Cast Interviews at 24 Season 5 DVD Launch Party

Here’s a video interview with the 24 cast done at the 24 Season 5 DVD party which took place last month. Kiefer Sutherland, Carlo Rota, Jean Smart, John Allen Nelson, James Morrison, and new Season 6 cast members Adondi Maropis, Rena Sofer, Powers Boothe are interviewed. Roger Cross mentions there was a hilarious gag reel, but unfortunately that wasn’t given to us fans.

YouTube Link: 24 dvd release party


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[..YouTube..] they all are best

[..YouTube..] i love this show!! these people are awsome!!!

[..YouTube..] my alltime fav show. it’s genious

[..YouTube..] kief is so sexy!!!!

[..YouTube..] i love 24. =D <3

[..YouTube..] rena sofer is HOT!!!

[..YouTube..] holy shit! Abu Fayed sounds so different as the real self!

[..YouTube..] HA HA HA, cool hat Carlo Rota :D

[..YouTube..] He sounds kind of queer.

I cant believe he played a scary terrorist in 24 haha!

This was my favorite season… they all did great.

[..YouTube..] 3:00 lol

[..YouTube..] man, kiefer could outdrink 30 irish sailors….dudes has a liver of STEEL!!!

[..YouTube..] where wuz chloe

[..YouTube..] it’s so weird to see Fayed as an “everyday” person :D:D he has such and evil look. (:

[..YouTube..] lol Fayed :))))