Happy Holidays video from “24” cast members

FOX just sent me this cute holiday video to post which features many 24 cast members wishing fans a happy holiday. Among the stars in this video are Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Leslie Hope, Dennis Haysbert, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, James Morrison, Howard Gordon, Jon Voight, Carlos Bernard, Adondi Maropis, and Penny Johnson Jerald. Check it out:

Even the villains are in the Christmas Spirit! ;)

YouTube Link: Happy Holidays from 24 Cast Members


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[..YouTube..] If you embed this video on your Facebook wall, chances are a relative or friend will buy it for you for Christmas

[..YouTube..] Excellent !!!!!!!!!
happy holiday :))))))))

[..YouTube..] Love it!
Merry Christmas to all 24 fans. :D

[..YouTube..] חחחח
they are so funny especially carlos and james with the kiss
love it so much!
Mary Lynn Rajskub looks great!

[..YouTube..] Haha! Merry Christmas to you guys and THANK YOU for an amazing TV series! 24!!!!

[..YouTube..] Best show of all time.

[..YouTube..] where can i buy the box???

[..YouTube..] Woo go 24!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I saw the box set on Best Buy!

[..YouTube..] I already bought the 8 seasons of 24 :)
You rules!
Happy holidays and merry christmas to you.
greetings from Mexico

[..YouTube..] lol @ 0:57-59 =D

[..YouTube..] 24 was probably the best TV-series of all time. Unbeliavable. Will definately buy the box. Hell, I think I’ll order it right now!

[..YouTube..] I love Carlos Bernard :) haha :58

[..YouTube..] Bring 24 BACK for Christmas!!!

[..YouTube..] Merry Christmas and prosperous new year to the group that participated in the series 24, from Colombia a fan of one of the best series of the decade

[..YouTube..] I WANT IT. <3

[..YouTube..] who was that ?

[..YouTube..] DAVID PALMER!!! <33

happy holidays everyone!

[..YouTube..] And now the movie in uncertain :'(

[..YouTube..] omg tony is gay

[..YouTube..] Amazing.

[..YouTube..] I love Kiefer, but Carlos and James TOTALLY stole this video. So charming, guys. ;) My Christmas Present INDEED.

[..YouTube..] HAHAHA. I loved it when Tony kissed Bill. <3 Just the best series EVERRRRRR. 24 needs to come back.

[..YouTube..] Keifer rocking the cPrime Burn!

[..YouTube..] The best series <3

[..YouTube..] 24 – BEST TV SHOW EVER MADE ! There isn’t one show that came close to the awesomness of 24 !

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[..YouTube..] @VVaarezz I totally agree ! Best TV Show ever…

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[..YouTube..] Best of everything!

[..YouTube..] Carlos kissing me would be my Christmas present too <3

[..YouTube..] how many great people resurrected just to wish us merry X-mas AND sell 24 :D:D

[..YouTube..] I lol’d at how American Abu Fayed is

[..YouTube..] No one does action like Jack Bauer. Kudos to Kiefer Sutherland!

[..YouTube..] I am so a fan of the show! I am lucky to have not seen all seasons yet.. so I got much left to enjoy ;)
You guys did such an amazing job.. I love all actors of the show.. Kiefer Sutherland is great!

[..YouTube..] When Abu Fayed introduced himself as a terrorist, did anyone else think “Which One?”