Sky1 Jack Bauer and Renee Walker Promos

Many thanks to Sky1 for putting these online for us 24 fans in the US!

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 Red Hot Renee Walker Promo – Sky1

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Hey, I like that promo about Renee speaking about Jack and admits that she will do the same thing.

[..YouTube..] it’s sad that she died this season, they could’ve just write that the russian terrorist kidnap jack’s daughter (Kim wasn’t that good a character anyway)

[..YouTube..] Screw u Howard Gordon for killing such awesome character


[..YouTube..] why did she have to die?!

[..YouTube..] it was a mistake to make her die…

[..YouTube..] damn hats so hot rawr

[..YouTube..] hot sexy intro

[..YouTube..] How come i’ve never seen this! Are there any other clips like this one with other characters?


[..YouTube..] Renne is one bad ass mother fucker!

[..YouTube..] it could looked better getting out of a Navigator

[..YouTube..] sorry to sound perverted but renee must be a great ride, imagine your woman went to work and spied, killed, got in crazy gun fights and many other crazy things, then she comes home ….whos gonna be on top!

renee is a great character i never expected her to go thanks for up loading :)

[..YouTube..] hermosa! estoy enamorado de ti renee!

[..YouTube..] Her death and the fallout from it made the end of Season 8 frustratingly predictable, once I knew Jack was going back for revenge there was no way he was going to get a happy ending. And although Fox is saying they will want to make a 24 movie, it’s in production hell right now. They shouldn’t have took the risk of having a cliffhanger ending for a long-running series.

[..YouTube..] renee, you are worth to be jack’s love!!

[..YouTube..] Dumb idea to kill her off. Not all main characters need to be killed, Howard.

[..YouTube..] screw you Howard her death made the rest of season 8 suck it was so dumb and predictable