FOX launches Chloe-centric viral campaign, Open Cell website

FOX has released a short viral video featuring Chloe O’Brian defending Jack Bauer and saying he’s not a traitor and to “stop hunting heroes.” The link points to which is the WikiLeaks type website run by hacker Adrian Cross (played by Michael Wincott).

There are numerous newspaper clippings and leaked documents related to the upcoming series, for example a leaked document outlining President Heller’s exact schedule for his London visit – information the terrorists will no doubt be eager to take advantage of.

Another government document reveals Jack Bauer is wanted for treason, homicide, attempted assassination of a state leader, and obstruction of justice.

The most interesting one is about Kate Morgan’s husband, a respected and high-level CIA agent, being found dead in an apparent suicide. He was being held in protective custody after being indicted for selling state secrets to the Russian Federation.

That backstory differs slightly from the one given in the “Jack is Back” special where Evan Katz said Kate’s husband sold secrets to the Chinese. Another inconsistency is the newspaper clipping about protesters saying the British Prime Minister is named Alastair Davies (he was announced as Trevor Davies).

This website will presumably be updated in the weeks leading up to 24: Live Another Day. It promises “the truth will be revealed in 24 days” which conveniently lines up with the season premiere on May 5th.

The Hollywood Reporter has a few more details on the campaign:

“”She really is such a key part of this show. We love Jack Bauer, and he’s the mainstay, but Chloe has created such an important persona,” says Fox executive vp of marketing Laurel Bernard. “She’s easily recognizable, and whenever we do research about the show, people call her out by name.”

All of our campaigns have pretty big social elements, but they don’t have built-in fanbases already,” adds Fox senior vp media and on-air planning Emily King. “This is giving us the freedom to not have to teach people who the characters are.”

The Chloe hack is not limited to commercials and Twitter accounts. Fox is also getting disruptive and inserting 15-second spots into affiliate morning news programs. The intent is already rallying existing fans — the 24 tease was among the most-viral moments of the 2014 Super Bowl — but its also intended to bring on new people.

“We’re making sure that people know they can jump into this show without having to experience the history of it all,” adds Bernard. “And having fewer episodes is going to really open it up a lot of new people.”

Update: Here’s an example of a news broadcast that Chloe “hacked into.”

Source Open-Cell


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Please die, for the love of Christ please die!

Jesus, she’s not that bad.

She’s excellent! Love her! She, like Jack, must never die until the definitive end of 24.

At least she looks better than she did in Season 3 man, sheesh.

LOL. Yeah the flip hairdo, pinstripe shirt and vest was pretty bad.

Jack Bauer has brown eyes. LOL

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