Chloe’s Arrest – full scene

Here’s the full “Chloe’s Arrest” epilogue found on the 24 Season 8 Blu-Ray and the Complete Series bonus disc (not the standalone DVD release unfortunately). It was written by Howard Gordon, directed by Michael Klick, and features Mary Lynn Rajskub and Carlo Rota as Chloe and Morris O’Brian. Runs about three minutes long.

Check out my 24 Season 8 DVD/Blu-Ray and Complete Series review for more the other bonus features. You can buy the 24 Season 8 on DVD on Amazon – it’s also available on on Blu-Ray.


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I miss 24 and Jack SO much!!! :(

Can you give link on english subtitles for it please? Thanks.

anyone else confused about the purpose of this clip? Are we supposed to just be proud that Chloe has learned something from Jack or is there more to this than meets the eye? Seems odd to spend all that time and money to film something so apparently meaningless to the overall series.


It’s just an epilogue! We learn what happens to Chloe after the series finale and I don’t think that they spent a lot of time or money for only 3 minutes…


It actually serves somewhat a closure for Chloe considering the fact that the initial script for the 24 movie has been dropped and this might be the last time you see Chloe.

It also fits the theme of S8 which was all about personal and professional failures. Even Kim who was 2500 miles away was affected, why should Chloe go unscathed?

Hell, Chloe better be in the movie.

OMFG.. Bastards you better get chloe into the movie! :=) We All Love Mary LyNN.. Chloe it was right thing to do. Prescot will be fine and we hope Jack saves you… Damn it! Jack familly isn’t protected anymore… Jack?

So do you think President Taylor will just pardon her?

@X: President Taylor mentioned in the finale that she would resign as President, so I imagine she would be out of the picture at this point.

Could somebody make english subtitles? ;)

Very angry that this wasn’t on the 24:season 8 the complete season. I can’t affort to buy the entire season. I had to make some sacrifices to buy this dvd as it is.

Yes, because I so want the last scene that I may ever see Chloe in – consist of her being arrested and taken off into custody. F that. What a waste.

damn it fox i hate you

Im Jack Bauer and im gonna break her out of prison.


Shes in the movie and the gov’t probably needs her help to find jack to save the world again.