Another Renee Walker 24 Season 8 UK Promo

Another great UK Promo for 24 Season 8 featuring Renee Walker (Annie Wersching). Why doesn’t FOX do anything as cool as this?

YouTube Link: Renee Walker 24 Season 8 Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] SICKKK!

[..YouTube..] she lookes very pissed!

Hey, that’s a good promo about Renee.

[..YouTube..] why does the 24 turn into a 1

[..YouTube..] This commercial is a promo for Sky1, the channel that airs this in Great Britain.

[..YouTube..] it sucks that they killed Renee

[..YouTube..] If only she had been that badass in the actual season

[..YouTube..] do you have the bauer version in hd as well?

[..YouTube..] @ZTF24 Unfortunately the Jack Bauer version wasn’t released in HD.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos
curse you for this spoiler >_<

[..YouTube..] If you haven’t seen it yet then it sucks for you.

I saw it live (sometimes I would record it & watch a few days later) but let’s be honest, this season wasn’t that great so spoilers won’t make a difference.

Bring on the Movie!

[..YouTube..] mother fuckin gat

[..YouTube..] 1 people got his/her thumb removed by Renee Walker

[..YouTube..] HD much?

[..YouTube..] 1 person wants 2 get owned by Renee Walker