24: The Complete Series with Live Another Day Available for Pre-Order

An updated 24: Complete Series set that includes 24: Live Another Day is scheduled for release this year with a listing appearing on Amazon. The MRSP is $179.98 but if you order right now you’ll get a massive discount and can purchase it for just $99. That’s a savings of $80 (or 44% of the total cost). Amazon has a pre-order price guarantee meaning you’ll always get the lowest price.

As of this writing, Amazon only lists a DVD set, but the original photo (seen below) had a Blu-Ray logo. Perhaps that was an early mockup image by FOX, or perhaps it means the Complete Series is finally releasing on Blu-Ray.

New 24: Complete Series DVD and Blu-Ray Set
New 24: Complete Series DVD and Blu-Ray Set

This “24: The Complete Series with Live Another Day” collection includes 60 discs – the first eight seasons (53 discs), 24: Redemption (2 discs), 24: Live Another Day (4 discs), and the same bonus disc from the original complete series set.

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Will this have the Tony Almeida LAD DVD feautette?

Yes, it includes all four discs from 24: Live Another Day DVD.

Why is it so difficult to get the complete season on Blu-Ray?!

I believe the issue with the Blu-ray availability of seasons 1-6 lies in the standard definition production of the series and possible video tape compositing of special effects elements.

Actually no – there are at least 720p versions of first six seasons. I watched them and there is only few scenes (from video stocks, I believe) that looks like crap. Everything else that was shoot by 24 production team looks pretty good, even first seasons.

Lol, I love how FOX is wasting *no* time with the DVDs. They are ready to cash in!

how else are they going to make money when so many people are watching playback? :)

Why are they not including the season 1 special edition DVD? BS…

That is a punk move, to be sure. That’s why I’ll be keeping my 7-disc Season 1 SE in the clear plastic case I bought from FoxConnect.

It’s weird that the Amazon link lists Season 1 as 6 Discs when the original Complete Series Set had 7 Discs for Season 1.

Did they later remake the Season 1 DVD boxset with a special edition disc? I bought my Season 1 box set when it originally came out; it had six discs and the only “special feature” was the alternate ending included on the sixth disc.

Yes, it was re-released as a special edition sometime during the writers strike (2008) I believe. It had a metal tin case with a digital clock on it.

The seventh disc had two dozen deleted/extended scenes, 2 audio commentaries, and a 20 minute special feature “The Genesis of 24.” Not really a ton of extra content.

Good to know, thanks for the info.

It’ll be really funny if, in a few years, when (hopefully) Day 10 is done we see ANOTHER one of these “complete series” boxes being released.

I don’t get people griping about multiple releases of popular titles. Last I checked, Fox didn’t have Jack Bauer standing there with a gun to people’s heads, FORCING them to buy freaking movies.

Where in God’s name is the Blu-Ray version?

The packaging still looks cheap as shit, really.

Just like LAD.

So… Basically no point in buying this?

Sure seems like FOX is cranking out updated versions without much new content – when I bought each season (1-6) originally when they came out, they were in cardboard sleeve boxes with the multi-disc in slimline jewel cases.

S1 came out thereafter as a special aluminum case embossed with the show’s logo with the discs in paper-foldout sleeves.

Then they came out with the thinner, multi-leaf plastic jewel cases for each season (1-6) even though the content was identical to the first run.

S7 and S8 then were issued originally in the thinner, multi-leaf plastic jewel cases.

Then came the 2010 complete series (1-8) that had 1 extra disc of extras but, which I read from reviews, didn’t have all of the extra features from the individual season releases of the past (Correct?).

Now this revised complete set.

I’m content from what I know with the original individual season releases with all of their special features (the prequels for S4, S5 and S6 were the best).

Is there any reason to get the complete series set (either the 2010 or 2014 edition) rather than stick with the issues I have and just add S9 by itself?

TJ, no offense, but you’re way off the mark…

The Complete series set (now “Incomplete” Series set) in the black box contained the 7-disc SE of Season 1, 7-disc original releases of Seasons 2-6, 6-disc original releases of Seasons 7-8, the 2-disc Se of “Redemption” and the bonus disc. Special features were not stripped from the seasons themselves. In fact, the box is just that — a box that contains the retail versions of seasons 1-6 (clear plastic cases, including the 7-disc SE of Season 1), 7-8 (thinner clear plastic cases) and “Redemption” (the black plastic case) and a simple square cardboard envelope containing the bonus features disc.

Notice that ‘… Redemption’ has two discs; meaning FOX have included the extended edition in the box set, kudos to them!

P.S. The BluRay logo on the above box is not a mistake; other than the fact the studios are pushing the BluRay format over DVD’s, I know that FOX has remastered the earlier seasons (which were originally mastered in standard definition) to HD.

If you ever wanted 24 in lovely HD, your prayers have been answered…

Staying cautiously optimistic on this one. Converting it to HD is one thing, dishing out the money to make a nice Blu-ray set is another.

And not to sound greedy, but a Blu-ray release without any Blu-ray exclusive features would be slightly disappointing as well. But having seasons 1-6 on Blu-ray is a must.

As of now, I see no reason to really purchase the above set if it’s only the same DVD sets I already have multiple copies of. No need to add more, even though I am somewhat of a 24 completist lol.

I’m torn. If I end up wanting this set, this is a great deal. But… I see no need. I want concrete news of a Blu-ray set first. Not speculation

It needs saying that as of this post, FOX have not formally announced nor confirmed the existence much less the release date of the above box set, so this is all speculative at present, but it’s highly unlikely Amazon would have either listed the product or started taking advance orders for it were it not the genuine article.

My guess is that someone at Amazon jumped the gun somewhat and posted the product online before the studio had a chance to announce it’s release in a formal capacity…

Fox’s 24 Facebook page had a post for this complete set. It is official.

If you’re even the least bit interested in this set, it’d be a good idea to pre-order it ASAP so you lock in the $99 price (it’s a limited time deal of the week). You can always decide to cancel it at any time since Amazon doesn’t charge your credit card until the product actually ships.

I myself am hoping for a Blu-ray release as well, ideally one with the long-awaited blooper reel.

@Gerry, I am only speaking of the Blu-ray set, not the DVD set on Amazon.

@24Nathan, Again, only interested in Blu-ray.

@24spoilers, I’m really only interested in a Blu-ray release. I see no exclusive extras here that I don’t already have. Plus, I’ll be buying LAD in Blu, so… Is there a point? I don’t see one. BUT… This $99 price is only for a DVD set, correct? Let’s say they announce a Blu-ray set next week, it wouldn’t be the same pre-order as this? Hope that makes sense…

Curious, are you buying this set?

I’ve got this set pre-ordered just in case. There’s really no harm since you’re able to cancel it anytime hassle free.

Right now this simply looks like the previous complete series DVD set (which I already own) with Live Another Day tossed in. If that ends up being the case, I’ll most likely cancel my pre-order before it releases.

But in the mean time it’s always good to keep your options open. This is obviously a very early listing (changing artwork, no release date) so you never know if more extras will be announced.

Yeah, I’ll just do what you did.

I’ve spent enough money on 24 DVD sets I already have. I have the original releases of seasons 1-6 + Redemption, seasons 7 and 8 on Blu-ray, the season 1-4 limited edition collectors set, the season one special edition, region 2 releases of season 1 and 7, episodes 1-2 season 1, season 6 4-hour premiere, and The Complete Series. And I’m sure you remember the very stupid decision I made in April of buying that repackaged season 5 with the updated logo on the cover, or should I say piece of cardboard with a QR that NEVER worked, by the way. I know we were speculating that maybe they didn’t launch the website or something, but I can tell you I tried every day and never received my “exclusive sneak peek” of LAD.

So… I think if this has no extras I would only be buying it for the sake of having another 24 release, which would just be insulting to myself at this point lol

Blu Ray or nothing!

Yup, Blu’Ray or nothing. There’s no way I can justify buying it otherwise and I won’t be buying LAD on its own.

The Blu Complete Series is coming for sure. My guess: within the year.


Isn’t it always?

I think it’s funny that 2 days after the LAD finale they’re previewing the “complete series box set” to try and sell it before anymore news of more 24, which might not come for another year or so anyway.

24: LAD was only made from a financial standpoint as opposed to a creative one.
Now that the series has wrapped it’s plain to see that the only purpose it served was to
A) Sell more DVD’s
B) Get it passed 200 episodes which means more lucrative syndication deals
C) Renew merchandise licensing deals up until 2016

This site reported that the production budget for LAD was in the ballpark of about $60/70 million. They’ve no doubt made that back with advertising on it’s initial run over the last 11 weeks so now they are surely in the profit-zone and reaping their rewards.

The writers had nothing new to say, nowhere else to take the characters or the story. The series was completely derivative of everything that has come before it and risks ruining the legacy of the show in order for a cheap cash grab which they’ve succeeded in achieving.

If the show comes back for a season 10 I will be greatly disheartened as it would no doubt be another cheap production with recycled plotlines and dull characters who will be completely expendable and redundant.

Hear, hear, 24Tom.

I completely agree also, 24Tom. It’s good to know that there are a few folks out there that are actually looking at this season in an objective and open minded manner, and holding it accountable where it needs to be.

It is one of the worst Seasons of 24 ever produced. Capped off with THE worst finale in the show’s entire run.

Only one real word can be used to describe Live Another Day properly and that word is: pointless. There actually hasn’t been a single other Season that I can think of where Jack has had LESS character development and motivation for his actions as he does in this one.

A cheap cash-in is a completely accurate way to ultimately describe this shit pile. Of all the constant hype and talk of “closure, a darker Jack, a new direction and a brilliant story WORTH bringing it all back for”; it was all nothing but blabber and a push for ratings.

Mr. Gaines – I’m really not taking an argumentative tone with your post because it’s entirely your opinion which you’re certainly entitled to.

Nonetheless, I for one cannot fathom how you possibly came to the conclusion that, as you stated, “It is one of the worst Seasons of 24 ever produced. Capped off with THE worst finale in the show’s entire run.”

For me, 24 LAD ranks as one of the best seasons of 24 with one of the best finales (the Season 3 finale IMO has to be the worst). That’s my opinion vs. yours though, not worth arguing over. Even so, I am still taken aback by how much you seem to have hated this season. I for one have always been of the opinion that if you watch a TV show and wind up hating it – why continue to watch? What’s the point? To reminisce about how the show used to be good? I just don’t see the point in continuing to invest your time and energy into it if it’s truly as bad as you say it is. I just would stop watching.

I am curious to know how many people feel the same way.

Everyone has his favorite season or/and finale , it’s always difficult to talk about it . For example, the season 3 finale is my favorite with season 6 one

I didn’t like 24lad but I still watched because I was hoping it would improve and get better and the end would be great…I was dispointed, but I still hope a season 10 would correct all the inconsistencies.

Nice one, Tom!

Shame only a mere fraction of that 60/70 mil made it onto the screen. Without doubt the cheapest and nastiest looking season of them all – and all shot among the architectural splendour of London, though you wouldn’t fucking know it would you?

Amazon .com!!! It’s not on .uk site. Here’s hoping….

I own seasons 1-8 on DVD (excluding season 6 which I refuse to buy). In my opinion, the season 5 DVD has the best special features. It has a really great montage on the first 100 episodes which I believe you can find on this site. It also has a great piece where they interview all of the regular actors on ’24’ (excluding Kiefer) and you really get to learn alot about their hobbies, interests, and how they feel about being part this amazing TV show.

July 17, 2014 at 3:10 pm
Live Another Day better have commentaries again. Preferably by some of the new actors like Michael Wincott, Michelle Fairley & Stephen Fry.

Hate how Season 8 didn’t have any. That was just cheap. Would have loved to listen to Gregory Itzin talk about some of this scenes (his previous commentaries were great.)

And yeah, 24 LAD this needs a gag reel from all seasons.
(and a deleted scene showing us what happened to the override device, which seems to have been behroozed in the final episode)

Michael Wincott? Doing a commentary? Hahahahaha. The guy’s done maybe 2 interviews in 40 years of acting. He didn’t attend the parties or anything for this show.

July 17, 2014 at 4:50 pm
Ah, well that’s too bad.

How do u know that?

I’ve done a lot of research on Wincott. He’s an extremely camera shy actor, when he’s not playing roles. He doesn’t believe in all of the publicity and the actors being the stars and what not. Very respectable, and every actor that’s worked with him has good things to say. It’s a shame he didn’t get a bigger part in this. On the main cast, for what, exactly? Ugh. It could’ve been worst. He did have an interesting part, for sure.

That’s too bad, because other than Kiefer and maybe Benjamin Bratt & Yvonne Strahovski, he’s (one of) the biggest name(s) in the cast.

That’s not unheard of. Robert DeNiro is the same way. So is Al Pacino

He’s my favorite actor. Always brings so much to even the tiniest parts. Problem is he’s underrated.

I don’t know if anyone has experienced this, but when you buy a DVD box set, especially one like this 24 set, you really have to take the time to go through each disc to make sure there aren’t any defects. I own Days 1- 8 including 24:Redemption, and several of the seasons had discs that had no visible marks on them, however, when they were played some scenes skipped. And NO, it wasn’t only on my DVD player. I bought them because I love 24, and I wanted to own the collection. So, only when I had time I re-watched it all, which ended up being almost a year later. That’s when I found these defects. But at that point, Best Buy would not accept it back for an exchange. So, my point is, don’t buy this monster of a box set unless you have the time to go through it. Of course, if defective discs don’t bother you, then it doesn’t matter.

Good point.

Do i watch THIS type of DVD in Italy?

Wow that’s a lotta hours to watch…to quote Jack:


I need a little help. Can anyone tell me if this bundle has support to Spanish subtitle and/or Spanish audio?