Chloe O’Brian suffers tragic loss, returns damaged and heartbroken

Chloe O'Brian's dramatic new look in 24: Live Another Day
Chloe O’Brian’s dramatic new look in 24: Live Another Day

TV Guide has a major spoiler about what caused Chloe O’Brian’s radical transformation in the upcoming miniseries.

When former CTU analyst Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) reconnects with Jack Bauer this May in Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, we will learn that she has lost her child. “Chloe feels responsible for what happened because it was a result of the secrets she knows,” says Rajskub, whose real-life son is 5 years old.

Due to her tragic loss, expect a much different Chloe, both mentally and physically. “She’s damaged, messed-up and heartbroken,” Rajskub says. “I’m talking to the hair and makeup people to find her new look. It’s got to be extreme but still Chloe.”

Prescott O’Brian was last seen in the DVD bonus feature “Chloe’s Arrest.” What do you think of this dark new direction for Chloe?

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I do not like the fact that the plot leaks are coming out; it ruins the surprise that would otherwise unfold on screen through dialog. While I do not like the fact that this has happened to little Prescott, it would be better if we did not know about it ahead of time. I always loved the plot twist surprises in 24 but we will know all/some/most of the whys before hand.

With respect, you do realize you are on a website called 24 SPOILERS, yes?

Mary Lynn Rajskub really does not have the acting prowess to play anything more serious than technobabble and awkward social skills. I wish they’d get rid of her character already.

Jack, I can see kind of how you can make that assumption about MLR, but she is a well diverse actress and if we look back on all of the seasons she has been in, she has been a serious (but witty) character. She was an essential part of Jacks life from middle of season 4 on. She can not simple be killed off like Michelle (granted they did do that to Palmer, which they should not have) but make it more dramatic if they did, which I doubt they will.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of Mary Lynn and Chloe, but this might be a bit out of her range. She was great in Edgar’s death scene, but this will be much more challenging.

Lets see, Jack lost an unborn child when Terry was murdered as result of his job, Tony lost an unborn son when Michelle was murdered as result of his job, and now Chloe loses a son as result of her job. The terms reuse, repeat, rehash, recycle come to mind here. Not liking this.

It’s what they do best.

LOL!! You haven’t even seen it yet and you’re already saying you don’t like it.

Now I suppose as a result of losing Prescott, Morris will have returned to drinking to cope with the situation.

I don’t think Morris will factor into the story much (if at all) – this backstory really seems like a convenient way to write him out of the picture and explain his absence. If Chloe’s “damaged” and moved to London, there’s a good chance that she probably split up with Morris too.

Not sure how I feel about this yet. Having such a drastic character transformation happen off-screen and then tasking a comedic actress with delivering this type of super-serious/dramatic plot… It has the potential to go very poorly IMO.

I hope we don’t see Morris, he was fucking shite! Also, an fyi for the american viewer no British person ever pronounces data “dar-ter”. Anyway, fuck him and his drinking problem. In fact, fuck all characters with drinking problems because nobody cares.


Anyway yes, you could be forgiven for thinking Mary Lynn is a shit actress, but if you’d cast your mind back to Edgar’s death it was mostly her who carried that powerful scene. So I’m excited about this new development with Chloe… this is coming from someone who’s wanted her gone since S6 and didn’t initially want her back for this. BUT since they’re doing something quite different with her – besides her being Jack and the writers cheat codes – then bring it on!

An fyi for you – Morris O’Brian had been living in the US for many years before we saw him, and when people move to different countries they often pick up native speaking habits on certain words.

Heh, whoa there XAM, I didn’t call Mary Lynn a shit actress :P

I think it’s fair to say she has a somewhat limited range, though. MLR is primarily a comedian – fantastic at delivering snarky comments and deadpan humor, but I don’t feel she’s proven herself as a dramatic actress just yet. I agree she did a very nice job on Edgar’s death scene, but this new storyline is asking for a lot more out of her.

(This comment isn’t intended as a knock on her, by the way. If someone is good at playing guitar but can’t play the drums, that doesn’t necessarily make them a shit musician for example.)

I’m excited that they’re doing something very different with this character for once, just not quite sure if MLR will be able to pull off such a challenging role. I’m cautiously optimistic.

24 marathonman the first sentence states this is a major spoiler but yet you continued to read on. If you are bothered by the spoiler why did you read it. I don’t think it’s giving too much of the plot away. This happened in the past. What really matters is what is going to happen on that day. I understand your concerns though. I would of liked to be surprised too but I know the 24 producers will not release anything REAL big.

This is bound to a Tony Almeida sort of story.

24marathonman has a very good point, can this site possibly consider the use of separate articles, one with spoilers and one spoiler-free? Especially considering the fact that the North American airing of ‘Live Another Day’ will be at least a week in advance of international broadcasts, the discretionary use of spoilers is highly advisable so we non-Americans/Canadians aren’t spoiled (pun intended) by reading in advance what happens…

I try to be careful and considerate about this type of situation, not just for the international viewers, but also people catching up on DVR or streaming services. (Hulu viewers are eight days behind for example).

But truthfully there’s only so much that can be done. Once it airs in the States it’s out there and people will be talking and tweeting about it, sites will be posting reviews, actors will be doing interviews… And all that stuff will obviously be posted here too. There’s always going to be some viewers that are further behind than others, ultimately it’s up to each individual to be responsible for avoiding spoilers on the internet.

I don’t think having two separate articles for stories is practical, but if you have any other suggestions I’d be happy to consider everything. I’ll try to be careful with the headlines and thumbnail images and give warnings where possible, but this site *is* called “24 Spoilers” after all.

No probs there, sorry if I came across as complaining about this site… nothing could be further from the truth! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, and there is indeed very little one can do once the episode is broadcast, except maybe to ‘go dark’ through the entire run of ‘Live Another Day’ and not read ANY reviews/articles/postings/whatever until the last episode is watched… something I’m genuinely and very, very seriously considering, really, I want to be surprised at whatever happens in the new series!

Here’s my suggestion 24spoilers: With an article like this detailing plot points of unaired episodes, don’t put the spoiler in the title. Instead of “Chloe O’Brian suffers tragic loss, returns damaged and heartbroken”, write “Chloe O’Brian’s backstory to LAD revealed (SPOILER ALERT)”. That is good for people who come to this site (like me) to see news but do not want to be spoiled. Now, with set photos, I think you should publish them with the home page thumbnail being the least spoilery photo of the bunch. Like, Kiefer just walking around with the location farely hidden (maybe just a close up on kiefer’s face in photos).

With information on already aired episodes, it’s a different ballgame all together. You should still try to be as non-spoilery as possible in the titles. E.g. a character dies, the next day the actor gives an interview, maybe you could post it just as (X actor interviewed on E! (SPOILER ALERT)). Maybe wait 24 hours after the show has aired before posting a “RIP [Character]” or a “Goodbye [character]” article.

With already aired episodes, you have more room and more cause to spoil, and I won’t criticize you if you do, but with unaired episodes, I think those are “real” spoilers which you should avoid at all costs from revealing in the titles.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I see how the title of this particular interview was a poor choice – I tried to be a bit more vague than “Prescott dies!” but it was still spoilery and I apologize.

Will attempt to be careful about this stuff, but sometimes it just won’t be possible – not every story will have several different image choices to pick from for example. I don’t feel it’s necessary to put warnings like “SPOILER ALERT” in headlines, since this is a spoiler website after all and one should assume that upcoming information will be discussed. But I will certainly try to be careful with headlines and images.

All I can say is that this site may be risky to visit if you want to be completely spoiler-free, especially after it begins airing in the US.

Ordinarily, I would agree, However, as has been pointed out, this website is called “24Spoilers.” It seems to me that if you are on this site, you can’t complain about spoilers.

I was never that enamored with the Chloe character but her role made sense in the context of CTU and Jack. As for Rajskub’s abilities, all I can say is that if one only saw her TV interviews on the late night talk shows where she tries to be the comedienne, one would never guess she acts in an action-drama…..and if one only saw her in ’24’, one would never guess that she’s a comedienne by trade. So I guess that says something about her ability to be different kinds of people. I actually think she’s more credible when she plays it seriously than when she tries to crack a joke.

I for one like the character of Chloe and can remember sides of her that included while being back on “the streets” as an agent having to kill when necessary even though she hated it and didn’t want to she did and all of those facets were expressed well by MLR as was the death of Morris.

What I don’t like is the fact that we have another major player, which she is if nothing else but by virtue of having Jack’s back for several seasons now, Chloe going dark is a wrong rabbit trail to go down. What the writers did to Jack with his going dark in Season 8 besides being very hard to watch that level of evil and malevelonce it was dispicable, unnecessary, frankly lazy assed script writing.

There was a lot of strong negative fan feedback on this and it was said earlier that everyone got the message. Now you’re going to turn around and despite it, fans be damned, do the very same thing with Chloe! Has everyone there lost their collective minds and sold their creative souls to the god of idiocy that by doing the same thing over and over and then expecting to actually get different results?! Someone please send in an intervention leader before this thing gets derailed.

I agree with Jack’s story in Day 8, however I think it worked (kind of). I understand Renee was important to him, but I don’t buy that he totally flipped over only her death. I imagine it as being a culmination of all that has happened in 24, from Teri’s death (which changed him forever an affects him throughout the series), to Claudia’s death (the smallest love interest, but still important if we consider the emotional damage), to Audrey’s mental state, to his constant back and forth with Kim…if I went through all that Jack has, I probably would’ve snapped much sooner than he did, truthfully. The way he turned out in Day 8 kind of validates Tony’s reasoning for his actions in Day 7 in my opinion as well.

So yes, I guess in the grand scheme of things, we can look at a reused story for a character going dark as a boring rehash, but we can also look at the fact that it obviously is not impossible for someone to break, especially after experiencing severe emotional trauma. Look at Edward Snowden, he turned against the government to expose what they were doing. Jack (among other selfish reasons) turned swiftly against the government for their corrupt version of keeping the peace, and Chloe was beginning to see eye to eye to his reasons (though not his methods), so if, let’s say, the CIA or Russia nabbed Prescott and she hasn’t seen him since, then I would bet heavily that she doesn’t really like the government anymore. Even if it was the Russians that did it, than it is likely the US didn’t try very hard to help her since she was last seen as aiding a very wanted man.

Reused? Yes. Boring and unrealistic? No.

But Prescott maybe is not dead, Morris may have taken him away to protect him , or the Russians may have abducted him to blacmail Chloe and the US government did nothing to find him…there would be part of the plot Jack trying to stop something bad during American British meeting and trying to find what happen to Chloe’s son

Oh I’m sorry I didn’t read the above comment before putting mine…so I said the same thing….

I dislike that she has lost her son. I think it was good that her and Morris were able to figure out how to take care of Prescott and still do their jobs :-(

i like her the way she was about 4 years ago she was kinda cute back then. not so much now.but she always looks mean and crabby. even back then.

Johnny Blastoff
May 7, 2014 at 9:36 pm
I heard she grew that spider arm after she lost her kid.

Well, I’d say Mary Lynn delivered tonight.