24 Season 8 DVD Promo: Jack’s Last Stand

Here’s one of what I believe are going to be several different television spots for the 24 Season 8 DVD – which released on December 14th (also on Blu-Ray and a complete series box set).

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 DVD Promo: Jack’s Last Stand

You can buy the 24 Season 8 on DVD on Amazon – it’s also available on on Blu-Ray.


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[..YouTube..] I still can’t believe it’s all over. Come January I’m going to have a rough time. :(

[..YouTube..] Hey bxkxrxxxx it’s me UltimateQAP from the 24 board, I agree with you, come January I’m gonna be lost.

[..YouTube..] I NEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS!! *cry* But my parents won’t let me get it!! And @bxkxrxxxx I agree, January is gonna be hard now… No ‘DAMN IT!!’ to be looking forward too…
R.I.P. Renee Walker :”(

[..YouTube..] WANT. I miss 24 so much.

[..YouTube..] @quiteapackage Hey now I know what your username means! Nice to see you here too :)

[..YouTube..] my god!
I miss you …

[..YouTube..] 24 was a GREAT show!

It is a shame it is over but to be honest I could not see how they could continue on and still be original. Even 24 would get repetative after a while.

Oh well I am looking forward to THE 24 MOVIE! (although I am looking forward to UNCHARTED 3 even more)