“24” Wins TV.com’s Best Series Finale Poll

The people have spoken: 24 is the best series finale as voted on by TV.com readers, beating out both Lost and Heroes, two other long-running dramas.

24 Best Series Finale Poll

Back when I first posted about this last month it was winning with nearly half of the votes. A well-deserved win – great ending to a fantastic series. Long live 24!

Source: TV.com’s Best of 2010 Awards


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I profoundly disagree with this outcome and think Lost should’ve won. The difference between shows like 24 and Lost is that the latter had a finale that had emotional resonance that was earned over the whole series.

The 24 finale, on the other hand, was coming from a premise that was rather morally dubious in that Jack finally relents that his crusade for vengeance was probably not the best idea. Also, the lack of finality in Logan’s fate particularly bugs me b/c it opens up the possibility of him returning in a beeping wheelchair.

All in all, both of these shows share a parallel that each were given 3 seasons to wrap things up, Lost after season 3, 24 after season 5. Lost stepped up, 24 in the end fell flat on it’s face!(except for Day 7, which is my favorite)

@Chris L.Harris – You’re an idiot!
You say each show had 3 seasons to wrap things up – Wrong 24 was cancelled midseason(sadly) however Lost did indeed have their time to wrap things up..
and what did they come up with?? tons of unanswered questions, my own personal one: if they were in limbo which was the entire premise of season6, where did Jack’s son mysteriously come from??? he wasn’t alive in the real world to die and end up in limbo.

Also if you are referring to finale with them going into the light in the end, as emotional resonance.. perhaps its time you go into the light!!
Our disagreements aside the people have spoken and they chose 24.. in mass!!!

@24legacy-I’m not wrong
Kiefer Sutherland signed on for seasons 6-8 near the end of Season 5. If the showrunners were smart, they would’ve changed their approach to writing the show so that a natural endgame could emerge.

Instead, they proceeded with their admitted scattershot methods of making it up as they went along, hat’s how we got Day 6, Day 7 is an exception b/c of the writer’s strike the showrunners were forced out of their comfort zone and were able to craft the entire season before going to air.

Day 8 was a “return” to form with the scattershot approach, I don’t care how much Howard Gordon wants to say that the story and characters was thought out beforehand, there’s no way that characters like Dana Walsh, introduced as a woman with a Southern white trash identity. could turn out to be a mole for the Russian mob. Also, the lack of finality concerning characters like Logan and especially Jack, didn’t feel like the ending we deserved.

It felt like the writers wanted to have Jack Bauer go off the rails so that he could be somehow redeemed in the upcoming film (fingers crossed!). I think they could’ve done better w/o destroying the character.

the series finale of LOST sucked!!!!!

24 was way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 is the best series finale ever !!!!

@Chris L.Harris


LOST – 23% (the most disappointing series finale I have ever seen and I love LOST)
24 – 71% (my 2nd favorite series finale after ‘The Shield’)

@Chris L.Harris

I apologise for calling you an idiot earlier, purely because of your 2nd post! I love 24 but I am not a blind fan, and I actually agree with pretty much all of your points.
I am also a huge fan S7 except for the fizzle it ended with after being so high octane, but the season was so good because it was almost entirely constructed beforehand.

I wish Fox had told 24 before the season started that it would be the last, just to see what 24 would have come up with, im sure they would have ironed out the terrible Dana arc, however I seriously didnt mind the Jack’s breakdown though or President Taylor’s – I thought it was human on their part :)

I still stand by the fact that the 24 finale was way better though, I mean come on if you can point out 24’s flaws you have to admit Lost could have done better and also explained a whole lot more?

ortalfrom israel
December 16, 2010 at 1:06 pm
24 is the best show ever…:)