouTube..] Best season..beast moment..best Bauer

[..YouTube..] @LuongoTHEmachine Yeah true :( I’ll miss it… It sucks that Fox wont go on with it :( The actors are always top class

[..YouTube..] the serie’s finale didnt had any big or final twist it was just the epic season finale its not the serie’s finale because there is a movie coming. But what they said in this trailer wassnt true they lied there where nog final twist of turns noting exiting the worst final of all 24 seasons.

[..YouTube..] JACK BAUER FTW 24 FTW @#@$

[..YouTube..] what’s the name of the music at 0:16? Thks

[..YouTube..] It bothered me how Yuri Suvarov and Dalia Hassan signed the treaty as their names are romanized in English (and not in cyrillic and arabic letters respectively). Does it really go like that in the real world?

[..YouTube..] IS IT COMMING 24 SEASON 9 plz answer fast . i did saw the last epsiode on the 8 sean . so plz answer . and this is so freaking me out

[..YouTube..] @TheMacki95
no sorry dude
but a movie will be out next year

[..YouTube..] i thought it was yuri suvarov the man who jack bauer said pull the trigger!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I agree with you completely

[..YouTube..] Omg.. just heard their making a theatrical movie called 24 : Feature Film OMG SO EXCITED:DDDDDDD

[..YouTube..] @LuongoTHEmachine they shouldnt have ended it and renee shouldnt have died. they should have gotten married!!! <3

[..YouTube..] @TheMacki95 There will not be a Season 9, Season 8 was the concluding season of the series. =( Sighhh …….. the ending was SO sad.

[..YouTube..] @TheMacki95 is jack bauer dead or free ?

[..YouTube..] I like the drama and the story line of Season 8, but the action and shooting scenes were the worst of Season 8.

[..YouTube..] To everyone who loved 24 (like me…)- watch “Nikita”. It’s so good! almost as good as 24..

[..YouTube..] why did he didn’t die , for god sake. i want jack die!
every country , every government , every agents, all want to kill him.
pls add one more episode, to let everyone shoot him.
he deserve to die, how many president was lost their job, how many people die because of him, how many innocent agents was kill or wound by him?
kll the fucking jack!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @pancww President Palmer decided not to run for re-election. President Prescott (briefly President during Day 2 after using the 25th Amendment) was removed from office and replaced by Palmer again at the end of Day 2. President Keeler was was attacked in Air Force 1 by a terrorist who stole a stealth fighter. President Logan was removed from office for being involved in a conspiracy to murder David Palmer etc. President Wayne Palmer was critically injured and couldn’t continue in office.

[..YouTube..] @pancww President Daniels took over from Wayne Palmer for the remainder of Day 6 but lost his election to President Taylor. President Taylor is removed from office after it was discovered she covered up the conspiracy surrounding the death of President Hassan. Jack Bauer really had little to do with the Presidents losing their jobs, only Logan and Taylor were directly affected by Jack’s actions, and that’s because they broke the law.