Cherry Jones wins Emmy for 24 season 7, acceptance speech video

Cherry Jones won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as President Allison Taylor in 24 Season 7. Here’s a video of her acceptance speech, thanks to LadyMorgan33 on YouTube.

YouTube Link: Cherry Jones Wins an Emmy


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[..YouTube..] I was so happy that she finally won.

She’s such a great character actress.

[..YouTube..] Finally won? This was her first nomination! It was her agents that put her name in for consideration. She didn’t even know that she was up for a nomination until they were announced!

Way to Go, Cherry!

[..YouTube..] well deserved! Get it Cherry!

[..YouTube..] About the announcer’s little comment regarding Cherry Jones being the frontrunner Republican nominee in 2012: if she ran as her character, Allison Taylor, our party would be very lucky. God help us all if Palin or Huckabee — rather than the great Romney — ran because we will surely lose (even if they win). President Taylor is a magnificent leader. Although I take extreme exception to her naive stances on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, our nation would be lucky to have a leader like her.

[..YouTube..] very well deserved

she saved an otherwise mediocre Season 7

[..YouTube..] She was amazing in Season 7!!!!

[..YouTube..] if by mediocre u mean best ever, then yes. ur correct.

[..YouTube..] damn she has BIG shoulders

[..YouTube..] hahahaha, keifer sutherland is soo funny with glasses!!!!! 24 is the best show on tv and plzzzzzzzz make another season, i luv that show soo much

[..YouTube..] Go Cherry Jones!! She is an extraordinary actor!!

[..YouTube..] @djguapo it wasn’t mediocre, YOU ARE!

[..YouTube..] What stupid narration as she comes to the podium. She is magnifcent. I loved seeing her on Broadway in Our Country’s Good and The Heiress.

[..YouTube..] I’m sure she deserved it (I love Cherry Jones, but don’t watch 24) but I really wanted Rose Byrne to win for Damages.

[..YouTube..] I worked on 24 as a soldier and sure enough the Emmy was on the craft services table the next day!

[..YouTube..] @laird254life
she lly makes the scenes in the board rooms…. just as intense as the gunfights

[..YouTube..] @vietgrlterifa1 Start watching 24

[..YouTube..] @laird254life Indeed it was, I think it was Rodney Charters or Annie Wersching who posted the picture of her placing it on the craft services table on twitter.

[..YouTube..] @LadyMorgan33 the president taylor in the film represents the ingratitude adds more terrorist rights than the rights of Americans Patriots such as jack bauer.

[..YouTube..] She played damn good president in 24 as well as David Palmer