24 Series Finale

Kiefer Sutherland Touch promo pic

Kiefer Sutherland talks more about ’24’ movie

During todays Television Critics Association winter tour presentation panel for Touch, Kiefer Sutherland reiterated the current plans for 24‘s feature film. “We will be shooting end of April or beginning of May,” the actor said. Kiefer also confirmed that just like the television series, the movie would take place over the course of a single… View Article

Howard Gordon at Gideon's War book signing event in LA

Howard Gordon “will not be heartbroken” if 24 movie doesn’t happen

It’s been more than a year since Fox’s 24 ended its run, but buzz surrounding a big-screen feature picking up where the Kiefer Sutherland thriller left off still lives large. Showrunner Howard Gordon, on hand Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to promote Showtime’s Homeland, noted that conversations are “definitely happening” to… View Article

24 Timeless Legacy

24: A Timeless Legacy

One year ago today, the 24 series finale aired on FOX. Rather than writing a long post praising the show, I assume everyone here is already aware of the awesomeness that is 24. So instead, I’ll post some videos for you to watch including this great documentary that you most likely haven’t seen before: Here’s… View Article

Jack Bauer’s Greatest Lines – winners

Earlier this month FOX asked fans to vote on Jack Bauer’s greatest lines at JackBauersGreatest.com and now the voting period is over and winners have been chosen. Overall Winner (best of all seasons) The very final scene of the series (Jack and Chloe saying their goodbyes) has been chosen by 24 fans as the best… View Article

Howard Gordon interviewed on 24’s final season

24 showrunner Howard Gordon was interviewed by Den of Geek about writing the final season of the show, the return of former President Charles Logan, Jack’s armor suit, President Taylor’s fall, the last scene between Jack and Chloe, and more. How pleased were you with the way you managed to finish off the series eventually?… View Article

Jack Bauer 24 Season 8, 24 series finale

Vote for 24 as Best Series Finale at TV.com

The 24 series finale is currently in the lead for “Best Series Finale” beating Lost and Heroes at TV.com’s Best of 2010 Awards. 24 has earned nearly half of the votes so far with 29,692 people (46%) choosing it as the best series finale. It’s your turn to help – vote for 24 and spread… View Article

Howard Gordon interviewed about 24 series

Here’s a nice lengthy interview with Howard Gordon where he discusses many aspects of the 24 series. Among the topics discussed are his favorite season to work on (the first), favorite to watch (Day 5), Kiefer Sutherland’s work habits, Jack Bauer’s magic healing powers, the most difficult character to kill, spin-offs, and the upcoming movie.

Sean Callery 24 composer

24 Composer Sean Callery wins 2010 Emmy

Congratulations to Sean Callery who has won the 2010 Emmy for Best Musical Score in a Drama Series for the 24 series finale! This is Callery’s third Emmy win, the other two being Day 2: 10:00pm-11:00pm (George Mason’s farewell) and Day 5: 6:00am-7:00am (the Season 5 finale). Callery has been nominated for every season of… View Article

Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers in a 24 Season 1 Promotional Photo

Sarah Clarke: 24 the “end of an era”

Mike Gencarelli: You played Nina Myers in “24″, with the show finally seeing its end, how do you feel? Sarah Clarke: I did. It was like an end of an era to see the show end. When I went to the finale party it was great to see so much of the crew that was… View Article