24: A Timeless Legacy

One year ago today, the 24 series finale aired on FOX. Rather than writing a long post praising the show, I assume everyone here is already aware of the awesomeness that is 24. So instead, I’ll post some videos for you to watch including this great documentary that you most likely haven’t seen before:

Here’s a fantastic documentary feature that didn’t make the cut on the 24 DVD’s for some reason. It’s titled “24: A Timeless Legacy” and features a nice mix of cast members both old and new including Kiefer Sutherland, John Boyd, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sarah Wynter, Penny Johnson Jerald, Sprague Grayden, Carlos Bernard, Jean Smart, Jon Voight, Katee Sackhoff, Annie Wersching, Leslie Hope, Dennis Haysbert, Sarah Clarke, and Reiko Aylesworth.

And some other nostalgic 24 videos:

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[..YouTube..] I miss 24 more than ever since there is nothing good on TV right now and they keep getting cancelled anyway. I still have not found a show after 24 to engage me the way 24 did. :(

[..YouTube..] I miss 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
long live 24//Jack

[..YouTube..] I LOVE Tony!

[..YouTube..] I loved this show … awesome

[..YouTube..] 7:30 michelle!!

[..YouTube..] 5:14 – what scene is this? I Don’t remember watching that…

[..YouTube..] Like..I LITERALLY melted at 3:28. GOSH I MISS HIM
[..YouTube..] miss this so much

[..YouTube..] this show could’ve lasted FOREVER!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @AndyBerry24 It is a season 4 deleted scene. The two Arabs who owned the sporting goods store that Paul and Jack took shelter in when McClennen Forester had that mercenary army after them actually had a father. He was played by the same guy who played Fayed from season 6. The father was wounded in the back, and that scene was when jack was looking after his wounds. You will find this scene on the season 4 extras disk

[..YouTube..] was this on complete series box set

[..YouTube..] @tbales1337 Thanks. This is what confused the hell out of me because I only remembered him as Fayed and couldn’t think where that scene would have fitted during Season 6 – It wouldn’t have. I wondered why it looked like Jack felt sorry and was looking after a terrorist. Thanks again.

Thank you for posting this documentary! I loved it! Where is it from? Also do any of you know from what episode is that line at the end of the video: “Come on!!! Shoot !!!”?
I love that you’ve posted all “24: Inside” interviews, it’s great! But I’ve been searching all over the place for the “24:Genesis” documentary and could only find part of it. Can you upload it as well? I’d be eternally grateful! And very very happy…

“Come on shoot ” is from “24 debrief” a web serie between season 6 and 7 here is the link

Thanks for this video…I miss 24 and Jack so much !

May 24, 2011 at 7:15 pm
@24Bauerfan and @Yoda

24 Debrief is on the Season 6 DVD…
and Genesis on the Special Edition Season 1 DVD.

I’m surprised of how few people that call themselves 24 fans actually buy the DVDs. You’re missing out on some great audio commentaries, you’ll never find elsewhere, and some great featurettes.

Beaky Smoochies
May 25, 2011 at 12:42 am
Man, why wasn’t this on the Season 8 DVD/Blu ray, it was awesome! There’ll never be another ’24’ on television for a very long time, makes me anxious for the movie to be made soon (I’ve even changed my mind on Tony Scott directing- just saw ‘Deja Vu’, don’t understand the negative reviews, it was superb, and Scott is tailor-made for the ’24’ feature film)! With such a landmark series, the movie’s creative team are going to have to work pretty hard to match the quality…

Hey, WouldntYouLikeToKnow!!! I do own the DVDs. Every single one of them except the complete series (was I going to spend 250$ for something I already have, although if I were rich, I would?), the redemption DVD (I have it taped) and the special boxset Season 1 DVD because THEY DON’T HAVE A REGION 2 VERSION!!! I would pay (literally) to have it! It has an audio commentary of the Season Finale!
Trust me… I know what few little things I’m missing… and “there’s not a day that goes by, not a moment… when I don’t think about my” unluckiness. Allison Taylor, Season 7 Episode 1.
So is there any other place on the web I can see “24: Genesis”?

PS: I am a true 24 fan. Due to the trash on TV lately there’s nothing I can see other than my own 24 marathons. Got It? No pun intended.

I miss 24 :(


I own all 24 DVDs, but for 24 Genesis, the Special Edition Season 1 DVD, is not available in my home (in France) in zone 2
Now I have got a DVD player with all zones, I’ll buy this version !

@24BauerFan It’s really no problem, lots of these features are region exclusive or retailer exclusive which makes it difficult for even the biggest 24 fans to obtain them all. I don’t have everything either! :)

I’ve uploaded the entire “The Genesis of 24” feature here: https://www.24spoilers.com/2008/05/20/genesis-of-24-special-edition-feature-24-season-1/

I plan to upload every DVD special feature (and audio commentaries) eventually, have just been very busy lately.

thank you so much for uploading this video. I have just watched and recommend it to any 24 fan.
Keep on going. Love this site!

[..YouTube..] Any word if 24 The Complete Series will be released in blu ray?

Just had to leave the “24”th comment to make it even ;-)

Thank you so much for uploading “The genesis of 24”
You’re the best !!!

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