Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota played Morris O’Brian during 24 Seasons 5-7 and appeared in the DVD special feature Chloe’s Arrest.

Chloe’s Interrogation clip from 24 Season 8 DVD

Update: Watch the full Chloe’s Arrest epilogue! The 24 Season 8 DVD and Blu-Ray is out today in the UK and Digital Spy has a sneak peek clip of the special feature “Chloe’s Interrogation” featuring Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian) and Carlo Rota (Morris O’Brian). Howard Gordon’s son Cap reprises his role as Prescott O’Brian…. View Article

Carlo Rota and Nazneen Contractor

Carlo Rota interviewed about ’24’ movie

Fans of 24 know Carlo Rota as Morris O’Brian, the recovering-alcoholic husband of the show’s snarky super-sleuth Chloe O’Brian, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub. For three seasons of the FOX hit, he aided his wife in saving the world, but this weekend, he helped children fight cancer. On The Red Carpet caught up with Rota… View Article

Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 season 8

24 Season 8 DVD special feature – Chloe scene filming today

Update: Watch the full Chloe’s Arrest epilogue! A new scene is being filmed for the 24 Season 8 DVD today featuring Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), her husband Morris O’Brian (Carlo Rota), and their young son Prescott O’Brian (played by showrunner Howard Gordon’s son in 24 Season 7). This was something that was just locked… View Article

Jack Bauer and Senator Blaine Mayer 24 Season 7 Episode 14

24 Season 7 Episode 14 Press Release (9:00PM – 10:00PM)

JACK SUPRISES A FAMILIAR FOE AND THE POLITICKING ESCALATES ON “24” MONDAY, MARCH 16, ON FOX The day worsens when a conspiracy causes key players to scramble and the politicking in the administration to escalate. Agent Renee Walker receives key intelligence, and Jack Bauer yields results from a surprise meeting. Meanwhile, at the FBI, Janis… View Article

24 Season 6

24 Season 6 Audio Commentaries

Here are all twelve audio commentaries from the 24 Season 6 DVD. 24 Season 6 Episode 1 commentary by Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) and writer Howard Gordon: 24 Season 6 Episode 2 commentary by writer Manny Coto and Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed): 24 Season 6 Episode 7 commentary by director Jon Cassar and production designer… View Article

Cast Interviews at 24 Season 5 DVD Launch Party

Here’s a video interview with the 24 cast done at the 24 Season 5 DVD party which took place last month. Kiefer Sutherland, Carlo Rota, Jean Smart, John Allen Nelson, James Morrison, and new Season 6 cast members Adondi Maropis, Rena Sofer, Powers Boothe are interviewed. Roger Cross mentions there was a hilarious gag reel,… View Article

24 Season 6 Intel Uncovered at the 24 DVD Release Party

Ever since Jack Bauer was put on a slow boat to China, fans of Fox’s 24 have been wondering if their hero’s next challenging day (which kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Jan. 14, 2007) will be more personal fight for freedom than a battle against terrorism. “I think every season is a personal… View Article