Howard Gordon answers questions

THR: So Jack lives. I know you’ve got the movie planned, but how much did you seriously consider killing him in the finale?

Gordon: We certainly considered it. We considered killing him earlier (in the season) as an off-rhythm thing. But every time we went there and penciled it out, it didn’t feel satisfying. It felt frustrating or it felt affected or something.

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Gordon also spoke with Entertainment Weekly. He is asked about many things including the fan reaction to Dana Walsh and the death of Renee Walker. Gordon was also asked about the lack of returning characters – where was Tony Almeida, Aaron Pierce, Mandy, and Alan Wilson?

How come you didn’t bring back Tony Almeida this season?
We tempted fate once with him, for sure. I seem to have gotten away with it, so we consider ourselves lucky and ahead of the game.

What about Alan Wilson, who masterminded the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy last year?
I think you got a sense that Renee broke him and broke the back of the conspiracy at a tremendous personal and professional price.

Did you ever consider bringing back Mandy, the professional assassin from seasons 1, 2 and 4?
Mandy always came up a bunch of times, but unfortunately, it felt like a sensational move. We chose not to go down that path.

Aaron Pierce?
We always considered bringing back Aaron Pierce. The story never presented itself. Other than Kiefer, he is the only one who has been in every season. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give him a perfect run.

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i nver got the sense that Renee broke Wilson conspiracy. And howard, why should i get a sense for sth never actually happened and even you writers never believe??

Writing off Alan Wilson, the biggest mastermind in 24 as soon as he had been revealed without even displaying his end was the most lame idea in the serie.

Delete Season 8 and recreate it with Alan Wilson = thx.

Mandy was supposed to have Cara Bowden’s role in S07, but producers decided to create a new character instead.