24 Season 8 DVD Promo: The Clock Has Stopped

Here’s a promo called “The Clock Has Stopped” for the 24 Season 8 DVD. It’s mostly the same as the early “Run This Town” Season 8 promo but was updated with new text and music. Probably not exciting for most people, but posting it for the sake of completeness.

YouTube Link: 24: “The Clock Has Stopped” DVD Promo


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[..YouTube..] Im man enough to admit that i teared up when the clock reached 00:00:00. All those years of intense seasons and plot twists were memorable and it all ended :( yet i was happy for the show now moving on to the big screen in the future!

[..YouTube..] Yes it was that good !! I have every single season,1-8 on DVD ! I never tirer of watching them !! Timeline 2004-2018 !! The longest days of his life…

[..YouTube..] What’s the trailer music?

[..YouTube..] @gcnguyen Agree, what´s the music in the trailer? THANKS

[..YouTube..] omg. whats the name of the song?

[..YouTube..] I can make out some of the lyrics to the song; ‘All the blood, sweat and tears – we won’t go without a fight’. I tried googling it but can’t find any song that uses the same lyrics.

[..YouTube..] @gcnguyen And the opening instrumental to the song is similar to ‘Run this Town’ by Jay-Z feat. Rihanna

[..YouTube..] Ugh… Sucky music

[..YouTube..] Nobody knows the song in the background?
it sounds awesome !

Really enjoying the movie but the problem is we hardly get original movies in this part of the world

[..YouTube..] Agreed, the RIhanna-Jay Z- Kanye West music kills the moment