Chloe’s Interrogation clip from 24 Season 8 DVD

Update: Watch the full Chloe’s Arrest epilogue!

The 24 Season 8 DVD and Blu-Ray is out today in the UK and Digital Spy has a sneak peek clip of the special feature “Chloe’s Interrogation” featuring Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian) and Carlo Rota (Morris O’Brian). Howard Gordon’s son Cap reprises his role as Prescott O’Brian.

Source: Digital Spy

You can buy the 24 Season 8 on DVD on Amazon – it’s also available on on Blu-Ray.


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Wasn’t the clip supposed to be called “Chloe’s Arrest”? By the way, great to see some new 24. Hope the clip is much longer.

Please tell me is that all that is on DVD or there is longer clip? I love Mary Lynn not just because of 24. I am so addicted to her that I wathed everything on internet and i have to say that she is the most funny woman :=) I just wish I will met her someday to shake her hand and I want to have PICTURE OF US ON MY WALL :=)

Tel me is she ok after that clip.. How long is the clip on DVD.

Thank you

@P3Hi – the one on the DVD is a longer scene, this is just a preview clip. When it releases in the United States on December 14th I’ll put up the full clip here.

It does not look like my copy of 24 Season 8 has the interrogation WTF. Does anyone know of a way I can get one.

@Russell – Chloe’s Arrest is not included on the US version of the 24 Season 8 DVD (just the UK one). If you want it you’ll either need to get the standalone Blu-Ray or the Complete Series set (it’s on the bonus disc).

Or you can watch the entire scene on here.