24 Complete Collection (Netherlands) boxset and impressions

Wanna see what the 24 Complete Set was like in the Netherlands? Much better than the set we got in the United States, that’s for sure. PDFierro shared pictures with us and some impressions on the IMDB forums – check out his post there for all the details.

As far as packaging goes, this is the best of the 24 Complete Series releases (the German release is similar but not quite as fancy). The box opens up to reveal a bomb with all the DVD’s inside and they each come in a fancy booklet. Too bad FOX didn’t put as much thought into this with the US release. You can order the 24 Complete Collection from this link.


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Hey, thanks for posting this on here. I am really happy with the set. I was so bummed out when I saw the effort FOX put into the U.S. release, but luckily I found this.

ortalfrom israel
January 13, 2011 at 8:32 am
that is so cool!!

January 13, 2011 at 11:55 am
ah, as i see, finally u receive it, did make a loooong journey ;-).
*thx* for $haring the pictures & i guess u´r really *happy* now, enjoy it !

That is complete and utter dissappointment if you as me.

Myself and all the long time North American fans were suckered into a box set that was simply the 8 previoius seasons taken off the shelf and packaged into a slide out box a 2 year old could of made in arts and crafts time. Now, I do see the monetary aspect of this, and that North America would probably sell more copies of the complete box set, so a lower cost option was probably needed. Although as a long time fan of the show, It would be nice if Fox or whoever distributes the DVD’s would release this packaging (only the packaging) for optional purchase for us here in North America, so that us die hard fans can pick it up and truely complete our collection.

You can still buy it, just follow that link. I live in America and they shipped it here, and it actually doesn’t cost much more than buying the U.S. complete set.