24 Complete Series DVD set releases in Japan on December 19th

The 24 Complete Series DVD box will release in Japan on December 29, 2012 and here’s a neat little promo with Kiefer Sutherland thanking all the Japanese fans along with some scenes from the series.


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That’s cool wish he’d throw in a little teaser for the fans on the movie…?

I wish Kiefer Sutherland would give us something concrete regarding the 24 movie. Like who’s directing? Who’s going to be in it? If filming is going to start next summer, then why FOX hasn’t officialy greenlight the movie by now? I don’t understand all this secrecy. I mean would it kill them to give us a tiny morsel of information about this movie? Because playing the waiting game really sucks.

I hear ya, BMAN dude, it’s a little frustrating that 2012 is nearly over and there’s still no apparent concrete progress on the ’24’ movie, not that there’s no progress happening behind the scenes, just none of any apparent substance being reported.

If they want to be up and ready to start filming the movie between Kiefer Sutherland’s apparently tight window of availability next spring/summer, they would need to get a move on in terms of getting a director signed – which they may be in the process of doing right now for all we know – and getting an official greenlight (budget, etc) from the studio before the year’s out.

I fear that if no news is reported by January or February next year, it may look like FOX getting ready to drop the ’24’ movie altogether, citing budgetary disagreements or they feel too much time has elapsed since the series’ end, when in actuality they had no real interest nor intent in making it all along. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely no indication of that yet, and I still firmly believe that it will happen next year, but with FOX, I think you need to prepare for the worst yet hope for the best…

Well I said it before & I’ll say it again it is Kiefer’s motivation that I think will get this movie going. Keep in mind there is a script for 24. Not to exclude Howard but Kiefer’s eagerness seems to be one of the things keeping this movie from falling apart Yes Jack Bauer was written by the Writers but Kiefer brought Jack to life this is his character he’s got to at least have the feeling Jack is not done yet or he wouldn’t be so eager. Plus he share’s with fans what a 24 movie would be like. So I figure as long as they talk about the script among other things it would be hard to believe or speculate on other things that haven’t even come up yet.

I guess there won’t be an another season of Touch after the season 2, so Kiefer will have plenty of time. He seems not very busy with features films for the last months ;-)

@ Catherine you know this how?

I guess there won’t be an another season of Touch after the season 2, so Kiefer will have plenty of time. He seems not very busy with features films for the last months

If I had to bet right now, I would put money on ‘Touch’ NOT getting a third season, granted, it hasn’t aired yet but it would need to do substantially better than last season’s numbers for FOX to renew it again… and whether it gets a third season or not shouldn’t affect the production schedule for the ’24’ movie; filming should begin late April (once filming on ‘Touch’ wraps) and continue for a tight twelve weeks before concluding in mid-July (a good week or two before any filming on ‘Touch’ would recommence), with an October 24th release the best date, considering just how crowded February 2014 is becoming.

And less ‘Touch’, more ‘Person of Interest’, the natural successor to ’24’…

… well, actually the natural successor to ’24’ is ‘Homeland’, but I meant in terms of a strong action series it’s a natural successor to ’24’, John Reese is absolutely more than a suitable replacement for Jack Bauer on our screens, especially as Jack is currently hiding out somewhere in Eastern Europe and keeping his head down :-)…


I’m even surprised they gave touch a second season Touch is all around just crap Slow dull & borrrrrringggggg but I don’t know how people are speculating on it not getting a third season when we don’t even know yet? unless somebody knows something. As for Person of interest I say it’s the closest thing to 24 then homeland. When you first meet John he’s a guy that’s down on his luck Hiding from the government & can be pretty edgy at times. Tho I’m worried that the show is going to take a sci fie turn & if that’s the case I will have to find a different show. That security system known as the Machine Gets more attention then the main characters… But anyhow I just hope that the movie gets more attention when touch ends.

I don’t know, I’m just guessing, because Touch has a very small audience rating !

And what I’ve said “He seems not very busy with features films for the last months” it’s ironic because Kiefer didn’t make a lot of movies so far !

For Homeland, I like it, and I think the season 2 is much better than the season 1…but it is NOT 24 :(

I gathered that from seeing the previews of homeland. As I said before Person of interest is closer to 24 then homeland. & John Reese & Jack Bauer are very similar.

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November 13, 2012 at 5:23 am
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In the promo and on amazon.jp they talk about a Bridge Story Bonus Disc for Season 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5. Is that just the prequel episodes to each season? I noticed in japan that the sets are 12 discs and not 6 or 5. The set must be enourmous and weigh more than a suitcase nuke!