Jimmy Fallon musical tribute to 24 at Primetime Emmys

Fun little musical tribute to 24 by Jimmy Fallon at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

YouTube Link: 24 Musical Tribute at Emmys


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[..YouTube..] Thumbs up if Chole is the best geek in television

[..YouTube..] @kamssun yeahhh i just cryied in the end of the last season.. they made a mistake in not bringin back aaron pierce, tony almeida. audrey.. i just cannot belive 24 has finished

[..YouTube..] Awasome XD

[..YouTube..] Can someone post the entire song please?

[..YouTube..] Great tribute!

[..YouTube..] 24 was the BEST SHOW OF THIS CENTURY.

[..YouTube..] @Moonzgy how amazing would it have been if they had brought back audrey!

[..YouTube..] HAHAH! love it

[..YouTube..] i can’t believe it..fallon snubbed tony almeida. the moron.

[..YouTube..] this is the best shows of all-time.

[..YouTube..] @1love2live9292 That is the whole song.

[..YouTube..] @eineeuqe Tony doesn’t deserve it. lol

[..YouTube..] lmaoooo he could just Hulu it lmaoo

[..YouTube..] lol, brilliance, release it as a single on itunes, i’ll buy it :D

[..YouTube..] i know i want a season 9 :( and i hated how jack didnt get a happy ending. they could have at least had him and renee runnign off in the distance. at least we get a movie.

[..YouTube..] I cried! I miss 24!

[..YouTube..] LOL!!!!!! I want the lyrics!!:D

[..YouTube..] The Emmys, The Oscars, and The Grammys all suck. Even if the old farts controlling those shows retire, they always hire another old fart to control it. The presenters, winners and hosts suck. The following would be great hosts:
Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Howard Stern, Kelly Ripa, Sasha Baron Cohen, or Will Ferrell. But, networks always get an unfunny watered down excuse of a celebrity to host these crappy shows. Are these shows for the viewers or for the execs running it?? you tell me!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I miss 24 sooo much! It will always be my all time fav.!

[..YouTube..] that was awesome …

[..YouTube..] anyone, can give me text of this ‘song’ by jimmy fallon?

[..YouTube..] Television will never be the same again. 24 pretty much changed the rules of television.

[..YouTube..] This is a hilarious song by Jimmy Fallon at the 2010 Emmys about the 24 TV show and its finale!

[..YouTube..] 24=EPIC

[..YouTube..] This is hilarious, but thumbs up if you agree that the men’s room jokes are getting really old!!!

[..YouTube..] Loved Dennis Haysbert’s appearance at the end

[..YouTube..] 24 was is and the forever the shit

[..YouTube..] @GhostDogVI Nice english there.

[..YouTube..] Greatest show in a very long time. LONG LIVE 24!