24 Complete Series DVD

No 24 Blooper Reel Explanation

Reason for no ’24’ blooper reel

After being asked by fans on Twitter, Howard Gordon took to his other Twitter account, @24Season8 (shh… I think it’s supposed to be a secret) to explain why bloopers weren’t included on the DVD. The answer is pretty insulting in my opinion.

Happy Holidays video from “24” cast members

FOX just sent me this cute holiday video to post which features many 24 cast members wishing fans a happy holiday. Among the stars in this video are Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Leslie Hope, Dennis Haysbert, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, James Morrison, Howard Gordon, Jon Voight, Carlos Bernard, Adondi Maropis, and Penny… View Article

24 Feature Memories and Moments

24 Special Feature: Memories and Moments

Here’s the final remaining segment from the “Eight Days” special feature found on the 24 Complete Series box set, this one called Memories and Moments. The producers of 24 share their favorite scenes of the series and tell stories about working on the show – collaborating with the military, the shows popularity in the White… View Article

24 Special Feature Goodbye

24 Special Feature: Goodbye

As requested, here’s the special feature “Goodbye” found on the 24 Complete Series box set bonus disc. This eight-minute video shows you the final scene filmed on 24 between Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub along with some emotional cast and crew interviews. Check out my 24 Complete Series review for my thoughts on the… View Article

24 Season 8 DVD, Blu-Ray, and Complete Series box set

24 Season 8 DVD/Blu-Ray and Complete Series Review

The picture quality is excellent on both the Blu-Ray and DVD and presentation is really nice as usual, with fancy animated menus playing brief scenes from the episodes on that disc. Unfortunately if you’re a first time viewer these fancy menu backgrounds may spoil certain key moments (such as Kayla’s kidnapping) for you before you… View Article

Chloes Arrest

Chloe’s Arrest – full scene

Here’s the full “Chloe’s Arrest” epilogue found on the 24 Season 8 Blu-Ray and the Complete Series bonus disc (not the standalone DVD release unfortunately). It was written by Howard Gordon, directed by Michael Klick, and features Mary Lynn Rajskub and Carlo Rota as Chloe and Morris O’Brian. Runs about three minutes long. Check out… View Article