24: Live Another Day Super Bowl Commercial

After airing four brief teasers throughout the Super Bowl, FOX finally debuted the 24: Live Another Day commercial in the fourth quarter, and it was worth the wait. This is the first new footage of 24 in four years!

This amazing 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl promo exploded in popularity with the #JackIsBack hashtag becoming the #1 trending topic on Twitter within just seconds. It’s currently the top trending topic on Facebook as well. Yeah, this show is kind of a big deal!

The song featured in this epic 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl ad is “Vengeance” from Zack Hemsey. Update: FOX has removed the promo with the awesome Zack Hemsey music and replaced it with generic music instead.

Source FOX Broadcasting


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Street Chaos…

holy shit can’t wait so excited for May 5

#JackIsBack trending now!

So excited. Glad to see #JackisBack trending and holding #1 spot. What a perfect ending to a great evening especially after the Seahawks won. Goes to show that the 24 momentum is still there.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know what the music is?

Just updated the post, the music in this promo is “Vengeance” by Zack Hemsey which is just an awesome song. Was used in a cool Game of Thrones trailer before a while ago too.

awesome London clip. 24 is the best show in television history. Season 5 was the most intense thing ever. Can’t wait til May

One of my favorite seasons of them all! :)


Yesssssssssssssssss!!! Jack is back so be afraid!!

Erm ok getting a little excited now finally. Awesome to hear they were filming in my old boozer. It’s infested with obnoxious hipsters now, so I hope they blew it the fuck up!

Seeing this trailer is making me so excited, I can’t wait for the return of 24 and thank god we getting to see new footage since it ended.

24 is the best TV drama series and I am looking forward to seeing this new series and can’t wait to see Jack Bauer back in action again.

Thanks 24spoilers for posting this :)

I am currently re watching all seasons before this new series returns, I am on Season 2 dvd at the moment (10pm – 11pm – George mason’s sad exit) going to watch some tonight.

OMG !! awesome editing and images !! and the HK compact is back too ;-) and Jack seems angrier than ever…I like that !!

Nice coincidence they use the same music of a game of thrones trailer because I’m a Game of Thrones huge fan too !! but nothing compare to 24 !!!

Kiefer definitely looks great and like himself – which, after seeing him look so aged and out of shape in ‘Touch’, is a big relief.

What the producers have done with Chloe’s appearance is another matter. Not sure what the vamp look is for.

I really love the dark-side of Chloe. I have a lot of expectations. It reminds me a lot of Bourne.

February 3, 2014 at 9:34 am
Not reading anything into this, but the clock at the end is at 6:02.

Where is the clock?

February 3, 2014 at 12:18 pm
Do a frame by frame at the the very end where 24 and FOX are flashing.

ya this is classic …..didnt put anything big out there but remained a super teaser…..really excited now am at the edge of ma seat already ……why dont i repeat all season s now from season 1…by the time am done ….may will be here…LOL

cant wait!jack look realy angry

Wow !!!! Awesome commercial for 24 LAD, it gets my blood boiling !!!
I am beyond excited, May 5th can’t come soon enough .
Looks like 24 LAD is going to rock, it would have been perfect if they brought back Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), but I guess they screwed up his character/storyline so bad that they were not able to figure out a clever way of including him in the new season without jumping the shark .
Can’t wait for Jack to kick some ass !!

Chloe is on the darkside, she breaks Tony out of prison to do the messy work. Whalla, easy and no jumping any sharks. The trailer is great but a bit of a misrepresentation considering Jack and chloe are supposedly at odds.

The supposedly at odds thing with Jack & Chloe — that may very well be resolved by the end of the first two-hour block…

True, by hour 6 it will all be forgotten I bet

I’m just so excited. Right now I am on season 5 right now working my way down to the three remaining seasons I have, so that I can get prepared for Live Another Day!!

The teaser with Jack Bauer holding the gun with his hands was classic! He also looks awesome!!!

Check out http://www.breitbart.com/. They have a nice story about 24LAD on their main page.

Oops sorry…not really a story but a link to the Street Chaos teaser.

Cant wait!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh