Howard Gordon “will not be heartbroken” if 24 movie doesn’t happen

Howard Gordon at Gideon's War book signing event in LA

It’s been more than a year since Fox’s 24 ended its run, but buzz surrounding a big-screen feature picking up where the Kiefer Sutherland thriller left off still lives large.

Showrunner Howard Gordon, on hand Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to promote Showtime’s Homeland, noted that conversations are “definitely happening” to take the franchise to the big screen.

“There’s an institutional desire to do it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I know Kiefer wants to do it, we all want to do it. It’s just about finding the right script and not just doing it to do it.”

Gordon, reflecting on the dramatic thriller’s conclusion, noted that completing the series was an uphill battle and, while proud of the work he’s done, is nervous about what a feature would entail.

“It’s something that I think if it doesn’t happen, I will not be heartbroken,” he said. “I’m very proud of that run and how it ended. It was very hard to get it to the finish line with some kind of grace in closure. Why mess it up? But if you find the right story …”

“I miss the character terribly and I know Kiefer does, too,” he said, adding that what’s currently in development takes place abroad and, unlike traditional episodes of the series, would likely expand to more than 24 hours.

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I like Howard Gordon, but he said last year he wasn’t actively attached to the film, whilst Kiefer Sutherland and Brian Grazer have both stated work on the script is ongoing and still hope to begin shooting in January- although that looks less likely unless it’s greenlit in the next month or so!

They should just take their time to get it right, and once the story is locked in place, with an excellent director like Tony Scott at the helm, everything else will fall into place naturally…

The ’24’ movie should probably have an international setting, take place over a 24-hour period (with the first 23 hours played out like a normal movie, and the final hour of both the day in the film and the film itself played out concurrently in real-time), and be about Jack trying to get his freedom back whilst dealing with some kind of terrorist plot…

>>> “I’m very proud of that run and how it ended.”

So basically, you took one of the very few developed female characters on the show and stuffed her into the fridge (after victimizing and marginalizing her all season long), then took a principled president and turned her into a wimpy moron for some 50 year old dude to go on a psychotic revenge spree in the end.

Be very proud Howard. Be very proud.

24 ended how it should have. As a 24 hour series, not as a short film. I’m not rooting for a 24 film, but if its great and made by the same people that made the series, then I will look forward to it. It should be in real-time just like the 24 film, “Redemption”, or take place in one single day with us jumping to scenes playing out in real-time during that day.

A feature film will never be as great as a full 24 hour season.

And Ozgur Ulker is an idiot. They played those characters realistically and phenomenally. Day 8 was an absolute phenomenal bliss and a huge surprise as was every 24 season.

Chris Driedger
August 8, 2011 at 6:10 am
This sounds like the X-Files “I Want to Believe”. Obligated to hit the big screen even though your core audience has long moved on by now. 24 was an entertaining show but the peak of its popularity was five years ago. Maybe just say good night and walk off.

I disagree, Chris dude, ‘The X-Files: I Want To Believe’ was met with general apathy because the original series went on way too long and people were bored of the whole thing by the end, meaning little appetite for a second movie (they’d already seen Mulder and Scully on the big screen a decade earlier, so the novelty was lost), plus the fact ‘… Believe’ was a very mediocre serial killer movie with no supernatural element in it, which is a bit like a ‘Star Wars’ movie not featuring scenes set in space…

I concede ’24’ hit a popularity peak in 2006-07, but the idea of seeing Jack on the silver screen in a big-budget extravaganza would still hold a novelty value that would attract a large audience, and if done right, would also get in general audience members who didn’t necessarily watch the series. The fact is, it would be a lost opportunity- creatively and commercially- not to give an iconic character a proper and fitting send-off.

It should, however, be only one ’24’ movie produced, don’t try to make a franchise out of it, considering how challenging they’re finding it to craft a movie script that is both creatively fresh and not a re-tread of the series’ greatest hits. Better to concentrate on a single, great ’24’ movie, end the whole saga on a high note, and leave it for future generations to enjoy the way we did, without it being tarnished by apathy before the end, unlike a certain other Fox series that will remain nameless…

Why not 24 any more??? Pliz kieffer? Just do it for us.

It seems to me that Howard doesn’t really care whether the movie happens or not or is way out of the loop. I mean he’s got a full plate with writing and producing Homeland and being the showrunner for Awake. Honestly, I don’t think he would even be involved with the movie with 2 TV shows on his hands.

Plus, I’m curious as to how they would schedule shooting in January since Kiefer is working on Touch. I highly doubt they will wrap shooting all 13 episodes before the new year.

Don, I read somewhere that ‘Touch’ will likely be a mid-season replacement show, meaning it will only consist of twelve or thirteen episodes for the first season- this means shooting will begin this summer and wrap before year’s end. This then leaves Kiefer Sutherland between January and July of next year to shoot the ’24’ movie before he has to resume production on ‘Touch’ for it’s second season (if it is renewed for one, that is).

This certainly would explain why Kiefer has been so determined to get the ’24’ movie into production by January or February next year, which, if it does, would give them a solid five or six months- or cram five months’ production into a four-month shoot by working six-day weeks if they want it released in 2012- to shoot the movie before Kiefer has to begin production on the second season of ‘Touch’, hope this clears it up somewhat…

“So basically, you took one of the very few developed female characters on the show and stuffed her into the fridge (after victimizing and marginalizing her all season long), then took a principled president and turned her into a wimpy moron for some 50 year old dude to go on a psychotic revenge spree in the end.”


As a long time fan I felt betrayed by what went down in the end of s08e17. One might draw the conclusion that a show can be great because it shocks its audience, and features some guy “in revenge mode.”

That’s absolute bullshit and asinine. Stupid people may still enjoy a bloody version of peek-a-boo; I, for one, watched the show during the last seasons because I wanted Jack as a character to achieve some level of peace and contentment, because he has sacrificed so much for country and honor and deserves it.

“That’s not what happens on this show!” Is a ridiculous argument in light of its predecessor. If we 24 fans really worship at the altar of the unexpected, how can ANYTHING be something that isn’t allowed to happen?